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Tsubasa: World Chronicle: Nirai Kanai-hen
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Demographic: Shōnen
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Tragedy
Author: CLAMP
Illustrator: CLAMP
Publication date: August 20, 2014 – March 19, 2016
Published by: Kodansha (Japanese)
Kodansha USA (English)
Volumes: 3
TV Anime

Tsubasa World Chronicle: Nirai Kanai-hen is the title of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle's sequel [1], first announced on July 16th on Shounen Magazine Special's cover (July's Issue). [2]

First entitled as "Tsubasa” Another Story" (『ツバサ』アナザーストーリー) [3], it will be published monthly since August 20th, 2014, on Kodansha's Magazine Special. The plot will be linked to xxxHolic Rei, which was halted since July 7th, possibly to link both stories together, as it was done in the past.


The story opens with Syaoran and Watanuki communicating via Mokona, and it picks off exactly from xxxHolic Rei's chapter 38.

Syaoran had contacted Watanuki to retrieve some items that were unavailable in his world, that he needed for his quest. To achieve this task, Watanuki had traveled to a world where both the shop and Yuko existed. For him to live in such a world would have created a paradox (since he is now the "Owner" of the shop), so he needed to be "his old self", by forgetting his memories and taking Doumeki and Himawari's memories with him.

Syaoran realizes that this request had given Watanuki pain and apologizes for it. He chose to forget but eventually remembered everything. Watanuki knew she wasn't the real Yuko, so he chose to leave her.

List of items retrieved by Watanuki [4]
The rabbit phone charm's head, stored in a little box. Obtained by the first clients of Rei. [Chapter 2-6] 
Guides: the black one was given by Yamainu and it guides you to a place you want to return. The white was given by Yosuzume and it guides you to a place you want to go to, both guides can be used only once. [Chapters 13-20] 
Thirty-yen coins, which were given by the young and friendly customer, they are filled with good luck and stored in a small bag. [Chapters 26-28] 
A cage and flower, objects obtained from an antique store, owned by an old lady. The flower was "stuck" to a cherry tree and the cage was a gift for the flower so it does not wither. [Chapters 30-33]

Watanuki proceeds to transfer the items listed above to Syaoran, and later bid goodbye to each other.

Kurogane and Fai appear afterward bringing food and alcohol while commenting that it's all good in Nirai Kanai (the current world they're at). Kurogane reminds them that they must stay until the person they're looking for appears, while Syaoran comments that Kurogane's arm is broken, and must also wait for Seishirou to bring a new replacement. Then Fai reflects on the brothers' similarities.

Masayoshi (originally from Clamp School Detectives) appears and greets the group. He reflects on how peaceful things are, in this world, because of the Goddess. He offers them some food, while reminding them that since people started praying to her, they've been blessed with good climate. He also invites them to the festival in her honor that night.

Later on, that night, they attend to the Festival, and meet the Goddess and her bodyguards who turn up to be Hana, with Sakura and Tachibana (originally from Gate 7). She declares that she's been waiting for Syaoran. [5]