• I live in cuenca, ec
  • I was born on May 6
  • My occupation is intern med student
  • I am female
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102 chapitre manga cover
Series:  ?
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthday: 05-06-90
Background/Alliance Information
Other names: cari, jean grey, cocker, banasoya, cariboo, carito, carito-bunny, ETC ETC
Relatives: Ma, Pa, my three brothers: Juan, Bati, Peter, my niece Simone <3
Residence: CUENK- EC
Current Status: vivita y coleando
Powers: GADEJO!!! XD XD

Voice Actors

Quote1 Why do we fall?...

So we can rise up again Quote2

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well, now i think im a newbie no more of the wikia sites. currently, im working on the clamp, kobato, cyberteam, xxxholic, mkr, vk and some other wikis when i have time

im a native spanish speaker - hablo español jejeje ya saben- and also english. so if you see wierd grammar mistakes in the pages it's probably me....

i think its obvious that im a HUGE fan of TRC..! hopefully not the only active admin here now. So feel free to ask anything, if you're not sure how to edit pages...anythin.... leave a msg.

If im not logged on for weeks and perhaps months, i apologize. it's my career. but i try to visit from time to time...

that's all. :p

my favorite animes and mangas from all time

  1. TSUBASA (obviously)
  2. Cardcaptor sakura
  3. Vampire Knight
  4. Digimon
  5. evangelion
  6. .hack
  7. inuyasha
  8. s. e. l. (lain)
  9. Pita ten
  10. bubblegum crisis

and the list carries on: magic knights rayearth, samurai x, xxxholic, sailor moon, cyberteam in akihabara, ranma 1/2, saber marionete...... (old ones from the locomotion channel in latin america)

  • currently watching:

bleach, code geass, kobato

**everyday life**


I'm on my 3rd year of college now, and I REALLY dont have time to update the wiki like before. Guys, If there's anyone willing to help out and become an admin, contact me! ;)

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