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Characters from Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxHolic.

This is a timeline of all known events that occur between Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and XxxHOLiC.

Events prior to Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic

Unknown time events

  • Clow Reed creates 19 (53 in the anime) Clow Cards.
  • Clow Reed creates Yue and Keroberos.
  • Clow Reed meets Yuuko, and the two of them meet Mokona of Cephiro in another world.
  • Two Mokona Modokis are created by Clow and Yuko based on the Mokona of Cephiro and are sealed away until they are needed.
  • Yuko Ichihara dies.
  • Clow Reed wishes for her to continue on living.
  • Yuko is frozen in time.
  • Fei Wong Reed is created as a byproduct of Clow Reed's wish, embodying Clow's feelings to do away with reason and attempt to revive those who have died.
  • Clow Reed seals Cerberus and Yue into the book of Clow, before reincarnating into Eriol Hiiragizawa (and Fujitaka Kinomoto in the manga)
  • Clow Reed travels to Clow Country to fill the void left by King Fujitaka as King of Clow, thus becoming Clone Sakura's father in the altered timeline.
  • Yuko Ichihara creates her wish shop.
  • Yuko Ichihara creates Marudashi and Morodashi.
  • Fujitaka and Nadeshiko Kinomoto get married.
  • Touya is born, the first child of Fujitaka and Nadeshiko.
  • Sakura Kinomoto is born, the second child of Fujitaka and Nadeshiko.
  • Nadeshiko dies.
  • As Sakura grows up, Toya's best friend Yukito becomes her platonic love.

Cardcaptors Sakura The Movie: Pre Events

  • Clow Reed meets The Madoushi, who worked as a fortune-teller.
  • The Madoushi found that Clow's ability to accurately predict the future affected her own business and developed a deep hatred for him.
  • She challenged her rival to frequent duels and eventually cast a spell that allowed her spirit to reside in a book after she died and draw Clow Reed to her.

Events of Cardcaptor Sakura

The following events occur within the manga series Cardcaptor Sakura.


  • Sakura Kinomoto opens the book of Clow, unleashing the Clow Cards and releasing Cerberus and Yue. Cerberus bestows the Sealing Wand upon Sakura and declares her Cardcaptor.
  • Sakura Kinomoto starts capturing the Clow Cards.
  • Syaoran Li transfers to Tomoeda to capture the Clow Cards. He assumes the role of rival to Sakura.
  • As each Clow Card is captured, Cerberus grows more powerful.
  • Syaoran's feelings towards Sakura begin to change.
  • During the battle with Earthy, Sakura falls into a void. Syaoran screams "SAKURA!". Cerberus rescues her and Sakura asks if she can call Syaoran "Syaoran-kun".
  • Sakura captures the final Clow Cards, allowing Yue to manifest. Yukito Tsukishiro, Sakura's crush and the best friend of her brother, is revealed to be the false form of the card's second guardian Yue.
  • Yue places Sakura through a "Final Judgement" to prove her worthiness to be the master of the Clow. Sakura suceeds in defeating Yue aided by Kaho Mizuki.
  • Eriol Hiiragizawa transfers to Tomoeda. This coincides with Sakura receiving 'prophet dreams'.
  • Sakura starts converting Clow Cards into Sakura Cards.
  • Yue, who requires the support of another to generate his own energies, begins growing weaker as time passes, though he initially does not tell Sakura that it is because her magic is not yet strong enough. The problem does not effect Cerberus whose power, like the sun, regenerates on its own with no need to draw extra power from other sources.
  • Sakura finds herself having to deal with the pain of Yukito's gentle rejection of her feelings, as he instead loves her brother Toya.
  • Toya, in turn, gives all of his magical abilities to Yue in order to ensure Yukito doesn't fade away, making Yue promise to protect Sakura in his place.
  • Syaoran helps her recover from the hurt, while finding himself falling in love with Sakura but unsure of how to tell her.
  • Sakura's feelings for Syaoran start to change.
  • Syaoran tries (and fails) to confess his love to Sakura.
  • Eriol begins putting Sakura through several 'trials' meant to help transfer the power of the Clow Cards to Sakura.
  • Sakura confronts Eriol at Tokyo Tower.
  • Eriol places everyone in Tokyo and Tomoeda under a deep sleep. Sakura's task is to force the sun to rise.
  • Sakura uses Light to force the sun to rise and Dark to restore the night, thus completing the transition of all the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards.
  • Eriol reveals himself to Sakura. Once she has successfully transformed the cards, he explains that he is half of the reincarnation of Clow Reed, with her father being the other half.
  • (Manga only) Eriol gives Fujitaka half of his magic to fulfill his wish.
  • Eriol returns to England.
  • Syaoran confesses his love for Sakura, and then prepares to leave for Hong Kong.
  • Sakura finds herself hurting and upset. After running into several of her friends, she realizes that it is because she loves Syaoran too.
  • Sakura and Syaoran say goodbye to each other, since Syaoran leaves to Hong Kong. Sakura didn't confess her feelings.
  • Two years later, Syaoran returns to Tomoeda to be with Sakura.

'Anime-only' events

  • Meiling Li arrives in Tomoeda. She forms an instant dislike to Sakura, and attempts to aid Syaoran in capturing the Clow Cards.
  • Sakura creates a card because of her feelings for Syaoran (The Love Card)

Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie

  • Sakura wins a trip to Hong Kong.
  • Sakura is lead to a phantom world where she learns she was actually made to come to Hong Kong by a woman, Madoushi, who apparently wants revenge on Clow Reed.
  • The Madoushi, refusing to believe Clow is dead, attacks the young cardcaptor and endangers her friends. She eventually relents when she realizes she truly loved Clow; she accepts his death and vanishes.

Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie 2:The Sealed Card

  • The Nothing is awakened during the demolishing of Eriol's old mansion.
  • Syaoran and Meiling return to Tomoeda.
  • Sakura Cards begin to go missing.
  • Sakura tries (and fails) to tell Syaoran about her feelings.
  • Yamazaki-kun is injured, making Syaoran play the Prince in the Nadeshiko festival opposite Sakura.
  • The Card attacks the festival, making almost everyone disappear.
  • Tomoyo Daidoji and Meiling Li disappear.
  • Keroberos and Yue disappear.
  • Syaoran tries to defeat the Nothing because his powers don't use the Clow cards but fails.
  • Sakura transforms the Nothing, and Syaoran's feelings for Sakura are at risk.
  • The Nothing combines with the Nameless card Sakura created (Love), becoming the Hope.
  • Sakura admits her love for Syaoran, even if she thinks he doesn't remember her.
  • Syaoran responds, surprisingly remembering who Sakura is saying "Me too, Sakura."
  • Everyone reappears, and Sakura jumps joyfully into Syaoran's arms.

Cardcaptor Sakura Post Events~ Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic

Timeline A

  • Clone Syaoran and Clone Sakura are reincarnated. Syaoran is born into the Li family and thus gains magical abilities due to the family's ties to Clow Reed. Sakura is born to Nadeshiko and Fujitaka, she grows up as a Japanese student.
  • After a search of 14 years, they are reunited in Hong Kong, where Sakura and her friends, the MKR girls, are on a school field trip.
  • Several years go by, they get married and have a son: "Syaoran Li", the Original Syaoran. In this ultimate twist, the clones become the parents of "Syaoran".
  • Sakura Li receives a prophetic dream showing her son's destined person in another world.
  • Sakura Li sees Sakura Kinomoto in a dream, who gives her the Star Staff, which would later become the payment for the visit of her son to Clow Country.
  • Syaoran Li talks with his son, telling him to go to Clow Country. He also gave him his sword.
  • A 7-year old "Syaoran" meets Yuko Ichihara, and she grants his wish to go to Clow Country. He can only remain there for seven days during this visit.
  • "Syaoran" meets Princess Sakura, and her family, in Clow Country.
  • "Syaoran" accompanies Princess Sakura to the last day of her purification ceremony. During that time, Fei Wong Reed appears and places the "Engraved Seal of Death" on Princess Sakura, despite "Syaoran's" best efforts to stop him. "Syaoran" is then returned to his world.
  • "Syaoran" Jr. agrees to return to Clow Country, on the condition that he cannot return to his world until there exists in Clow Country someone who can cross dimensions.
  • "Syaoran" returns to Clow Country after his wounds are healed (seven days after the purification finishes) and meets with Sakura. "Syaoran" vows to find a way to remove the seal.
  • Seven years later, "Syaoran" returns from another country where he attempted to find a way to remove the seal from Sakura.
  • At Sakura's 14th, she is consumed by the seal. Nadeshiko dies attempting to stop Fei Wong's magic.
  • "Syaoran" chooses to rewind his own time back seven years, using his 'time' with Sakura, his 'relationship' with everyone, and his 'freedom' as a price to save Sakura.
  • Sakura is frozen in time at her 7 year old age until "Syaoran" can take back her hand.

Timeline B

  • Due to Syaoran's wish, the original flow of time is altered creating "duality". Thus, the original timeline becomes two.
  • Kimihiro Watanuki is born to replace "Syaoran" in his home world.
  • "Syaoran" is captured by Fei Wong and a clone is created to replace him. "Syaoran" infuses his left eye with half of his heart, and uses his magic to force it into his clone's right eye socket
  • Clow Reed travels to Clow Country to replace Fujitaka as the king. Fujitaka becomes an archeologist instead.
  • Fujitaka discovers the clone Syaoran in an archaeological dig site in another country. He takes the boy with him, and gives him the name Syaoran.
  • Fujitaka introduces Syaoran to the king of Clow Country, Clow Reed and his daughter, Sakura.

Events occuring after the seven-day event in modern-day Japan

  • Watanuki is adopted, after his "parents" (Sakura Li and Syaoran Li) travel to another world, under the guise of dying to protect him.
  • Syaoran Li and Sakura Li rewind their own time (assuming their 14th year old forms), and are trapped in a 'different world' (the tube seen at the beginning of the manga), unable to touch one another.
  • Kimihiro Watanuki agrees to trade all of his past memories (excluding his name and birthday, but including the encounter) to Yuko to gain the whereabouts of the Sakuras.
  • Watanuki meets Himawari Kunogi and Shizuka Domeki in school.
  • Domeki becomes Watanuki's rival, and Himawari becomes his crush.

Events occuring in Nihon

  • Kurogane is born.
  • Fei Wong kills Kurogane's mother.
  • Kurogane's father dies trying to kill the demons in his village. In his grief, he goes on a mindless rampage.
  • Tsukuyomi finds Kurogane and calms him.
  • Years later, Tsukuyomi sends Kurogane to Yuko Ichihara as a 'punishment' and to learn true strength.

Events occuring in Valeria and Celes

  • Yui and Fai are born to the second prince of Valeria. Twins are considered unlucky.
  • Fai and Yuui are imprisoned inside a tower in a deep valley where magic cannot be used.
  • Fei Wong approaches Fai and Yuui. Fai tells Fei Wong to rescue Yuui. Fei Wong places two curses on Yuui, before telling him somebody from another world will rescue him.
  • Ashura-ou finds Yuui. Yuui changes his name to Fai.
  • Ashura and Fai go to Celes.
  • Fai creates Chii.
  • Ashura begins to murder people (his strenght growing after each kill), intending to halt both Fai's curses. However, Fai refuses and places Ashura into a deep sleep before leaving Celes.
  • Fai turns Chii into a barrier to avoid Ashura from awakening.

Events of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

The following events occur within the manga series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

Timeline B

  • Princess Sakura is captured by Fei Wong Reed, cloned (both her soul and body) and swapped by him. Fei Wong changes the Clone Princess' memories (which represent her soul) into feathers and scatter them through different worlds.
  • Princess Sakura's body dissapears, and her soul is put inside a tube which is in possesion of Fei Wong.
  • The current priest, Yukito sends Syaoran and Sakura to Yuko Ichihara, to find a way to save the Princess.
  • Watanuki appears briefly to give the Mokonas to Yuko.
  • Yuko agrees to allow Syaoran and Sakura retrieve the feathers, but the price is that Sakura will not recall the relationship she had with Syaoran prior to the journey. Syaoran agrees to the price. He, and two others, Kurogane and Fay D. Flourite, are given the white Mokona and begin their journey.
  • The group retrieve a feather in the Hanshin Republic and return it to Sakura. She does not remember Syaoran.
  • The group move to Koryo Country, and aid in the defeat of the Rashinban in charge there, gaining a feather.
  • The group move to Fog Country and quickly leave, for there isn't a feather.
  • The group move to Jade Country, where children have been mysteriously vanishing. It was thought that it was the work of the spirit of a princess, however the real kidnapper is Doctor Kyle. The group retrieve the feather before Kyle can sieze it.
  • The group move to Ōto Country. Here, Kurogane and Syaoran become 'Demon Hunters' and Sakura and Fai run a cafe named 'The Cat's Eye'. Seishirō appears and kills Fai. Syaoran confronts Seishirō and he too is killed.
  • Ōto Country is revealed to be a virtual world inside a theme park in Edonis Country, however, the feather Seishirō is in possession of begins to turn Ōto into reality. Both Syaoran and Kurogane battle Seishirō, but he flees.
  • The party arrives to the Country of Idols. After a brief stay and learning that the so-called demon is a tornado, Sakura retrieves another feather.
  • The group arrive in Shara Country, spearated. Sakura and Syaoran are with a group of women who worship Ashura, while Fai and Kurogane land in a shrine filled with men who worship Yasha. Both tribes are at war with each other.
  • Mokona sends the group back through time into Shura Country, where Sakura and Syaoran meet Ashura, and fight against Kurogane and Fai, who are sided with Yasha. Asura is revealed to be an illusion created by Sakura's feather, and the battle against Kurogane and Fai was a 'test'.
  • The group arrives in Piffle World, where they meet this world's incarnation of Tomoyo Daidōji. The group agrees to participate in the 'Dragonfly' race.
  • Sakura, Syaoran, Kurogane and Fai are put through after the preliminary race. However, Tomoyo grows concerned about foul play.
  • The second race event occurs. Syaoran, Kurogane and Fai retire from the race. Sakura wins the race.
  • At a late night celebration, Kyle Rondart appears to attempt to steal the feather.
  • The group moves to Lecourt Country, where Syaoran learns of Kurogane's past from the Book of Memories, which is revealed to be a copy.
  • The group battles library watchdogs to retrieve the feather from the original Book of Memories.
  • Fai uses magic to create a barrier to allow Mokona to transport everyone to the next world.
  • The group arrives in Tokyo. Kurogane and Syaoran battle Kamui inside Tokyo Tower.
  • It is revealed that acid rain has killed off most of the planet, but the Tokyo Government Building and Tokyo Tower are the only two buildings to remain standing.
  • Sakura's soul is removed from her body and placed near the sleeping Subaru by the feather.
  • "Syaoran" Li breaks free from Fei Wong Reed. Xing Huo transports him to Yuko Ichihara, who agrees to send him to the source of his right eye.

-Note This is the first time "Syaoran" Li and Watanuki meet.

  • The seal placed on Syaoran's right eye breaks during a battle with Kamui, and Fai attempts to restore the seal. Syaoran steals Fai's left eye.
  • "Syaoran" Li arrives as Sakura awakens. "Syaoran" Li reveals the Syaoran travelling with the group was a clone of himself. The two battle, with Clone Syaoran emerging as the victor. Clone Syaoran moves to another world.
  • With the feather removed from the underground reservoir, the water vanishes. Fuuma, the younger brother of Seishirō, appears.
  • Fai is revealed to be dying, but Kurogane makes a wish that Fai would survive. Kamui gives his blood to Fai, turning Fai into a vampire.
  • Yuko agrees to give the occupants of Tokyo Tower water in exchange for a dangerous task. Sakura agress to the conditions.
  • Sakura sets out to retrieve an egg from outside Tokyo. She is severely injured during the task.

-Note The egg retrieved by Sakura hatches into Tanpopo, the bird was born for the sake of Watanuki being unaffected by Himawari's unlucky jinx.

  • On her way back to Tokyo, she encounters the spirits of those who died in Tokyo (in the Tokyo Revelations OAV, instead of these spirits, Sakura Kinomoto appears instead), and they guide her back to the group. Yuko accepts the price and fills the underground reservoir with water.

-Note The water given to Sakura is retrieved by Watanuki from xxxHolic

  • Sakura decides to leave her feather in Tokyo.
  • The group moves to the next world, Infinity, where they must play 'human chess' to get the prize money so they can restore a world the Clone Syaoran destroyed.

-Note Truth is, she was after the real prize - a robot (who is identical to Freya from Chobits) who can let one person and one person alone travel across dimensions.

  • Sakura agrees to trade her luck over to Yuko to go into a dream after this world.
  • The group win the tournament. Sakura attempts to travel into a dream, but is stabbed by Fai when his curse activates. Sakura separates her body and soul, sending her soul to the Dream World and her body into Celes.

-Note When Sakura receives two feathers in the Infinity Arc, she was made stronger than Fay's halved magic and so he stabbed her, seemingly possessed.

  • The group travel to Celes, where Fai's past is revealed.
  • Kurogane kills Ashura-ou after Fai is unable to. Fai's second curse activates and Celes is destroyed. Kurogane sacrifices his left arm to save Fai.
  • The group arrive at Nihon Country, Kurogane's home world.
  • "Syaoran" Li battles Seishirō for the feather and wins.
  • "Syaoran" Li enters the Dream World to rescue Sakura. Clone Syaoran arrives as well.
  • The Clone finds himself unable to kill Sakura, and so attempts to kill "Syaoran". However, Sakura intercepts his blade and impales herself.
  • Sakura is revealed to be a clone as her soul dissolves.
  • Kyle appears and steals the feather and Sakura's body.
  • The group resolve to return to Clow Country to face Fei Wong Reed and retrieve both Sakuras. (The Sakuras' location price was paid by Watanuki.)

Timeline A

  • The group arrive in a 'stagnant time' in Clow Country.
  • Stagnant time is revealed to be where the time rewinds at the end of each day, with each cycle, a person is killed if events are played out differently. "Syaoran" Li unwittingly kills the townspeople attempting to get information about Sakura.
  • The group arrive in the ruins, where time has been stopped. "Syaoran" Li decides to tell Fai and Kurogane about his past.
  • Clone Syaoran arrives with Fei Wong Reed, Fei Wong summons his creations to fight Fai and Kurogane while "Syaoran" Li battles his clone.
  • Clone Syaoran's powers had increased, meaning that he had used it since Nihon.
  • "Syaoran" Li is seemingly stabbed, then the Clone whispers something in "Syaoran" Li's ear and starts dragging him towards Fei Wong. This is a ruse - the Clone had stabbed his own foot.
  • "Syaoran" Li stabs Fei Wong. Fei Wong attempts to retaliate, but the Clone places himself in the way.
  • The Clone drags Fei Wong's viewing portal to reveal the location of Clone Sakura's body.
  • Fei Wong kills Clone Syaoran. He apologises for everything before dying.
  • Fai's eye is returned to him. Kurogane, Fai, and "Syaoran" enter Fei Wong's space to see him on the floor. Fei Wong casts magic at them, but "Syaoran" Li blocks with the Clone's Hien. Kurogane slices Fei Wong in half.
  • Fei Wong is revealed to be Kyle Rondart in a disguise and he dies. The real Fei Wong appears from behind with Clone Sakura in his lap, completely unharmed.
  • Fei Wong grabs the feather that remained still in Tokyo (which now became Clow Country's past) and puts it into the clone Sakura's body to achieve his wish of bringing dead back to life.
  • Kurogane and Fye's attempt to attack Fei Wong is futile. Meanwhile Syaoran finally grabs Sakura's hand. Thus he causes someone who had suffered Sakura's same fate to be called back from death which is Yuko.
  • Both the original Sakura and clone Sakura (body) merge together. Now with the "true being" of Sakura and her feather the end approaches as the tube of the beggining of the series is shown.
  • Yuko proceeds to break the tube containing Syaoran's parents (Sakura Li and Syaoran Li) who materialize behind "Syaoran" and Sakura.
  • "Syaoran" finally realizes that these are his parents. Watanuki also gets a glance of these events. Sakura Li tells his son it'll be alright, reminding that she saw her "other self" in a dream, who gave her the Star Staff.
  • Syaoran's parents; Sakura and Syaoran Li attempt to purge the feathers of the different memories of the worlds. Fei Wong tries to stop them.
  • "Syaoran" tries to counterattack Fei Wong, but he can't hold him back; even with Fye's help. Syaoran Li seems to have inherited Clow's magic as he saves his son, while Yuko, still in the Dream World, reveals that she had saved Clone Syaoran and Clone Sakura (her soul and the original Sakura's body) so that they could make a choice.
  • Yuko explains in flashbacks that she was the person who Fei Wong tried to bring back to life: when Yuko died, Clow's feelings for her to remain were enough to freeze her in time. Fei Wong tried to make Clow's wish come true.
  • Yuko intends bring both clones back to life, and both their prices have already been paid by Yuko and Clow. Clone Sakura is finally able to confess her feelings for Clone Syaoran.
  • After a flashback of the Clones' rebirth, back in Clow Country, everyone looks shocked to realize that the Clones hadn't died. Fei Wong realizes that Yuko is dead and is not able to accept it, which is why he will use the Clones again to bring her back.
  • As the Clones get dragged into Fei Wong's tube, "Syaoran" and Sakura grab them both therefore getting dragged too.
  • The Clones question them on why they had grabbed them, when they should have escaped. They reply that their existence means a lot to them as well.
  • Kurogane and Fye try uselessy to stop Fei Wong, since to break the "tube" they need the permission of the ones inside it which they don't have. They become gravely inujured instead, as Mokona remarks that the tube is the same one that Yuko had (which was created by Clow Reed).
  • Both Sakuras turn to use their power of trascending space and time to break free from the "tube". This stuns Fei Wong, who tries reasoning with them, telling them that doing so would only cause space-time to break for once and for all. Despite this, they are eager to continue.
  • Kurogane manages to strike a fatal blow to Fei Wong, who prior to his death tells the Syaorans that they must pay for their sins as he dissapears. The world is finally turned back to normal as the Sakuras break free from the tube, but the Syaorans are trapped inside a world of nothingness (not the Dream World)
  • The Syaorans meet Watanuki, as he realizes that "Syaoran" and him are the same. While "Syaoran" regretts his choice, Clone Syaoran thanks him for it, as he begins to explain them that he'll dissapear now- because his creator has dissapeared and so must their creations.
  • With Clone Syaoran's dissapearance the fissure needed to escape is created- as Clone Sakura dissapears as well. But before shattering, Clone Syaoran tells them he's happy to have been born even if it was in a twisted world. Now both Watanuki and "Syaoran" are ready to escape, while a voice tells them to "pay the price."
  • At last, "Syaoran" and Watanuki escape, but to do so they have to pay a price. After paying their respective prices, "Syaoran" is brought back to Clow Country, where he meets "Sakura" and the others. Watanuki is brought back to his world.
  • Epilogue: "Syaoran" is once more in Clow Country, along with "Sakura", Kurogane, Fai and Mokona. The time-space loop has been restored, and "Sakura"'s parents are back to normal.

"Syaoran" reveals that the price he paid was to continue the journey, while Watanuki's price is to stay in the shop. Because "Syaoran" wants to see his other self once more, he decided to continue the journey, and "Sakura" wants to see her other self as well. Kurogane and Fai decide to come with him, but "Sakura" is unable to do so. Before leaving, "Syaoran" confesses his feelings for Sakura by saying "I love you", and "Sakura" replies to him: "I love you too". Finally, "Sakura" and "Syaoran" reveal their real names are both the same: Tsubasa. Thus, the three of them along with Mokona will keep traveling, and "Sakura" will wait for "Syaoran" to return. --THE END--

Events of xxxHolic

The following events occur within the manga series xxxHolic.


  • Watanuki finds Yuko's shop and meets Yuko, although this is not his first time, he doesn't remember that he already met her and was in her shop before. Yuko explains him his "blood" attacts all magical things, being this the reason why he sees spirits.
  • Watanuki agrees to work in Yuko's shop as a payment for his wish to stop seeing spirits.
  • A woman enters Yuko's shop and asks for her help. Yuko gives her a ring. But she dies because of her lying habits.
  • Watanuki pays a visit to the drugstore seen in Legal Drug to pick up hangover medicine for Yuko, encountering Kazahaya and Rikuo working there.
  • Yuko helps a woman who wants to quit her addiction to computers.
  • Syaoran and Sakura come to Yuko's shop. Yuko explains to Watanuki that she met the real Mokona, (capable of creating worlds: Magic Knight Rayearth) along with Clow Reed. Watanuki wakes the Mokonas Modoki and hands the Mokonas to Yuko upon meeting Fye and Kurogane too.
  • Yuko hands over White Mokona and keeps Black Mokona. Maru and Moro take both Fye and Kurogane's payments.
  • After going to a fake fortune teller, Watanuki and Yuko go to a real fortune teller. She tells Watanuki his parents are resting at peace. Also she explains to him the meaning of the butterflies, meaning change in his life.
  • The group plays "telling 100 ghost stories". At Domeki's grandfather temple, the ghost stories become real. Domeki saves Watanuki of the spirits.
  • Yuko receives Fye's staff in exchange of the "ball" that Black Mokona ate, sends it to Syaoran's group so they can break the seal in Jade Country.
  • Watanuki gets involved in the "angel" game. After pulling the pen from the girls, he falls. Domeki saves him again.
  • A woman arrives at Yūko's shop, and Yūko gives her a container she was interested in, in exchange for promising never to open it. However, it slides open after being touched by Himawari, to reveal a Monkey's Paw inside. She uses it to try and help her in her job, only to have her killed by it in the end.
  • Watanuki arrives at an Oden stand run by foxes. Watanuki meets the Fox family and later gives the Young Fox a broken arrow from Domeki.
  • Watanuki, having baked Valentine's Day chocolates for everyone, takes one to school for his love, Himawari, where it is eaten by Dōmeki instead. She sends the leftover puddings to Syaoran and co as a gift for White Day.
  • A Zashiki-warashi (elf) accidentally steals Doumeki's soul, Watanuki has to go after her to get it back. When he catches up with her, she reveals to him he was the person that she wanted to give the chocolate to, and flies off again.
  • Himawari gives chocolates to both Watanuki and Domeki.
  • Watanuki meets some twins, Domeki and him go out on a date with them. The older sister is being put down by the younger one's words, when Yuko shows up and she makes her wish to her.
  • Watanuki reminisces about his childhood, when he was saved by a boy who became a precious friend of his. He dissapeared on his birthday.
  • The Rain's Child (Ame-warashi) seeks Yūko's help to save a friend of hers.
  • Watanuki gets inside the Hydrangea Macrophilia to help a girl cross to the next world. By doing this he saved the flower itself.
  • Yūko receives a Pipe Fox as payment from Ame-warashi. Watanuki sees a girl with wings on her back. When he gets on a argument with her the Pipe Fox saves him.
  • In order to make the Pipe Fox revert to its original form, Yūko sends Watanuki to purify it in a mystical mountain, where he meets the Zashiki-warashi again, having a chance to return her White Day gift.

-Note Watanuki is transported to the mountain by entering a magical vase. This vase was retrieved by Kazahaya and Rikuo of Legal Drug as one of their jobs.

  • While cleaning Watanuki finds the picture of a cat, when it comes to life, Yuko receives her guest and it's Watanuki's turn to cook for them.
  • Using the ghost lantern given by the Cat, Watanuki and Domeki go to the Hyakkiyoku. There they obtain Manna (a drink) for Yuko.
  • Watanuki meets a beautiful woman and starts to see her every day hoping to soothe her loneliness, but somehow he starts to get sick and can't figure out the reason. As Watanuki has more encounters with the mysterious woman, his condition worsens and Doumeki decides to intervene.
  • In a full moon night, Yuko asks Watanuki to run an errand for her. He plays the "phrase connecting game" with Mokona in order to avoid the spirits. Eventually he arrives at the place and gives the old man a "cage with birds that can only be seen under the full moon".
  • While helping Doumeki at his temple, Watanuki is caught in a large spiderweb. Doumeki loses sight in his right eye. Yuko explains to Watanuki that the spider took revenge upon Doumeki's destroying his spiderweb by taking his eyesight. Watanuki then makes a wish to Yuko, to return Doumeki's sight in exchange of his own.

-Note Yuko hinted this could be brought up because of Himawanari's bad luck on people.

  • To Yuko's shop comes a customer that wishes to get rid of a picture that shows her past. She grants her wish and her price is not to be seen again in the world.
  • Doumeki angered by Watanuki's wish still tries unsuccesfully to restore his eyesight by researching in books. Although they found one in Doumeki's grandpa library, it gets eaten by a bookworm.
  • Watanuki meets the Cat Girl who tells him his eye is being fought over in her world.
  • After learning that the Zashiki-Warashi disappeared while looking for his right eye's sight, Watanuki rushes to help her. Upon finding her, he also discovers the creature who possesses his stolen eye- Jorou-Gumo.
  • Watanuki offers himself to save Zashiki-Warashi. When Jorou-Gumo rejects his proposal he threatens her. Then finally he saves her with help of Kudakitsune and Jorou-Gumo eats his eye.
  • After waking in Yuko's bathroom, she gives him Doumeki's half right eye. Watanuki comes to understand that he mustn't endanger himself to protect the ones who love him from suffering.
  • While shopping with Yuko, Watanuki finds the Thunder Beast. Both comment about how much Watanuki changed from his meetings with people. Also, after seeing the fireworks the Thunder Beast showed them, Domeki realizes he now shares his eyesight with Watanuki.
  • Watanuki finds himself in Himawari and Doumeki's dreams, being chased by a monster when Doumeki's grandpa saves him with an arrow.
  • Watanuki and Yūko sell the arrow which Domeki's grandfather shot to the Dream Buyer, a creature who deals in dreams and the items that come from them.
  • Yuko and Watanuki obtain 6 dream ballons from the Dream Buyer. Watanuki gives one to the Fox at the Oden Stand as gratitude for saving him. While Yuko keeps 3 of the balloons, Watanuki sees Domeki's grandfather in one of his dreams revealing that Domeki used to dress like a girl for endurance.
  • Watanuki meets Kohane Tsuyuri, a little girl who is famous medium, and he discovers that they have much in common. He leaves his umbrella with her expecting to meet her again soon. Kohane goes back home and tells her mother she already exorcised the spirit in the cherry tree.
  • Syaoran Li arrives at Yuko's shop. Yuko sends him where the "right eye" is. Syaoran and Watanuki exchange glances at each other.

-Note This marks the beggining of the Tokyo Arc in Tsubasa Chronicle

  • In a spring day, Yuko, Mokona, Domeki and Watanuki meet in Domeki's grandfather's temple to play Mahjong. The lady in the tree crosses to the other side.
  • The Neko-Musume (cat-girl) appears and makes a request of Yuuko, giving her an egg in exchange for Watanuki collecting water for her from a well. Watanuki makes a pinky promise with Himawari.

-Note! The water collected by Watanuki and Doumeki is given to Sakura in the Tokyo Arc.

  • Watanuki meets Haruka (Doumeki's grandfather) in a dream and they talk about Himawari. He also tells him to bring the other dream balloon next day, as he does he meets Kohane next day. He gives her the balloon.
  • Watanuki's pinky continues to hurt and he becomes more suspicious of Himawari. In the following day, he falls off the window just after she touches him. (This is later revealed to be Watanuki subconsciously trying to "erase himself", not an effect of Himawari's bad luck.)
  • Watanuki hears his parents inside the dream of hell. Haruka brings him back.
  • Watanuki learns that Doumeki and Himawari became Yūko's clients in order to save his life and he hears from Himawari that her bad luck affects the people around her, resulting them in dying. But thanks to Yuko they will be able to be together without endangering himself. She received Watanuki's scars as a price, and Doumeki paid with his blood. Syaoran's price is not yet known.

-Note! Sakura's egg retrieved back in Tokyo is given to Watanuki and hatches, since then Himawari can be around Watanuki without putting him in danger. The bird is called Tanpopo. - The egg becomes two, the other egg doesn't have any powers, it won't hatch.

  • Ame-Warashi and Zashiki-warashi come to visit Watanuki. Zashiki-warashi is changed by her relationship with Watanuki.
  • Watanuki finally names the Pipe Fox as Mugetsu. Yuuko gives the other egg to Doumeki to keep.
  • Another customer comes and her wish is that her house will no longer be frightnening to her.
  • The Fox of the Oden stand gives food to Watanuki as gratitude for the dream balloon. He goes with Doumeki to meet him, and gives him mittens.
  • Yuuko notices that her shop's protection is breaking apart. With Maru and Moro sleeping the protection is getting even more fragile. Kohane meets Watanuki again and he gives her mittens too.
  • After meeting again in the park, Kohane's mother appear and takes her away from Watanuki and Doumeki.
  • Watanuki faints for the first time. Yuko advises him to stay in the shop.

- Note! This marks the beggining of the Dream World Arc in xxxHolic, and in Tsubasa as well.

  • Watanuki celebrates his birthday. He falls into the Dream World again, meeting Haruka. He meets Clone Sakura for the first time in this world.
  • Yuko tells Watanuki that Sakura's soul if staying in the dream, won't be able to come back and so she'll die. He realizes they are both in the Dream World.
  • During a medium show, Kohane is criticized for telling the truth.
  • Meeting Sakura in the Dream World again, she tells Watanuki that she had a dream where Syaoran was stabbed by Fye, to prevent this from happening she entered the dream. They share the same birthday.
  • After learning that Kohane is being harassed by the public as many believe her powers are a fraud, Watanuki pays a visit to her. He finds her house has been vandalized, and Kohane is wounded by someone who "pushed" her through the stairs. Watanuki tries to comfort her.
  • Kohane's mother comes home and finds Watanuki and Doumeki. She gets angry, yells them to leave, eventually she attacks Watanuki. Back in the shop healing his eyes, Watanuki wonders if he can grant Yuko's wish.
  • Watanuki meets Sakura again in the Dream World. She tells him about Fye's pain, and how him and Syaoran are so alike. When she mentions their birthdays he realizes he can't remember his parents' names.
  • Watanuki and Domeki get chased by bird-girls but manage to escape.
  • Watanuki and Himawari have a picnic together. When a hand grabs his sherbet, Himawari asks him about sampling his sherbet but doesn't seem to be able to taste it.
  • Once more, Watanuki goes into the Dream World where he meets his old friend who passed away. Inside the dream someone calls him telling him "Don't dissapear".
  • Watanuki meets with Yuko in the Dream World. He asks her if he's inside a dream and when he'll wake up. He can't remember anybody aside from the people he met in the shop. Still in the dream, Yuko tells him about his relationship with Syaoran Li and then Watanuki offers to grant Yuko's wish.
  • After waking up, Watanuki decides to face his reality even if it's a "dream". After meeting with Domeki and Himawari he enters the Dream World again, when he sees Sakura and a hand behind her trying to grab her.
  • Inside the Dream World, Watanuki meets Syaoran Li again, but leaves before the Clone appears and loses his glasses there.
  • Tired of seeing Kohane being harassed by the media and mistreated by her own mother, Watanuki takes her to the shop.
  • Kohane tells Watanuki about her past. After she started seein ghosts, her mother got her into TV shows, and her father left them. The mother's wish of revenge led to their unhappiness.
  • Kohane makes a wish to stop the rumors on TV in order to be happy, and pays her powers as a price. Yuko finds out that the power she had came from one of Sakura's feathers, although not all of it, meaning that the time-space is breaking apart.
  • The shop is begging to fade away, while Maru and Moro seem to be unable to keep the shop standing for much longer.
  • Kohane is brought to live with the Fortune-teller Old Lady, before moving in with Doumeki.
  • Kohane asks Doumeki about his relationship with Watanuki. She pleads to him to take care of him since she lost her powers. Afterwards, Watanuki teaches Kohane to cook.
  • Back at Yuko's shop, a new customer arrives. This customer wants to learn cooking. Watanuki falls into the Dream World once more, and meets Haruka. They argue about Doumeki and his eating- he'd only eat someting he trusts.
  • Watanuki goes to his customer's place to teach her to cook. Watanuki gives Doumeki some of her dish, but he turns it down, and he feels uneasy about it. So, he asks Yuko to taste it, but she knows that there's a difference between both dishes- hers and Watanuki's.
  • Watanuki finds out that the girl doesn't like eating her own food and finds it disgusting.
  • Yuko talks about Watanuki's origins, and Sakura's Star Staff. It was his parents who made Watanuki and Syaoran different from each other, by changing their names. Thus he was able to live without being used for Fei Wong's purposes.
  • Watanuki felt he didn't want to live, since his parents are dead. He tried to "erase himself" when Syaoran fought his clone in Tokyo. Maru and Moro tell Yuko that they'll do their best to protect the shop, additionally Yuko says that Watanuki's name contains the promise that their parents made to him "to absolutely go and find him".
  • At this point, the series reach the same plot as Tsubasa in the Nihon Arc, and this is the time where Syaoran tells Watanuki "don't dissapear".
  • Watanuki questions his student why she wouldn't eat her food. The reason is that she finds herself and everything about her disgusting.
  • The fortune teller calls Yuko, meaning to talk with Watanuki but he's not there at the moment. She wanted to tell him that his parents are still alive- but he can't know about it yet, eventually he will once they both meet again.
  • Yuko meets Haruka in the Dream World, the both talk about the "butterfly's dream" and that everything will come to an end.
  • Watanuki asks his client to come to the shop to teach her. He also asks her to eat what she made, but she wouldn't; so Watanuki wonders if it's because that cooking implies showing yourself- but this leads to the client running away.
  • Without realizing it, Watanuki falls into the Dream World and meets Yuko there. Yuko's words imply that "the dream must end" and she fades away into little butterflies. Watanuki wakes up, shocked just to realize he can't meet Yuko anymore.
  • 2 weeks go by, and still Watanuki hasn't seen Yuko, Mokona or Maru and Moro. He continues to drop by riceballs to his client, who wouldn't receive him.
  • Himawari makes cookies for Watanuki and Doumeki. One month goes by, and Watanuki doesn't give up on dropping by food to his client, who finally gets his food.
  • At this point, the story reaches Tsubasa's last arc: Watanuki falls into the Dream World and meets both Sakuras and Syaorans. Mother Sakura repeats what Sakura Kinomoto said: "Don't worry, it'll be alright", before he returns to the real world. He starts calling out for Yuko.
  • As Watanuki searches for Yuko, the shop starts to dissapear. Watanuki also finds his client, enraged because she actually ate what she made. She realized she was an empty person inside, but still wanted Watanuki to help her.
  • Watanuki is glad about it, and is excited about what Yuko would say. But the client doesn't remember her. He also meets the twins, who don't remember her either, so he runs towards the shop- only to find himself inside the Dream World once more- and meets Yuko.
  • Yuko is at her point of death, and explains Watanuki that she must have died a long time ago, but she didn't because of someone's emotions- and had to remain until the day that had to come.
  • Watanuki has no memory of these "two futures" so he doesn't care about it. Nor does he care about the choice, a choice that he had no say in. He tells Yuko about how much he changed because of her, and he's grateful to her.
  • Once Yuko is gone, Watanuki's wish will finally come true. But Watanuki still wants to grant her wish, to which she replies that her sole wish is for him to keep existing. Then Yûko dies.
  • Back at the shop, Maru and Moro reappear, to tell Watanuki that Yuko's really gone. Mokona reappears as well, and talks to Doumeki, telling him the time to use the egg still has to come. The last people who remind Yuko are Doumeki, Kohane, Himawari and the Fortune teller.

xxxHOLiC Rou (Cage)

  • xxxHOLiC officially ends and xxxHOLiC Rou (Cage) starts with Watanuki becoming the new master of the store, unable to leave it until he meets Yuuko again.
  • Many years pass by, Watanuki is revealed to not be able to age anymore, as Doumeki grows even more and reaches adulthood and Kohane becomes a high school student.
  • Doumeki has still not used the egg.
  • It's revealed that Watanuki's powers didn't cease to exist and that he's got the ability to grant some people's wishes by entering the Dream World.
  • Watanuki is revealed to be constantly denying himself from getting proper retributions for the wishes he grants often getting either too much or too little, thus hurting himself. Haruka and Doumeki warn him against it.
  • The shop is visited by a spirit that owns a Samisen, who is looking for the proper Bachi to play it.
  • Watanuki finds a Bachi at the store's basement that breaks right after the spirit uses it to play the Shamisen.
  • The price paid for this wish was the Shamisen itself, which now becomes one of Watanuki's hobbies.
  • Watanuki has learned to smoke Yuuko's former pipe, and is visited by the pipe cleaner.
  • The pipe cleaner tricks Watanuki into letting the Jorou-gumo into the store.
  • The Jorou-gumo requests a crimson pearl.
  • Watanuki visits the appartment of one of Yuuko's earlier costumers in his dreams and meets a girl who can see and hear him.
  • Himawari phones Watanuki, it's revealed that she is now attending to a faraway college and has decided to visit the store only once a year, during Watanuki's birthday, Before saying their goodbyes both of them ambiguously say "I love you".
  • Watanuki meets once again with the girl at the earlier costumer appartment and learns that she can't age nor die and is being abused by the people she lives with for that reason.
  • The next time the two meet, the girl tells Watanuki that the people she lived with were scared of here and had just commited suicide, leaving her all alone. She understands that while she lives forever she'll be alone, but still wants to look for someone who will love her. The girl's tears become a crimson pearl.
  • Watanuki wakes up to find the Jorou-gumo waiting for him. before he gives him the crimson pearl, the Jorou-gumo states that the girl is a siren and is similar to Watanuki since both are going to outlast all the people they once loved. She asks him to play a song for her in the Shamisen, that is revealed to act on it's own and wander the shop by itself.


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