I think I might have spent too much time thinking about this wiki. Last night I had a dream that CLAMP released a new installment of Tsubasa so it was getting crazy popular and the wiki got a ton of new contributors. This new installment was so popular that we added a special tab in the top navigation just for it. The top navigation tabs also had pictures like they used to have for evey show page on the disney channel website.

In this story, Syaoran is back in clow country (whether his journey is over or he's just visiting I cannot say) but something is wrong with Sakura. It turns out that she somehow got turned into a vampire with shifting yellow eyes and everything, the only difference is that she is also weak to sunlight (which can be a problem when you're the princess of a desert country). Also, since she is new to being a vampire and does not have someone to be her specified "game" she is is super sensitive to blood and almost kills a lot of people, and so now it's Syaoran's job to keep her under control. Sakura is really fucking scary when she shifts. 

Man, if I continue to dream about new tsubasa stories I hope they get a little happier.

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