2018-03-18 (6)

Tsarastora Country is a world only visited in the anime adaptation of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. It is visited in Episode 26 and 30. This country appears to be very mountainous as well as having many grassy fields. The denizens seem to mostly be subsistence farmers. The only apparent supernatural element of this world is the god who lives at the top of the mountain. This god received the power to grant wishes after coming to possess Sakura's feather, but no other powers were explained.

For many years the people of this country worshiped a god that inhabited a temple at the top of the mountain. Then one day the mountain was engulfed in light and broke apart leaving only the temple floating in the sky with a single winding path connecting it to the ground. The god then proclaimed, "I will grant any one wish, but only the first person to enter my temple may make it." This led all of the men and boys to rush up the path only to be cut down by strange black soldiers that are later shown to be Fei Wong Reed's minions.

Those who died were later brought back by Sakura who used the wish granted by her feather and the god to do so. However, this was a short lived miracle because no one that has died can truly be brought back. Those who died on the mountain and were brought back again returned to the afterlife on the next new moon.