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Tokyo (東京), also known as Acid Tokyo by fans, is the most transcendental world visited in Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, due to its later connections to Clow Country. It is also the longest world/arc visited. In the manga, its story covers the end of Volume 14 until the beginning of Volume 18. This world was not shown in the anime, however, the Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS OVA's covered these events, and they are quite accurate to the story told in the manga although some details are different.


Tokyo Arc

Part One

The Government Building in Tokyo

After the escape from Lecourt (thanks to Fai's magic) the group arrives in an arid world, where they find a city shattered by the acid rain that has corroded the country. They have arrived in Tokyo.

Sakura is still sleeping, while the others ask Fai why he used his magic especially Kurogane... but he answers that the magic he used was based on sound, different to the one he once used. Syaoran wonders why he feels like he defeated something back in Lecourt and doesn't remember.

On the other hand, "Syaoran" opens his eyes in the tube. Both Fei Wang and Yūko notice that he has "awakened". (Only in the manga) While Sakura sleeps, she hears a voice in her dreams telling her to wake up. (Only in Tokyo Revelations)

The group advances through the city and after Syaoran notices the form of the rocks, he realizes it's not normal erosion. Then rain starts to pour, but it hurts them. They all run to shelter inside a building but are found with a revolting scene: dozens of corpses all over the ruins. Fai is glad that Sakura is asleep and she won't be able to see this, while Syaoran decides to go farther inside to investigate. Mokona comes along, and senses a great power under the place where they're at. Suddenly, they are attacked by arrows and Syaoran gets hit in his left leg. After hearing Mokona's scream Kurogane and Fai go after them.

The attackers show themselves to Syaoran. This is the group led by Kamui.

The fight between Kamui and Kurogane.

After Kamui asks Syaoran if he's "prey" and shoots him again, Kurogane finally shows up. The both start fighting, but they stop when the band of the Tower, led by Fūma arrives.

Fuuma's party consists of Sorata, Arashi, Yuzuriha, Karen, Seiichirou, and Saiki (Dragons of Heaven in X except for Saiki who replaces Subaru). On the other hand, Kamui's party- the ones in the Government Building- consists of Kusanagi, Satsuki, Yuuto, Kakyou, Nataku and Kazuki (Dragons of Earth in X except for Kazuki who replaces Seishirou).

The band of the Tower shows themselves with the goal of taking the Government Building. Kamui refuses this proposal and attacks Fuuma. Karen informs the Tower group that another band is attacking their base and they retreat. (This doesn't happen in Tokyo Revelations anime since the confrontation will happen later).

Kamui ignores Kurogane, Syaoran and Mokona, tells the rest of his group to deal with them, including the ones hiding (Fai and Sakura). Kurogane asks what is that they are protecting so fiercely. Kazuki, amazed that they don't know, tells them it's water. Yuuto and Kusanagi argue about what to do with them. Kakyou proposes to let them free. Thus, they are asked to leave but Mokona reminds them he sensed a feather underneath, so Fai tries to convince them to take them along and cure Syaoran's wounds.

After they accept, they go to the Government Building which is filled with refugees. Once more, Sakura is seen in a dream still hearing the voice that tells her to wake up (this happens only in TOKYO REVELATIONS).

Once in the nursery, Fai takes care of Syaoran's wounds while Kusanagi and Yuuto explain the country's history. Fifteen years ago, the acid rain makes all the water in the country undrinkable. It destroyed the crops and buildings. However, the Government Building and the Tower have mysteriously remained good as new, a fact that even the inhabitants can't explain.

Yuuto also explains that Tokyo is not a country, but the twenty-three districts ("ku") which the former city of Tokyo was divided into.

Night falls. Kamui is seen next to the underground reservoir. Sakura and Syaoran rest while Fai comments that Syaoran has a fever, and tells Kurogane to rest because Fai will be keeping watch. Kurogane asks him why he used his magic in Lecourt. He tries to avoid this question, but Kurogane insists, telling him that he rejects his hypocritical attitude since he tries to avoid anybody getting involved with him, but still keeps caring for the others. He tells Kurogane he can't die, to what he responds that even so, others can kill him. If it wasn't for him, they all may have died, but he chose to intervene. Fai says he "doesn't want to make anyone unhappy because of their involvement with me."

Yuuto and Kusanagi interrupt their conversation and Fai tries to sneak away. Kurogane grabs him and tells him he has to face what he is now. When he leaves Fai collapses, laughing.

The other Syaoran wakes up, freeing himself of the seals and breaking out of his prison. In Syaoran's dreams, he sees someone who looks just like him breaking the glass that separates them and grabbing him, telling Syaoran he has been waiting for him. Kurogane sees that Syaoran is once more taken over someone else, and asks him who he is. Fai comes in with new clothes for Syaoran and sees him in this state. Kurogane jerks Syaoran's arm, making him wake up. Syaoran doesn't remember any of what just happened. After Syaoran leaves to change, Fai asks Kurogane if this is the first time Syaoran has acted this way. Kurogane responds that this happened once before in Lecort. (In Tokyo Revelations this happens at the end of Part One)

Still in her dream, Sakura hears another voice that tells her to wake up otherwise she will be caught in the dream forever. (Only in Tokyo Revelations)

Syaoran, Fai, and Mokona go with other members of the Government Building to go hunting because if they want to stay they will have to earn their food. As a favor to Fai, Kurogane stays in the building to look after Sakura, who is still sleeping.

The princess continues to be unable to open her eyes inside her dream She ends up being absorbed by the strange receptacle from which the voice comes from, and her breathing stops, something that Kurogane notices (Only in the manga, for this will happen later in Tokyo Revelations).

The hunters come to a demolished bridge, and the rain stops but a worse danger approaches: mutants. Yuuto and Nataku shoot at the huge worm. Another huge worm appears, almost killing Nataku. Syaoran uses Hien to slice the worm in half.

In TOKYO REVELATIONS this is the point when we get to meet the Band of the Tower (Kamui wasn't coming to hunt in the manga but in the OVA he is) and this is also when Syaoran wakes up.

Kusanagi comments about the leader of the Tower is the only one who can confront Kamui. Like Syaoran and his gang, Kamui is not originally from Tokyo Country. He just showed up three years ago. Kamui entered the Government Buiding and reached the underground reservoir. Once there he swore to protect what was there, and ever since then, he stayed in the Government Building. Syaoran goes into a trance again, saying that he will "retrieve it" while Fai observes concernedly.

In TOKYO REVELATIONS, far away, in modern-day Japan, Larg (Black Mokona) goes "¡Mekyo!" and Yuko says he has 'awaken'. Syaoran wakes up and Sakura stops breathing (This is something that already happened in the manga)

When "Syaoran" awakens

Mokona feels the feather's presence getting stronger, restating that it's under the Government Building. The scene changes to Fei Wang's hideout. Xing Huo meets "Syaoran" after his awakening, stating that she knew they couldn't keep him sealed for much longer. Since he doesn't have the power to cross dimensions, she offers to send him to Yuko, but she can only do this once.

Syaoran asks why she is helping him, and she responds with "because the dream must end." Thus Syaoran arrives at Yuko's shop.

In Tokyo, Kurogane asks for help for the princess, who is no longer breathing, but Kakyou warns him that there's nothing to be done for her (Only in Tokyo Revelations, in the manga this happens later.)

Part Two

Yuuko greets "Syaoran" under the rain (but she's not getting wet, just like what happened when she greeted our travelers at the beginning), fully aware that Xing Huo is the one who sent him to her shop. Yuko asks him why she did it, and he quotes her words "If the dream doesn't end..." to which Yuko answers with "These kids are also fragments of a dream that will not come true".

Yuko asks him for his wish, he answers "Take me where the right eye is" (右目の許え)... Yuko tells him the price is already paid with "relation, freedom and time" and warns him it's up to him now. "Syaoran" affirms he'll retrieve it at any cost. Watanuki, who has been watching since "Syaoran" arrived, is left with Yuko in the shop. "If the dream doesn't end" were Clow's last words to Yuko, she tells Watanuki.

Back in Tokyo, Kakyou tells Kurogane that he knew they were from another world since he's a dreamseer, and also predicted Kamui's coming. Kurogane remembers Tomoyo (who is also a dreamseer but also a miko princess). This last scene is in the manga only.

Kurogane sees that the princess isn't breathing. Kakyou says she's sleeping (her soul). Meanwhile, in the bottom of the underground reservoir, Kamui dives into the water after seeing the water light up and finds Sakura's soul inside the cocoon. Next to her, a feather appears and she absorbs it like any other of them.

Syaoran and the others come back to the Government Building after the hunting, while Mokona senses the feather's strong presence underground. Satsuki denies Syaoran access to the reservoir, but Syaoran and Mokona try to persuade her saying that there's a feather inside.

At last, Sakura retrieves her feather causing the barrier protecting the Government Building to fade away. The Building begins to deteriorate because of the acid rain.

Kamui realizes that the power underneath the water faded and thus the barrier around the building. Kamui wonders why she won't wake up. When he's about to kick the container she's in, Syaoran dives in and tries to stop him. Satsuki, Yuuto, Kusanagi, Nataku, Kazuki, Mokona and Fai watch next to the reservoir.

Kamui warns Syaoran to get away, talking to him by telepathy since they're underwater. Kamui they kick him but Syaoran isn't able to fully defend himself since his moves are really slow. Kamui keeps on kicking him, asking if he's "prey".

Syaoran kicks him, Kamui recognizes his technique is the same as Seishiro's and stops him. Kamui then cuts Syaoran's neck, using this as a chance to suck his blood He says that if he drinks all his blood he might wake up –Subaru.

At last, Syaoran realizes that Kamui and Subaru are the vampires that Seishiro told him about. Kamui grabs his neck and tells him that it's likely that Seishirou will reach them soon, and also promises to end the hunter but before that he plans to kill Syaoran. With his fangs, he cuts his neck again. As Syaoran's blood rises to the surface of the water, Fai and the rest notice something is wrong. Kamui deals with Syaoran's blood coming to Subaru's container. Seemingly possessed, Syaoran stands up and kicks Kamui brutally. Also, he warns him not to get closer to the container, he won't give up the feather and that he'll retrieve them all at any cost.

Fai finally decides to dive in the reservoir. Upon his arrival he sees a berserk Syaoran tearing off Kamui's arm (In TOKYO REVELATIONS this scene is censored, he only stretches it and breaks his muscles).
The voice is revealed to be Subaru's, asking Sakura to open her eyes- because otherwise her most important person will not come back- Kamui kicks Syaoran again, amazed by the prey's "power", while also explaining that the prey are artificial beings with a human form but lacking a soul, created to be the vampires' sustenance. Kamui regenerates his arm completely, asking Fai if he's the prey's owner. Since he tells him no, Kamui assumes that it's Seishirou. Fai tells him he's wrong, Syaoran is a good kid and tries hard to gather the feathers and protect the Princess. When Syaoran open his eyes again, his right eye has turned blank.

Yuko in her shop realizes that the seal has faded – to which Larg reacts in his earring*

*Note: In the Mokonas' Book, this earring is said to be a "seal" *

Fei Wang also notices this, and finally explains the truth about Syaoran: He's a clone he created him from the "Original", who was descendant of Clow Reed. The Clone's sole purpose was to gather the feathers. He was programmed to stop before nothing and eliminate whoever would stand in his way.

Despite Fei Wang's plan, the "Syaoran" (the original) gave the clone his left eye, which contained half his heart, which was sealed in the Clone's right eye ( this is why Clone Syaoran was blind in his right eye). "Syaoran" lost his left eye (this is why he wears a patch)and half of his magic, and was sealed into the tube by Fei Wang. Fei Wang tried to remove the heart of the Clone, but doing so would result in losing the Clone. He wouldn't risk doing so since he wouldn't be able to create a copy with the same powers. Even with a heart, the Clone would still possess the resolution to gather all the feathers. Thus Fei-Wong put him in the right place and time to meet the princess, leaving his plan intact.

"Syaoran's" magic was reduced when he lost his left eye, so he had to wait until he was grown up enough to free himself from captivity, thus paying with his own "time" and "freedom". Yuko points out that Fei Wang's willing to do anything to accomplish his wish, capturing innocent souls (the soul-stealer episode in XxxHolic, not shown in Tokyo Revelations or the manga). Because she was limited in how much she could interfere, she couldn't reach "Syaoran", and had to wait until he woke up. This meant the right eye's seal had time to break, making the heart return to the original.

Fei Wang knows that Xing Huo sent "Syaoran" to Yuko, and kills her in revenge with the same sword used to kill Kurogane's mother. He also comments that "Considering your origins, I suppose it was inevitable" meaning that she's also a failed creation of his.

Back in Tokyo, Kamui asks Fai if he knew that Syaoran wasn't human. In addition, he says he knows Fai possesses a great magic power, and Syaoran's heart isn't his own, somebody gave to him. As magic in the Clone's right eye weakens, the seal of the true Syaoran appears. Kamui senses somebody's presence, coming from another world. Fai tries to stop the seal from breaking with his magic, saying the heart belongs to Syaoran because he's got all his own memories there and Fai won't let it fade away. But the seal breaks anyway, releasing a little "ying-yang" ball. Fai picks it up, but then Syaoran kicks him. Syaoran asks Fai if that's the only feather in the world. The source of Fai's magic, he says, is in his blue eyes, which might be helpful in finding the feathers...

Kakyo and Kurogane, who's carrying Sakura's body, arrive at the underground reservoir. Kurogane is forced to leave Souhi outside the basement because it's forbidden to bring weapons to the reservoir. Sakura's body disappears. Kakyo says that the body must have returned to the soul underwater. They don't know what is going on except that Syaoran and Fai aren't coming out.

The whirlwind in the water dissolves and what's left is only suspended droplets, finally revealing the container where both Sakura and Subaru are. Clone Syaoran is seen devouring Fai's left eye.

Clone Syaoran's right eye turns blue like Fai's. Kurogane notices, when Syaoran tries to eat Fai's right eye, he goes to stop him. But he is kicked brutally by Syaoran. Kurogane then kicks him against a wall, breaking the Clone's right arm. Kazuki and Mokona cry when they see that Syaoran has no emotions whatsoever. Kurogane tells him it's not the brat anymore, to which Syaoran replies that he'll retrieve the feathers no matter what. Afterward, he uses the magic he acquired from Fai to strike at him because he'll take whatever necessary for his goal and eliminate whoever interferes.

Kurogane keeps on trying to plead with him when "Syaoran" arrives. Sakura finally opens her eyes, watching this dreadful scene. Clone Syaoran drops the heart again, which Fai had tried to give reseal within him. Thus, "Syaoran" retrieves his heart and removes his eye patch.

"Syaoran" tells them he's been watching the journey all along through the eye he put into the Clone. He knows everything that's happened. He tells the Clone that "the feeling that the Princess is the most precious thing to you doesn't come from my heart! It comes from you!!!" The Clone doesn't reply, he just kicks Syaoran, turning this into a fight among them. Kurogane then notices the seal on "Syaoran"'s clothing is the same as the one on the sword that killed his mother.

Both Syaorans continue to fight, while Kurogane asks Mokona for his katana since he had to leave Souhi outside. While Mokona is taking out the sword, Clone Syaoran uses magic to attract his sword, Hien, to him and attacks with a much stronger version of his flaming attack.

"Syaoran" is able to stand, and tells the Clone when he gave the half of his heart to him, he hoped there would be enough time for the Clone to grow one of his own. "Syaoran" believed that all the memories and all the times with his fellow travelers, along with the people he met, would make him grow an own heart. But if by the time the seal broke he was still a heartless being, he would kill the Clone himself.

"Syaoran" proceeds to draw out his sword (which looks exactly like Syaoran Li's from CCS, and also Syaoran Li's magic circle appears beneath him), and attacks the Clone with Raitei Shourai (Thunder Emperor in English). When he's about to finish him, Sakura screams out for him to stop. Clone Syaoran takes this chance to stab "Syaoran's" leg. Then the Clone approaches Sakura and breaks the container and also Subaru's larva. Breaking the larva reveals another feather of Sakura.

The Clone roughly grabs the Princess to give her back the feather, saying that he'll retrieve the feathers at any cost. Then the parts for another world, since there are no more feathers left in Tokyo. He is aided by Fei Wang who opens a portal for him to cross dimensions. Sakura tries to stop him, but he leaves anyway. In the manga, Syaoran is seen to hesitate a moment before leaving.

Once retrieved the two feathers which protected the larva and the Building, Subaru is finally able to release himself from the cocoon and picks up Sakura, who has fainted and fallen to the ground. He asks her for forgiveness for having made her wake up at that painful moment. Kamui hugs his brother and asks him to leave as soon as possible, but Subaru tells him to wait. At last, Kurogane, carrying Fay in his arms, asks "Syaoran" about the emblem he's wearing, because it's the same one of the one who killed his mother.

Part Three

Kurogane is ready to fight "Syaoran" when Mokona opens a conversation with Yuko, who tells him to stop. Yuko explains that "Syaoran" was taken prisoner by the person who killed his mother. Afterward, they proceed to cure the wounded. Satsuki takes care of Fai in the infirmary but says it's impossible to save him. The extraction of his eye caused him a shock, and they don't have enough medicine in the country to treat a patient like him. Mokona begs to Yuko to do something, but Fai tells them he'd rather die since Clone Syaoran now has half of his magic, and it'll keep on existing if he does. If he doesn't lose his magic, no one will be able to stop him.

Kurogane gets angry by Fai's words and pretends to punch him. Kurogane asks Yuko if there's a way to save him, but the price is too high, says Yuko. Kusanagi interrupts saying that the water is nearly gone. "Syaoran" blames himself for this, but Subaru tries to remove his responsibility saying it's his fault. Since they got to Tokyo country, the power beneath the reservoir dragged him towards it. Kamui tried to save him but was unable to do anything but just wait for him to be freed. Subaru was also the one who dragged Sakura's soul to the container underwater, so he says it's his fault.

Kakyou doesn't care whose fault it is, but now that the water is gone and demands an answer from Subaru. Then, he asks a wish to fill the reservoir once more (the vampires knew Yuko before and asked her the power to travel between dimensions). Yuko proposes that Kurogane should ask for the water, therefore ask Subaru his vampire blood to save Fai. This way Kurogane pays for the water and not his partner's life, which is much less.

A vampire's blood has a regenerating power much superior to humans (especially the twins, who are pureblood vampires). Fai will be able to live, but since this is Kurogane's wish he has to carry on with the responsibility of keeping him alive. Apart from drinking Subaru's blood he'll drink Kurogane's as well, becoming into Fai's prey. Thus if something happens to Kurogane Fai will die as well.

Kurogane accepts and asks Subaru for his blood, though Fai tells him to stop. Kamui then gives up his blood because he doesn't want anyone to drinking Subaru's blood again (he gave it to Seishirou at one point). They both drop blood for Fai, who transforms in agony after drinking it. Kurogane asks him about the left eye, to which Kamui replies that the previous wounds of becoming a vampire by cured by the blood, so his eye will be left empty.

Yuko explains that "immortal vampires" are only a rumor. Their regenerating power is superior to humans, they are more powerful and age slowly, but they are not immortal. Fai's life was already extended due to his magical power (he already had lived many times Kurogane's lifespan). Yuko also tells him that if Fai retrieves his left eye, he will no longer be a vampire and will no longer need Kurogane as his prey.

"Syaoran" comes to give Fai his eye patch after having rested for a bit. Then the band of the Tower appears, led by Fuma, who's bringing a feather in a capsule.

While Mokona wonders why she couldn't sense the feather, Fuma says that he managed to make it undetectable. Fuma knows that the feather in the Government Building is gone, thanks to Arashi (a priestess capable of detecting natural disasters and such). Fuma brought the feather to propose an exchange: the Tocho group must let the inhabitants of the Tower live in the Tocho Building, since the Building is larger, and in exchange, the Tower will donate their feather to protect the Building from eroding.

Kamui doesn't want to be involved since he's planning to leave as soon as possible. Mokona interrupts saying that the feather is Sakura's, and they can't speak of it as their possession, because it's the most important to her and it's what they've been traveling for. Sakura comes in the scene, supporting on "Syaoran" with a lot of pain. Mokona tells her the Clone Syaoran won't be able to sense the feather if she leaves it behind. Sakura agrees to leave it in Tokyo for the moment.

Both bands inspect the underground reservoir, to find out that it'll be able to hold the water once more. Yuuko gives them about a dozen water filled capsules (filled earlier by Watanuki in xxxHOLiC). The water pouring from them fill the reservoir once more. Yuko tells them it's their responsibility to keep the water from being polluted again so the decadency cycle falls on them again.

Fuma reveals that he's a client of Yuko's (he's also able to cross dimensions). He's a hunter too, but different from his brother Seishirou. He searches for valuable objects and takes this opportunity to thank Subaru for having helped Seishirou.

Kamui gets defensive and fights Fuma, who stresses what Seishirou told him about Kamui being so strong... But Subaru is too when he's mad. Yuko interrupts them by complaining about the hunters who cause nothing else but trouble.

Sakura wearing the Tokyo outfit, known as "Sakura Croft"

Yuko now turns to talk about the price of the water, but before she's able to ask Kurogane, "Syaoran" and Sakura offer to pay the price. Sakura then asks them to please tell her everything that happened while she was asleep, and wears her new outfit (known as "Sakura Croft" by many). Fuma explains to Sakura how to ride the motorcycle, while Mokona complains about the dangers she'll face; for this is the price she'll pay: to go alone.

Sakura apologizes to "Syaoran" because her yelling caused him to get wounded, and asked everyone to rest, and to Kurogane to take care of Fai. Kurogane knows that he won't change her mind but will wait for her return. Thus Sakura parts in search of the payment.

Sakura begins her travel aided by a compass given by Fuma. Subaru and Fuma have a conversation about Seishirou, Fuma says that Seishirou won't give up until he finds both vampires. Fuma advises Kamui not to leave before reaching an agreement with his later band, as to not harm them.
Subaru says too that "this event" is what Yuko foretold them, meaning what's happening with Sakura's group.

Sakura tries to defend herself

Sakura gets runs into danger when the giant worms attack her at a bridge and gets rid of them. She is not able to get rid of a mutant though, the which injures her badly, and her leg ends up stuck under the moto.
Back with "Syaoran" in Tokyo, he tells Mokona that he's been watching them through his eye.
On the other hand, Sakura kills the mutant using her gun. The moto broke down, and with her leg injured, she has to carry on by walking. In Tokyo, Fay wakes up and keeps on his fake attitude towards Kurogane, while Sakura is climbing, falls and injures her right leg again by getting impaled with an iron stick. Fai asks Mokona to speak with Yuko while she sleeps. He tells her about his decision of distancing with Kurogane because he doesn't want to hurt anyone else. He didn't realize how much he got involved, and that wasn't his intention. Yuko replies that his pain is everyone else's. Then Fay asks about Sakura, and she tells him she's no longer there. Sakura, on the other hand, finally reaches her destination: an egg in the top of a pile of rocks.

Kurogane hands in a cape for "Syaoran" to cover the bat emblem. He blames himself for not being able to take him there, but Kurogane replies it's not his fault or that "the brat" left.

To obtain the egg, Sakura has to go through a nest of giant snakes, which attack her further. She retrieves her gun and kills the snakes, walking through the acid and thus retrieving the egg. She is determined to get back the heart that [Clone] Syaoran lost.

Fai cuts into the conversation by asking "Syaoran" and Kurogane why they let the princess go alone and why they let her pay the price. Fay tries to go after Sakura but Kurogane stops him. He's concerned that she won't be able to return if she's wounded... but Kurogane replies she was prepared for it.

Sakura Kinomoto in the Tokyo Revelations OVA

They keep on arguing while Sakura reaches the point where the moto broke down, and there are no more traces for her to carry on. In the manga, Sakura sees at dawn the spirits of the dead, who lead her out. [Remember that Sakura is able to see spirits as Watanuki does].
In the OVA, Sakura sees Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura, who leads her out.

Kurogane is determined to wait for Sakura because she made a promise to come back. Fay is ready to look for her, while "Syaoran" interrupts hem by saying she'd feel worse if he'd do that. This is how Fay realizes that the Clone and "Syaoran" are the same after all. Mokona sees her from far away, but she falls to the ground when everyone goes to receive her. Fai catches her and Sakura apologizes to him, for being unable to stop his pain, but is glad that he's still alive. Fai then hugs her.

Sakura returning after she got the egg.

Once they are all gathered, they talk with Yuuko and give her the egg that Sakura retrieved and finally paying for the water. Yuko reveals to them that it was "Fei Wang Reed" who took her memories. It was his intention to scatter her memories so he would have his wish granted. To achieve that wish, he needs her to find her feathers (so she would create "memories" of the worlds she traveled) and something else hidden under the Clow's ruins. What he's really after is her body memories, not her heart's.

To develop his plan, he took "Syaoran" and created [Clone] Syaoran, with the sole purpose of retrieving the feathers, and also killed Kurogane's mother as a part of his scheme. It was planned for him to go along in this journey, but Kurogane says it was his own choice to serve Tomoyo, which is exactly why she sent him anyway. It was the same with Fai, who has a flashback with his brother (See the Celes Arc). Fei Wong chose them all to be her traveling companions.

Yuko tells Mokona that both Mokonas were created by Clow Reed and her, to thwart the plans of Fei Wong and for the sake of the two futures. Yuko also tries to relieve "Syaoran" by telling him that the price he paid and the other prices will be enough to prevent him [Watanuki] from disappearing. Kurogane is confused by all this and asks what it means. Yuko tells him that it's the power to transcend time what Fei Wong is after, saying any further will exceed her interference limits. Kurogane is still confused; Yuko replies by telling him that even though the world is chaotic, it is preserved by a balance that allows only a certain degree of chaos. But if this balance is destroyed, the universe will fall apart. Fei Wong's plan for them to travel across dimensions already has its consequences, like the past of Shara. This is all hitsuzen (inevitable).

Yuko asks them what they plan to do from now on. Sakura is determined to keep looking for Clone Syaoran. Even if this helps to Fei Wong's plans. Fai wants to come with her too, Sakura asks him if that's what he really wants to do, to which he replies he does, kisses her hand and calls her 我が唯一の姫君, "Vi la princia" (my only princess). Mokona wants to travel along too, Kurogane still wants to go back but will keep on looking for his mother's murderer. "Syaoran" says there's something he wants to get back, even if he' might not be able to do so anymore, he'll try to protect it.

Next day, the people of the Tower move to the Building. Mokona thanks Satsuki for the medical care, who apologizes for being unable to do more. Sakura apologizes for breaking Fuma's compass. He tells her it's ok because it was one of Yuko's errands, and his payment for crossing dimensions was to deliver anything Yuko asks for. He tells her what she should be worried about is that Seishiro has one of her feathers.

Sakura, at last, drops her feather in the bottom of the waters in the Tokyo Reservoir. Mokona takes them and part to another world, not before saying goodbye; while and Yuto and Kusanagi say that they are willing to return the feather when they come back.

-Extra in the OVAs: Sakura reminds the image of Sakura Kinomoto, wondering who it was, if it was a dream, or not...

In the present time Tokyo, Larg asks Yuko what she'll do with the egg. Yuko replies she'll get it purified so that neither of the futures will disappear. If it wasn't for her interference it would have all gone according to Fei Wong's plans.

Fei Wong in his hideout observes Clone Syaoran, saying that it wasn't useless after all. As we can see, he is in a new world, devastated by him, just to obtain a feather. From now on, he'll retrieve the feathers at any cost.

Clow Country Arc

After the events of the Dream World arc, the group parts to Clow to find Sakura's whereabouts and confront Fei Wang. Following events that lead to Sakura's merge with her clone, Fei Wang reveals that the feather that the Clone left behind is actually beneath the ruins and that Clow Country is, in fact, Tokyo's future.



  • The Factions are switched versions of X's Dragons of Earth and Dragons of Heaven because the Dragons of Earth were led by Fūma and the Dragons of Heaven were led by Kamui.
  • In the original version of X's group, Kazuki was the child version of Nataku replacing Seishiro and Daisuke on the other side replace Subaru as one.
  • The feather that was left by Sakura in the country of Tokyo was returned to her as well later on the series.



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