Wow, long time since no posting! Thx for all the fans who came up for our Tsubasa Day!

Here's a little list of updates:

XXXHOLiC Rou One-shot

Ok. This was released on May 18th. I had been waiting for this... still some time until the new release of xxxHolic..

And this is how it was: 26 pages, featuring the tsubasa gang! yay!!

I dont want to spoil it. So here's where you can get it: MediaFire

Horitsuba Oneshot from Magazine SPECIAL

Finally! Been waiting so long for this one too... This one was released on May 20th. 5 pages long.

One more Horitsuba omake. Nice!

Seems like a birthday party.

Here's the link:

Well, its nice that CLAMP hadn't forgotten about TRC :)

Maybe this ain't news..but I got 71 pts on the TRC quiz @ Clamp in forumland! hehe. I need to re-read some arcs, i hate to say it

And we'll be adding up more info for the World Pages... eventually... now that summer is approaching.. im looking forward to the vacations! yup

That's all for today!

-Cari- ***The admin ***

Note: All news transcluded from Chibiyuuto's Lj

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