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Tsubasa movie cover dvd
General Information
English Name: Tsubasa Chronicle the Movie: The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom
Japanese Name: 劇場版 ツバサ・クロニクル 鳥カゴの国の姫君
Release Date: August 20, 2005
Runtime: 35 min
Director: Itsuro Kawasaki
Producer: Tetsuya Nakatake
Author: Junichi Fujisaku, Midori Goto (Based on CLAMP's original works)
Studio: Production I.G.
Music by: Yuki Kajiura
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Tsubasa Chronicle the Movie: The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom, is a short film animated by Production I.G, based in part from CLAMP's Tsubasa Reserovir Chronicle manga series.

The movie was released in Japanese theaters on August 20, 2005 with xxxHolic: A Midsummer Night's Dream based on xxxHolic. Shochiku released the DVD for the film on February 25, 2006 in Japan in both regular and premium editions. Funimation released the film across one DVD in English on February 19, 2008 in North America as a double feature with the xxxHolic film.  The movie was directed by Itsuro Kawasaki and written by Junichi Fujisaku and Midori Goto.[1]


Funimation's Synopsis

Our intrepid adventures have once again
encountered a people opressed,
this time landing in a virtual paradise
trembling on the very edge of existence.
A princess silenced, but not into
submission. An evil king who seeks
an end to happiness.
Only the brave of heart will prevail,
rescuing the kingdom from darkness eternal.

OP/ED List: Tsubasa Chronicle the Movie: The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom

  • Opening: aerial
  • Music: HAL
  • Arrangements: HAL
  • Lyrics: Kinya Kotani
  • Performed by: Kinya Kotani

  • Ending: amurita
  • Music: Kaori Kano
  • Arrangements: Fujita Tetsushi
  • Lyrics: Kaori Kano
  • Performed by: Yui Makino (Sakura)


  • Character design: Youko Kikuchi
  • Animation director: Kyoji Asano, Youko Kikuchi
  • Photography director: Miki Sakuma
  • Background design: Yasunori Miyazawa
  • Scenarios: Jun'ichi Fujisaki, Midori Gotou
  • Music director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
  • Color design: Izumi Hirose
  • Marketing design: Ayumi Shiraishi

Seiyuu List
The voice actors are the same from the anime. The only characters from the movie are:

  • Koruri: Makoto Tsumura (Bleach, Digimon Tamers, Naruto, etc)
  • Bird King: Jouji Nakata (Escaflowne, Hellsing, Gundam SEED C.E. 73 Stargazer, X Movie, etc)
  • Tomoyo's bodyguard: Kenta Miyake (.hack//Roots, Naruto, Wolf's Rain, etc)


In their continuing journey to find the feathers that are the fragments of Sakura's lost memory, Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai, and Sakura move through time and space with Mokona. Here, they visit the "Country of Birdcages," a seemingly peaceful country where people and birds live together, each person having a bird companion. After a boy named Koruri confuses Syaoran and Sakura for "bodyguards" and attacks them, they learn that the king of the country possesses a mysterious power. Princess Tomoyo, Koruri, and the other oppressed citizens, having had their birds taken from them, live in hiding within the forest. In order to take back Sakura's feather, Syaoran and the others stand up against the scheming king, free Princess Tomoyo, and save the kingdom.



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