Hi everyone I know this is my very first post since I joined the TRC wiki. And here it goes!

Our Wiki Status

TRC wiki first came about when Matt took over the adminship 3 years ago. Cari then helped out even more, creating a large number of articles and expanding them. It wasn't long before the wiki reached the first 100 pages, and our admin tried hard getting recognition on other sites and affiliation, promoting the site.

As for me, I joined the wiki in 2009 and expanded some articles and updated some that needed desperate help. I was asked by the main admin Cari to become another admin and I gladly accepted.

Cari and Matt are busy with their college life and so am I with my school. But I try to get on every chance I get.

So far, we've reached the +200 pages and we're still counting! With the help of Divinecross and many others on the way, our goal is not far from over. I thank all of the people who have helped over the years and to all our beloved editors, we'll work hard to keep making this site the best TRC site!

Wiki news

First things first, with the help of the wikia labs I've enabled the "Chat"! so if you got an acc, log in and chat with the people of the wiki.

Another thing, the new Wikia editor is now in use! Hope you find it more helpful than the last one.

Top 10 Lists! Yeah! Just like in the big wikis like Twilight or Harry Potter, now you can create a Top Ten with the things you like the most. I created the first one "Top 10 Characters". And how do you create one? Easy: go to Special:CreateTopList and you can make one!

Last but not least, I've enabled the "comments" feature in the wiki. It replaces the old talk pages which I've seen no one uses anymore. Hope you like this one!

And the bad part starts here...

Since I've enabled the comments feature, we've been getting numerous spam from different accs... this person doesn't have an acc in the wiki he randomly shows up as a "Wikia user" on a whole lot of different IPs. So what to do...? Well I've blocked all the accs I've could, but it is your turn to decide what we should do. Guys, I'd really appreciate your opinion on this matter. Leave your comments at the bottom. Thanks!

EDIT: We've enabled the new message wall, which will replace the old talk pages! Give us your feedback!

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