Hello everyone! I'm back!

I've found some really interesting news on Tsubasa and xxxHolic. Check this out!

There's actually a new xxxHolic OAD coming out! It's on this page  And here's the info:

The OAD will be released with Volume 17th of xxxHOLiC-Rou, on April 23rd.The price will be 4800 yen. It'll be a unique 40 min. run video feature, with a door closed premiere (for those who book the new Volume until Feb. 8th). It'll also feature new colored illustrations and Nanase Okhawa will write the script. CLAMP will design the DVD cover.

The last volume, Volume 28 (Normal and Deluxe) edition have been released, with the Tsubasa Art Collection -ALBuM De REProDUCTioNS 2-
Volume 28

Volume 28 Normal Edition

Volume 28 dx

Volume 28 Deluxe Edition

Album d reproductions 2

Tsubasa Art Collection 2

I think we're all relieved not to see FWR in the last cover right?? ^^ Both versions of Syaoran look just as cool but I was still expecting something different, like ALL of our heroes in the last cover. But it's still pretty good!

Now, the artwork in the Art Collection Cover with Sakura and Syaoran is just lovely!

I also found out that in the Deluxe Version the epilogue gives out some extra pages with info about FWR. More hope to Tsubasa continuing on another story...!

Read the translation here

At CLAMP-NET there's gonna be 3 special illustrations to conmemorate Tsubasa. Here's the dates:

☆ November 16th: Kurogane & Fye
☆ December 1st: Mokona=Larg=Modoki & Mokona=Soel=Modoki
☆ December 22nd: Syaoran & Sakura

All news transcluded from

Now a little off topic- i found out the CCS wiki has been adding some of the country pages to their site. That's ok but please give out some feedback..

I wanna take a little time to thank the people who had been helping out, as you all know my spelling and grammar errors are pretty bad. -_-

Well, that's all for now! Laters people!

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