Okay so I just finished re-reading Tsubasa and I have a few questions...[CONTAINS SPOILERS]

1) Why is it on lthis page, Syaoran takes out (Watanuki's?) glasses? Where does he get those from? Why take them out now? Why does Watanuki not have his glasses on? 

2) Then on this page, as Fei Wong Reed is dying, hes like, theres something I need to tell you..! and I'm pretty sure thats a ring in the bottom left side of the image. What is that ring for? Did he want to resurect Yuko to give her that ring? Or am I just a hopeless romantic? 

Also as a side note, it shouldn't be a theory that Fei Wong Reed is a clone, because when he dies he dies just like the clones do. If he was an original human his body wouldn't have broke into tons of pieces. 

Another thing too, why do you think CLAMP draws two Syaorans but only one Sakura in their artsy group photos? And don't you think its cool that there is an equal size  main cast in both Tsubasa and XXXholic? Also is there a manga that is about Yuko and Clow together? 

I'm def feeling a sequel to Tsubasa coming on, there has to be! 


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