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Xing Huo
Xing Huo by CLAMP
Series: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Gender: Female

Background/Alliance Information
Other names: Sometimes translated as Shinfuo or Ling Xuo
Relatives: Fei Wong Reed (Creator)
Residence: Fei Wong Reed's Hiding Place
Current Status: Deceased
Powers: Ability to lead another person to a dimension of choice (only one time)
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 001 - "The World of Beginnings"
First Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Episode 1 - "Destinies Converge"
Last Appearance(Manga): Chapter 120 - "The Unheard Voice"
Last Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations Episode 2 - "The Boy's Right Eye"
Voice Actors
Japanese: Sanae Kobayashi
English: Laura Bailey

Xing Huo (星火) is a secondary character, and a villain from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. She is Fei Wong's assistant. Xing is one of the few characters in the series not to be a crossover from another work of CLAMP.


Xing Huo's true nature is shrouded in mystery.

Introduced in the very first chapter of the manga, and seen almost every time at Fei Wang's side in his hiding place, together they watch the party's steps through the different worlds. She often questions her master about the certainty of his plans, and holds a great interest on the Original Syaoran who was kept prisoner for the first half of the story in a liquid tube, and comments on his progress.

As soon as the real Syaoran manages to escape from his magic prison, Xing Huo comments that "[they] weren't able to break the seal after all." In Volume 15 of the manga (Volume 09 of ×××HOLiC), she offers to transport him at Yuko's place (something she can only do once), which she does with Clow Reed's magic circle. When "Syaoran" asks her why, her reason to him is "If the dream does not end", echoing Clow Reed's last words.

After some time has passed, Fei Wong is seen talking to her from afar with a grave look, saying he knew from the start she was bound to outsmart him. He then admits that "[she] can't hear [him] anymore however," the next image revealing Xing Huo's dead body, covered in blood and impaled to the wall by his sword in a similar manner like Kurogane's mother's death.

Meaning of the Name

Xing Huo's name has several potential meanings. Xing (星) can translate to star, heavenly body, satellite, and small amount. This can refer to her foresight in regards to star or heavenly body, especially considering her relationship to the "dream" that Fei Wong Reed wants to realize. "Satellite" can refer to her existing on the outskirts of the plot, watching it unfold from a mainly observatory versus participatory role. "Small amount", finally, might refer to the role in the plot she plays, as she rarely speaks and her only plot-involved action is to free Syaoran, and that ultimately leads to her death. Huo (火) can translate to fire, which can be a reference to the unceremonious, quick ending of her life, akin to the rapidly destructive nature of fire. Overall, Xing Huo's name has generally mysterious and flickering connotations, which is a direct mirror to her difficult/vague characterization.

Hypothetically, her name could also possibly be adapted from a Chinese idiom phrase, "星星之火,可以燎原", which generally means "even a fire spark could eventually incinerate a whole grassland" in literal.


Xing Huo has black, long, extremely bushy and curled hair, and black eyes. Her dress may be an hommage to the outfit worn by Freya in Chobits; it incorporates various uses of Fei Wong's bat-like symbol, which is also the shape of her hairbrush, worn up her left ear. She occasionally wears lipstick.

Personality and Traits

Xing Huo's true personality is difficult to ascertain. At first she seems to be malevolent and loyal to her master/creator, Fei Wong Reed. Though, she would frequently have doubts about Fei Wong's plans and didn't share his confidence that things will go his way. Unlike Fei Wong, she seemed to have at least some good in her. She betrayed her master by helping Tsubasa Li (original Syaoran) escape to Yuko to hinder Fei Wong's plans and potentially prevent many deaths from occuring as a result of his evil plans. Xing Huo is killed by Fei Wong for her betrayal, but, Fei Wong comments that her betrayal was likely inevitable.

Xing Huo had very limited magical capabilities (much less than fellow minion, Kyle Rondart). She at least had the ability to transport another person across dimensions but she could only do it once. It is unknown what other magical powers, if any, she possessed.

She seemed to be at least somewhat attached to fellow minion, Kyle Rondart.

Anime Incarnation

She was voiced by Sanae Kobayashi in all of her appearances (TV Series and the OVA Tokyo Revalations). In English, she was voiced by Laura Bailey.

Her character was seen as a bit more active during the filler arcs integral to the TV series' plot. She was sent by Fei Wong in Chaos's country to lead his soldiers and act as his informer. The penultimate episode of the first season ends with her revealing wth an hint of malice : "it looks like it'll be my turn to act pretty soon" ; the following episode showed her giving a mischievous glance at Syaoran while Fei Wong was not looking at her, lampshading her future betrayal.