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Tsubasa Li
Syaoran Li in Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Series: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Gender: Male
Age: Manga: Mentally 21, physically 14


Birthday: April 1st
Background/Alliance Information
Other names: Syaoran Li, Real Syaoran, Brat
Relatives: Sakura Li (mother)

Syaoran (clone/father)
Kimihiro Watanuki (other self)
Clow Reed (distant relative)

Residence: Kingdom of Clow
originally of Japan
Current Status: Living
Powers: Highly skilled martial artist

Expert archeologist
Skilled Swordsman
Excellent use of magic, spells, barriers, and detection.

First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 13 - "The Reason for Tears"
First Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Episode 1 - "Destinies Converge"
Last Appearance(Manga): TWC: Chapter 19 - "Thank You"
Last Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa Shunraiki - Episode 2 - The Latter Part
Voice Actors
Japanese: Miyu Irino
English: Jason Liebrecht
Quote1.png I truly felt from my heart... that no matter how difficult it might be, and no matter how painful things might become, I wanted to prevent Sakura from dying... Quote2.png
-- Clow's future Arc

"Syaoran" (小狼 Shaoran[note 1] "Small Wolf"), is the main protagonist in CLAMP's fictional, crossover manga series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and its subsequent anime, Tsubasa Chronicle. His characterization here is mostly independent of his characterization in Cardcaptor Sakura and is discussed further below. He is voiced by Miyu Irino in the Japanese version, and by Jason Liebrecht in the English version. His birth name is "Tsubasa", meaning "Wings", and is also the true name of Princess Sakura.

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In Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, although imprisoned, "Syaoran" has been watching Syaoran's journey through the left eye that "Syaoran" placed within his clone, and so when the time comes to break free of Fei Wong Reed, "Syaoran" begins fighting for the sake of the Princess, as well as 'another' self and his parents...

The original Syaoran appears as a tattooed figure floating in a tank in Fei Wong's headquarters (who, instead of being blind in his right eye, was blind in his left due to him ripping it out and putting it in the clone's right eye). It was originally assumed by many fans that "Syaoran" was a villain that helped Fei Wong Reed by taking control of Syaoran at times.

He was kidnapped and held captive by Fei Wong so that he could make a clone of 'Syaoran.' Because 'Syaoran' knew of Fei Wong's intentions, he was sealed in a chamber while The Clone is sent to Clow Country without any memories. He remains in this tube for roughly 120 chapters, until he regains his power and escapes. With the assistance of Xing Huo, he is sent to Yūko (he can be seen making a cameo appearance in Volume 9 of xxxHolic). It is then revealed that he is the original Syaoran and was captured and cloned by Fei Wong.


Events prior to the main storyline

Clone Syaoran and Syaoran Li

At the age of 14, he was imprisoned by Fei Wong and is seen throughout the first half of the series asleep and floating in a magically-sealed tank. After awakening, he joins the group with the wish of protecting Sakura. In Chapter 201, it is revealed that Watanuki (xxxHolic) was "born" to replace the void in the relationships Syaoran had made.

Syaoran is the son of "Sakura" and "Syaoran Li" (this led to an assumption of them being the same of CCS, since they have both the magic circle and items from the CCS series), but this is later proven wrong in chapter 223 where we learn that it was the Clones.

Syaoran travels to Clow because his mother had a prophetic dream of someone waiting for him there, and paid with the star staff seen in CCS. His father also gives him his name "Syaoran Li" and his sword. Thus he parts to Clow Country, where he meets a 7-year old Sakura (the real princess Sakura of Clow, daughter of King Fujitaka and Queen Nadeshiko).

Nadeshiko and Fujitaka (Sakura's parents) claim that both "Syaoran" and "Sakura" are destined for each other.

Later, Sakura takes Syaoran up to the top of the castle, to show him the stars. Her eyes suddenly go blank, and her body rises up in the air - she hears the sound of bells coming from the ruins (similar to what happened in chapter 001). She warns him it's too dangerous, and to stay back; although Syaoran doesn't know what it could be that is dangerous.

Syaoran is aware that something bad is going to happen on the 7th day, and he has been granted permission to go to the cleansing grounds with Sakura on that day; in order to protect her. The cleansing grounds have permitted his presence, so he is able to enter - even though nobody else (not even the priest) due to the fact he is from another world is allowed in the 7th day.

Princess Sakura and Syaoran Li at the Ruins

During the seventh day, Syaoran enters the Ruins with Sakura, who seems to remember nothing of the previous night's vision. When inside the Ruins, Fei Wong opens a rift and attempts to abduct Sakura, but the water protects her. Syaoran runs towards Sakura, yelling at her to open her eyes, before screaming her name. Syaoran suddenly remembers how he cannot touch her, and hesitates. Fei Wong tells Syaoran that his moment's hesitation right there decided his path from here on. Black "goop" forms the shape of wings around Sakura, sealing the "Seal of Death" onto Sakura. When the seal fully covers her body, 'that moment will be the last'. A furious Syaoran asks him as he has he done to Sakura and uses his spell Raitei Shourai on Fei Wong. Fei Wong quickly counters, knocking Syaoran to the ground using just a finger. At the end of the chapter, Syaoran is seen disappearing back into his home world, uttering Sakura's name.

In chapter 197, Syaoran was returned to Yuko's shop (he used his strength to stop the dimension traveling). Syaoran was cured by Yuko with a price which his father paid. But then, Syaoran wished to go to Clow country to remove the seal of death in Sakura. Yuko's price is that Syaoran would never go back to Japan while there exists none in Clow Country who can cross dimensions. At the end of the chapter, Syaoran agreed thus, leaving his family and the happiness he is bearing.

When Syaoran arrives back in Clow Country, he is reunited with Sakura. Seven days have passed since the cleansing had finished. Beginning to tear up after seeing the seal on her chest, he grabs her hand and pulls her close to an embrace. Sakura blushes madly, but eventually hugs him back. They are shown holding hands until Syaoran has a talk with Sakura's mother, and Sakura goes off to tell her father of Syaoran's arrival. Although Sakura's mother explains that she can only see the seal of death, Syaoran claims that he can see it as well - most likely what Fei Wong intended. Enraged with Fei Wong, Syaoran states that he will search the country for a way to remove the seal, and won't allow Sakura to die.

The next flashback occurs seven years after. Syaoran returns from visiting another country, trying to find a way to remove the seal. The scenes shown here are almost identical to the scenes shown in the first chapter, but instead of picking up a photo of Fujitaka, Syaoran picks up a photo of his parents, just as Sakura arrives. The two talk for a while, with Sakura about to tell Syaoran something, before deciding that it can wait until her birthday. As she leaves, Syaoran notices the black wings have almost fully grown.

In the next chapter, Syaoran went to the castle. He was chatting with the royal family when Sakura came (she had done the cleansing). Just then, Sakura was enveloped by her black wings. Syaoran and Sakura's mother were the only ones who saw the black wings, so Sakura's mother stopped the time to give Syaoran enough time to stop the seal. Syaoran wishes that he could go back and change the past by taking Sakura's hand before Fei Wong could engrave the seal. Fei Wong appears and claims he can grant that wish, but before he can, the circle he is using (Clow Reed's magic circle) changes into the magic circle of his mother. Yuuko appears and states that while she can grant that wish, it would be a grave sin to do so. Syaoran would be able to change Sakura's fate but he would lose his freedom, be placed in grave danger and would be forced to watch only. Syaoran agrees to the conditions and his time is rewound. At this point, Watanuki is created to 'replace' Syaoran as the son of Sakura and Syaoran Li. Syaoran is then taken by Fei Wong, who states that if he cannot use either Syaoran or Watanuki, he will simply create another Syaoran.

It was believed that because of this revelation, Syaoran's parents were killed, as Watanuki believes his (and thus Syaoran's) parents died to protect him, but this was reversed when the fortune teller (from volume 2 of xxxHolic) phones Yuko with the news that Syaoran and Sakura still live - and have moved to an alternate world, waiting for their sons to return to them.

Events after the Tokyo Arc

Syaoran wakes up from his imprisionment

After The Clone becomes an antagonist, Syaoran takes the role of protagonist of the series (now simply known in the series as "Syaoran") and becomes a "leader" of the group, like The Clone was, in order to stop Fei Wong's plans. However, as Syaoran continued to lead the journey with Sakura and the others; Sakura acts very distantly with him and did not see him as a new companion. It is revealed that she acted so coldly towards him because of a vision she saw when Fay touched her back in Tokyo. She finally does call him "Syaoran-kun" (which she used to call the Clone) at the end of the Infinity Arc, saying she heard from Mokona that he too is called Syaoran. Syaoran at first attempts to deny it, saying, "No, I... Right..." . Sakura's addressing of Syaoran causes Syaoran to think she was leaving because of him. She denies this, but then Fai, possessed by a curse, stabs her. It is later revealed by Fei Wong (and Sakura, in xxxHolic), that Fai was supposed to stab Syaoran, but Sakura changed the future so that the curse was activated before this event.

When Sakura was stabbed, she split up her body and soul. Yūko tells Kurogane, Fai, Mokona, and Syaoran that the body should be rescued first, then the soul. The group then travels to Celes country (where Fai is originally from) to retrieve Sakura's body. Syaoran develops a severe headache upon arrival and collapses due to it. This headache is connected to Watanuki, as shown in xxxHolic. It, however, does not stop him from protecting Sakura's soulless body from Ashura, who uses his magic to show Syaoran, Kurogane, and Mokona visions of Fai's dark past.

After King Ashura's defeat, the Tsubasa group returns to Nihon Country where Syaoran wakes up to find Sakura's soulless body in a magical sakura tree which heals the wound Fai gave her. This puts Syaoran at ease for the time being until the arrival of Seishirō, who had sensed Fai's vampire blood. He then goes into battle against his clone's former teacher, proving he too has learned from him by looking through The Clone during his captivity. Before the fight, Seishirō remarks how much Syaoran is like his father, referring to Syaoran's true father and not Fujitaka. Syaoran enters this fight to get back the feather from Outo country. After Syaoran unleashed his ultimate spell (all four of his elemental spells combined) on Seishirō, he reclaimed the feather and was sent into the Dream alone to rescue Sakura's soul.

Within the Dream, Syaoran found Sakura and encountered The Clone, who had just entered, looking for feathers. The Clone sensed the feather from him and both of them quickly summon their respective blades. The Clone attacked both Syaoran and Sakura, despite Sakura's pleas for The Clone to stop. Syaoran then placed Sakura in a protective wind barrier and then announced to The Clone that since they are one in the same, he will end their dispute once and for all.

As they both reach to grab the feather and strike each other, Sakura gets in the way and saves him from being stabbed by The Clone. As he screamed out in horror, she told him that she was not the real Sakura, merely a clone [a clone of both body & soul]. The Clone Sakura said to the real Syaoran, "Your Sakura is waiting", then she falls into the arms the Clone and confesses her love for him.

After that, Syaoran fell down as he was released from the black goop that invaded the area for the short time Kyle appeared. Fai rushed over to help Syaoran up and then Syaoran glares hard after Fai informs them that The Clone disappeared.

After this, the clone situation regarding Sakura is explained further. Syaoran asks Yuuko to tell them where both of the Sakuras are. He then confidently remarks: "I'll never allow Sakura to die". Kurogane, Fai, and Mokona then agree to help him on what appears to be their final stop. Of course, Yuuko says there is a price, which has already been paid for by Watanuki. He paid his memories of his past which is why when he was in the Dream World with Sakura's clone soul he didn't remember his parents' names at all. It was paid beforehand.

He later then sits on a roof remembering Sakura and thanks Fai for being a form of a big brother to her. When the group prepares to leave, Fai and Kurogane wearing their original outfits, Syaoran makes an appearance. The surprise is what he is wearing: the clothes from Clow Country, which Clone Syaoran has only worn beforehand in Tsubasa. Mokona mentions "Those clothes.." and Yūko continues on to say that they are Syaoran's clothes that she had held on to. As well, it should be noted that the outfit 'Syaoran' is wearing is exactly the same as the controversial scene from the beginning of Tsubasa, with 'Syaoran' and Original Sakura separated in a tube. This leads to assuming that 'Syaoran' is about to meet Original Sakura in the tube later. He, Kurogane and Fai then depart to Clow country to save Sakura. When they arrive at the ruins, Syaoran imparts his story to Fai and Kurogane, for the battle ahead, and because he had witnessed both their pasts. It is revealed that the 'stagnant' time is actually the day that the seal was placed on Sakura. They encounter Fei Wong and the Clone Syaoran. Syaoran fights with the Clone while Fai and Kurogane deal with Fei Wong. In the ensuing battle, Syaoran is again defeated by the Clone, who manages to counter all of Syaoran's spells, before knocking him to the ground and seemingly stabbing Syaoran through the chest. The Clone whispers something into Syaoran's ear before dragging Syaoran's seemingly lifeless body toward Fei Wong. This is revealed to be a ruse, the Clone having stabbed his own foot, as Syaoran takes Hien from the Clone and stabs Fei Wong with it. As Fei Wong attempts to retaliate, the Clone stands in the way, protecting Syaoran from the blade. After they manage to briefly repel him, Syaoran cradles the Clone's fading body and wonders why he had done what he did. The Clone implies that he had may have retained his personality, or that the shock of clone Sakura's death caused it to return, and tells Syaoran to take the feathers to Sakura. He manages to apologize to the entire group (as well as an absent Sakura) before he succumbs to his wounds.

Syaoran's father entrusts his sword to him

Fai, Kurogane and Syaoran then strike at Fei Wong, only to find it is an illusion created by Kyle, who dies of the wound shortly after. Fei Wong himself then appears in front of the group, holding clone Sakura's body. Time begins to move again, and the seal begins to consume the younger Sakura. Fai and Kurogane tell Syaoran to take her hand, but she is seemingly consumed. Mokona detects a feather, and Fei Wong explains that the distortions have spread to the past, and he describes a world which matches Clow in its description, but it is actually Tokyo.

With the feather that Sakura left in Tokyo and Clone Sakura's body, Fei Wong is closing to accomplishing his wish: to bring dead back to life. Kurogane and Fai attack Fei Wong to distract him in order for Syaoran to take Sakura's hand. He grabs her, finally, but then she is pulled back to Fei Wong's seal.

His choice to take her hand also causes someone else with her same fate to be called back to death. The person who had her time severed as Sakura, is Yuko. Then she's brought to Clow Country.

Then as everyone watches in shock, Clone Sakura's body and Original Sakura's soul merge together, becoming one Sakura who has the same dress as the one in the first chapter. Fei Wong now has the body with the engraved dimensions, the power of the feather, and the "true being" to inherit both. He is close to fulfill the dream that even Clow could not.

As Yuko moves forward her death, she reveals that she created the shop in order to protect "that world" (aka the tube) where, Syaoran's parents all along were, who rewinded their own time to save their children, Syaoran and Kimihiro. Yuko proceeds to release them from the tube.

Syaoran's parents use their magic to "cleanse" the memories in the feathers, thus restoring the world and everything Fei Wong destroyed. Fei Wong tries to strike them again, but after trying to block his attack, "Syaoran Li" is injured and therefore saved by his father Syaoran, who seems to have inherited Clow Reed's magic.

After the Clones' rebirth and revelation of them being "Syaoran"'s parents, Fei Wong continues to pursue his wish of reviving Yuko, and realizing that she's dead, he tries to bring her back once more with one desperate attempt. He imprisons the Clones, but "Syaoran" and Princess Sakura grab both their hands and get dragged into the tube.

Fei Wong explains further that without the consent of those imprisoned (both Sakuras and Syaorans) the tube will not break. But the Sakuras are confident in changing the future, thus they use their power of transcending dimensions in order to break free from the tube; despite Fei Wong telling them that this would only cause the time-space to break once and for all.

The four of them are released, and Fei Wong is shocked by this- so Kurogane takes advantage of it and attacks him, giving him the last blow.

Before dying, Fei Wong says that he's the same as Syaoran and that they all must pay the price for their sins. Thus, the Syaorans and Watanuki are sent into a void.

Since their creator (Fei Wong) is dead, both clones disappear too. Clone Syaoran's disappearance creates a fissure in the void, so "Syaoran" and Watanuki are able to escape once chosen their prices and at last, the both of them are brought back to their worlds. Both clones leave behind a feather, which is absorbed by the originals.


"Sakura", "Syaoran", Kurogane, Fai, and Mokona are back at Clow Country. Since the world has been turned back to normal, "Sakura"'s parents, both Fujitaka and Nadeshiko are brought back to normal. The Royal family of Clow (including Toya and Yukito) are now fully aware of the events that took place.

"Sakura" sets out to find "Syaoran", as Kurogane and Fai explain that "Syaoran" is now left alone in the world, left behind, without his parents. Additionally, they explain that the feathers that the originals absorbed are actually the clones' memories- or souls.

"Syaoran" explains the price he paid was to continue his journey, until he finds a way to bring back his clone, while "Sakura" wishes for the same thing, to see her other self once more. But to continue this journey with "Syaoran" would become painful to him, if "Sakura" meant to come along. So, she chooses to stay behind and wait for him to return. Before leaving, "Syaoran" finally confesses to her, telling her "I love you", to which she replies, "I love you too".

At this point, Kurogane, Fai and Mokona arrive at the scene, the three of them planning to join "Syaoran" in this new journey, as Mokona shows them Black Mokona's ring, which had stored Watanuki's and Clone Sakura's memories inside. This way, they'll be able to return to Clow and visit Yuko's old shop often.

As they leave, both Sakura and Syaoran reveal that their real names are one and the same: Tsubasa.

Afterwards, Sakura stays in Clow, wishing and knowing that they'll meet once more.



It is shown in the Kobato crossover with Tsubasa that after leaving Clow, "Syaoran" still goes by Syaoran instead of Tsubasa. It is also shown that they have been to at least one other world before arriving in Kobato's (however it is suggested by dialogue that they have already been to several others). In the crossover, Mokona drops the trio in an alleyway outside of Kobato's part-time job, and she investigates. She at first mistakes Kurogane for Ioryogi due to the two having similar voices. When Mokona jumps up, Kurogane grabs him and says "Things that look like manju don't talk in this world!" however it is then that Ioryogi appears. After talking for a bit, Kobato says that the trio can stay at her house for the time being.

When the trio realize she is trying to earn money for a Valentine party they offer to help. Syaoran goes with Kobato to her part-time job, a bakery, and it is here that he tells Kobato that they are aimlessly traveling, and hopefully one day will return to Sakura (though he doesn't say her name). When the two are done for the day, they return to Kobato's house, and Mokona's earring glows, which is apparently a signal meaning it is time for them to leave. After they do, Kobato asks Ioryogi what happened, and he explains they were from another world.

Later the group makes another crossover appearance in xXxHoLic[1]. When they arrive, it inspires Watanuki to make his signature a bird. After five days of having stayed at the shop, they leave because Mokona's earring starts to blink again. As gratitude for his new signature, Watanuki allows them to visit Clow Country again so that Syaoran can see Sakura.

Ideal Village

Sometime after leaving Clow Country, he had contacted Watanuki (whom Tsubasa now refers to by his first name) because he needed certain items that were not available in the world Tsubasa was in. Tsubasa acknowledged that his request had brought Watanuki pain (as Watanuki had to cover his own memories in order to keep the discrepancy in the world he was in hidden). Tsubasa had tried to ensure that Watanuki kept to his chosen path to acquire two items. The items that Watanuki had procured are transferred between Black Mokona and White Mokona. It is revealed the world they are in is "Ideal Village", and that Tsubasa, Fai and Kurogane are only staying until the person they need to see has arrived. Tsubasa remarks that Seishirō will bring Kurogane a new arm, as his current arm has been having trouble. Masayoshi, a resident of Ideal World, reveals that the reason that Ideal Village is so peaceful is due to the Princess of the Shrine, and there have not been any floods in the world. Masayoshi invites Tsubasa, Kurogane and Fai to the Festival of the Princess of the Shrine. The group later see the Princess of the Shrine and her bodyguards (Hana, Sakura and Tachibana from Gate 7) and the Princess remarks that she had been expecting Tsubasa.


Sakura Li and Syaoran Li trapped in Yuko's "tube"

In a flashback, "Syaoran" is revealed to be the son of individuals also named "Sakura" and "Li Syaoran". He was sent to Yuko by his father because his mother had a prophetic dream of someone waiting for him. His mother pays as a price the 'star wand', in order to allow him to travel to Clow Country, and he then meets Princess Sakura there. He was told by Yuko he would only be able to remain there for seven days before he was transported back to his world: after that, Syaoran would have to make a choice. Syaoran always gives his name as "Li Syaoran", which is his father's name. His sword is also revealed to be his father's original jian sword. His father gave it to him before he was sent to Clow Country.

After the clones' rebirth, it's them who become "Syaoran's" parents. This is revealed in chapter 223. The reasons why the Clones have the Star Wand and the Magic circles of their counterparts from Cardcaptor Sakura are:

  1. Sakura Kinomoto gave the Star Wand to Sakura Li in a dream, saying that without the wand that cards would still be fine and encouraging that "Everything will be alright", then Sakura gave it to Yuuko as a price for the Real Syaoran to travel to Clow Country. Sakura Kinomoto also mentioned that the Star Wand is precious to Sakura Li, although to what extent was not made clear.
  2. Syaoran inherits the Jian sword from his father.
  3. In a recent chapter, Syaoran said that being reborn into the Li family made him a distant relative of Clow Reed and having magic power. Yuuko also mentioned that Sakura was also a blood relative to Clow Reed.
  4. Being reborn as the alternate-selves of Cardcaptor Sakura grants them their magic circles, and also grants them both Yuko's and Clow's magic circles since they paid for their rebirth.

Syaoran in xxxHolic

Syaoran enters the xxxHolic manga storyline in Volume 9, when he visits Yūko after being freed by Xing Huo. In order to travel to the world where his clone is currently located, Syaoran pays with "the relationship", "the freedom" and "the time" (aka the time he spent in captivity, and the relationship with Sakura paid by the other Syaoran). It is later revealed that Syaoran was one of three people who paid a price (i.e. his freedom and time) to Yūko in order to save Watanuki's life after he had fallen out of a window.

In Chapter 140, Watanuki realizes he cannot remember his parents' names, and holds his head in pain, in the exact same way as Syaoran in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Syaoran is also shown telling Watanuki, "Don't disappear."

In Chapter 146, a hand was hovering behind Sakura. Watanuki runs towards her, and the real Syaoran enters, indicating that that hand was the real Syaoran's hand. He comments that it is a dream, when suddenly, cherry blossoms begin to blow rapidly. A second hand appears, and before Watanuki is able to run to Sakura, the cherry blossoms slowly cloud his vision. The real Syaoran, as he holds Sakura, says to Watanuki, "No matter how painful it might be... I'll do everything in my might! So please..." Unfortunately, Watanuki does not hear the rest as he awakens in his own world.

In Chapter 174 of Tsubasa, it is revealed that Syaoran says, "So please... you, too, act according to what you believe in!"

Then in Chapter 181 of Tsubasa, it was revealed that Watanuki paid for the price to know the location for both of the Sakuras, his price was his memories of his past. That's why when he was in the Dream World with Sakura's clone soul he forgot his parents' names when Sakura asked something about his parents. Watanuki did this to pay back Syaoran after he paid a price to help save him when he fell out the window.

The connection between Syaoran and Watanuki is finally revealed in the Clow's future arc. Syaoran explains to the party what happened when he met Sakura (the real Princess of Clow). After he had made a wish to turn back time in order to grab Sakura's hand and save her from dying, Watanuki was born to take his place in his world. Fei Wong explains to him that "he's not a brother, he is you". And since he was a being not originally meant to be, he continues to tell him that his existence would cause only pain to those around him.



  1. xXxHoLic Rou: Volume 18, Special
  1. The reading of the name is derived from Mandarin reading Xiǎoláng