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Syaoran Li
Clone Syaoran/Syaoran Li from Tsubasa Chronicle
Series: Tsubasa Chronicle
Gender: Male
Age: 14

23 (currently)

Birthday: April 1st
Background/Alliance Information
Other names: Brat, kid, Little Puppy/Doggie
Relatives: Fujitaka (Adoptive father, altered timeline, deceased)

Tsubasa Li (Original Self/son)
Kimihiro Watanuki (son)
Sakura Li (wife)
Clow Reed (distant relative)

Residence: Kingdom of Clow (Altered timeline)
Current Status: Deceased
Powers: Highly skilled martial artist.

Expert archeologist.
Skilled Swordsman.
Excellent use of magic, spells, barriers, and detection.

First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 1 - "The Beginning of the World"
First Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Episode 1 - "Destinies Converge"
Last Appearance(Manga): Chapter 231 - "The Time-Space Void"
Last Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa Shunraiki - Episode 2 - The Latter Part
Voice Actors
Japanese: Miyu Irino
English: Jason Liebrecht
Quote1.png I was afraid to lose you... Just like back then... Quote2.png
-- Clow's future Arc

Syaoran (小狼 "Small Wolf") is the name given to two distinct, yet related fictional characters from CLAMP's crossover manga series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic, and their subsequent Anime adaptations. Both characters serve as main protagonists in the former series and as guest characters in the latter.

The manga version of Syaoran is based on an earlier character of the same name developed by Clamp for Card Captor Sakura franchise.

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Syaoran's facial features comprise of brown face-length hair that is slightly spiked; it is arranged in a very basic manner. He has brown eyes. After eating Fai D. Flowright's left eye, his right eye turns blue. He has fairly regular build for a person his age; Syaoran has a lithesome body, being slightly shorter than Kurogane. In contrast to his brown hair, he has olive-brown skin complexion.


Syaoran knows nothing about his origin or his true purpose and aimlessly wanders the streets where he's eventually found by the archaeologist, Fujitaka. At that time Syaoran had no name, no memories of his past, and no sight in his right eye because of the seal. Fujitaka readily adopts him as a son and names him 'Syaoran'. The two travel to many countries for excavation work which leads Syaoran to meet Princess Sakura of Clow Country. Even though Syaoran is blunt and emotionless from his mysterious past, Sakura takes an immediate interest in him. Her kind heart and open personality draws Syaoran to her and she very quickly becomes the thing Syaoran cherishes most in life. He is the main character and protagonist for the first half of the story. Childhood friend of Princess Sakura. He is known for his kind nature and his calm determination. At the beginning Syaoran does not have any magical power, but is an excellent martial artist and an aspiring archaeologist with extensive knowledge of various languages, histories, and artifacts. Syaoran is excavating ruins in the country of Clow at the begining of the story. When Princess Sakura visits the ruins with him one day her body triggers a chain of mysterious events that lead to a desperate situation. Syaoran is sent to the 'Space-Time Witch' where he finds out that to save Sakura he must pay the price of "their relationship" in order to cross through worlds and collect her memories. Sakura will never remember her feelings, or any of her memories, of Syaoran.

The first half of the series revolves around Syaoran's quest to save Sakura by traveling to alternate worlds to collect Sakura's heart in the form of feathers. Syaoran is affectionately protective of Sakura on their journey, and goes to all lengths to keep her and her feathers safe. Despite the fact that Sakura doesn't remember him the two share an intimate relationship again.

During the journey the seal on his eye breaks and Syaoran loses his heart, becoming emotionless once more. He abandons Sakura and doesn't meet with her again until he accidentally stabs her with his sword. Shortly after "killing" her Syaoran deceives Fei Wong Reed in a sham killing of "Syaoran" Li, before following Sakura in death. But this was later corrected when Yuko appeared at Clow and revealed that they couldn't die, since they're creations.



As a child, Syaoran often feels he is a burden to others because of his inferiority and is constantly concerned about worrying his father or upsetting Sakura when he hurts himself. He's more concerned with the medical bills that his father has to pay instead of the pain he has from an injury. He also tries to unsuccessfully hide his injuries from Sakura, preferring to bear the pain instead of making her sad. Even later in the journey Syaoran hides his true feelings because he doesn’t want to trouble others or make them sad.

Despite this Syaoran is generally known for his very kind but passionate disposition. He’s portrayed as rather shy, innocent, and open, despite his past and his straightforward approach to situations. Because of this it’s a gag-shock to the group when he suggests something that’s ordinarily deemed as morally ‘bad.’ Such as lying or stealing to obtain the feathers. Like Syaoran Li and “Syaoran” Li, his seriousness is often the mark of his personality.

When the seal on his right eye breaks, Syaoran's personality changes from kindhearted and cheerful to cold and indifferent. He only cares about collecting feathers and will do whatever it takes to get them, including injuring those who care for him. Kakyō and Seishirō both comment that he ignores pain of the body and the heart in order to achieve his goal, making him impossibly strong but horribly ruthless. He is thereafter depicted as an emotionless figure covered in blood while he stands in the devastating aftermath of the worlds he effortlessly destroys for feathers.

After Sakura's death Syaoran regains a heart and his affection for her. Though no longer able to feel any body pain, he acts as a shadow of his former heart in his actions and words. After severely injuring his body by sacrificing himself to protect "Syaoran" Li, he apologizes to everyone and thanks them before his body shatters and disappears.

At the beginning of the series, Syaoran has no magical powers but he later gains the power to use magic by eating Fay D. Fluorite's left eye. Syaoran combines the power of his fighting skills with Hien and Fay's magic to destroy worlds in his pursuit of feathers. As with Fay, each time he uses the magic his power increases. When Syaoran returns the magic to his companion, Fay comments that he took good care of it, even under the circumstances that it was being used.

Relationship with Sakura

After Sakura's heart is transformed into feathers and scattered by Fei Wong Reed, Syaoran is sent to Yūko Ichihara. Here Syaoran is told that if Sakura remains without her feathers she will die. But in order to gather her feathers he has to pay a price to in the form of the thing he cherishes the most in life--his "relationship" with Sakura. He’s told that even if Sakura regains all her feathers she will never remember him or any of the memories they shared together in Clow Country. Syaoran tells himself that Sakura is his number one most important person and that even if Sakura never remembers him she will always be most important to him. He'll do whatever it takes to protect her even if it means sacrificing his relationship with her.

Syaoran’s relationship with Sakura has had a major impact on his life. Throughout the first half of the series there’s flashbacks of important turning points in his life that revolve around his relationship with her, such as Sakura giving him her birthday so they can share it (April 1st), smiling for the first time, and learning to say thank you instead of sorry when someone worries about him. Her smile has a powerful impact on him and Syaoran has told his father that when he sees Sakura smile his chest is filled with warmth.

It's obvious in the first chapter that Syaoran and Sakura are both in love with each other romantically and though Sakura is on the verge of confessing, Syaoran seems embarrassed at her wish to be called "Sakura" instead of "Princess" and he tells himself it's wrong to be in love with a Princess. He even turns down Sakura's offer to live in the castle with her after Fujitaka dies, because he said only people with royal blood should live there.

The Revelation

Syaoran Li in the Tokyo Arc scene with Clone Syaoran

Syaoran is actually a clone of "Syaoran" Li, that was created by Fei Wong Reed in order to collect Princess Sakura’s feathers.

He is only a body clone, however, and was created purposefully without a heart so that he could gather feathers without any emotional restrictions. In order to give his clone a chance to create his own heart, "Syaoran" Li seals his own left eye along with a piece of his own heart into his clone's right eye. The heart enables his clone to feel emotion for himself but with no guarantee these emotions will remain when the seal breaks, while the eye allows "Syaoran" to watch his clone's journey.

Before being separated, "Syaoran" gives an ultimatum to his clone, telling him that if he doesn't create his own heart by the time the seal breaks then he will kill him.

Although Fei Wong didn't want his clone to have a heart he's satisfied that the clone will collect feathers either way.

It’s revealed that the reason Syaoran is blind in the right eye is because "Syaoran" sealed his own left eye along with a piece of his own heart into Syaoran's right eye. The exact impact this heart had on Syaoran isn’t entirely clear yet but when the seal on his right eye breaks, Syaoran's personality changes from kindhearted and cheerful to cold and indifferent. He only cares about collecting feathers and will do whatever it takes to get them, including injuring those who care for him.

Although “Syaoran” tells him “the reason you consider that Sakura most precious to you doesn’t come from my heart, it comes from you!”, Syaoran loses that part of himself completely in exchange for his desire to collect feathers. Kakyō and Seishirō both comment that he ignores “pain of the body and the heart” in order to achieve his goal. This, along with the magical eye he steals from Fai D. Flowright, makes Syaoran impossibly strong but horribly ruthless. After he ignores Sakura’s heartbreaking pleas of not leaving, Syaoran is depicted as an emotionless figure covered in blood while he stands in the devastating aftermath of the worlds he effortlessly destroys for feathers.

While searching for feathers in the Dream World, Syaoran impales Sakura with his sword but his body refuses to kill her completely because of his body memories. He aims to kill “Syaoran” for the feathers instead but Sakura throws herself directly in the line of both their swords, resulting in Syaoran inadvertently stabbing her through the heart. Sakura begins to say "I love y-" but disappears before being able to. For the first time since the seal on his right eye was broken, Syaoran shows emotion by clutching onto one of the cherry blossom petals Sakura has become and screaming in agony.


The Clone, seemingly on the orders of Fei Wong, returns to Clow Country, encountering the group, however it is unknown whether he will aid or attack the group. In the ensuing battle, the Clone counters all of Syaoran's attempted attacks. Syaoran asks whether what Sakura said to him had any effect, but the Clone does not answer. Fai and Kurogane observe that the Clone must have used his magic more since their encounter in Nihon, since his power seemingly surpasses Syaoran's.

The Clone apparently gravely injures Syaoran (the frame is obscured, making it difficult to determine whether the Clone stabbed himself, or the Original), before blasting Fai, Kurogane, and all of Fei Wong's men. Fei Wong also detects that Fai no longer has magic. The Clone whispers something in the original Syaoran's ear before dragging Syaoran's body with him toward Fei Wong. Syaoran is revealed to have been faking being dead to be close enough to Fei Wong to stab him using Hien. As Fei Wong attempts to retaliate, the Clone intercepts and is impaled himself by Fei Wong's blade. The Clone then casts magic that begins to make the entire cave collapse. Syaoran asks why he had done what he had, and the Clone simply replies "I wanted to hear the rest" (regarding what Sakura failed to tell him before she died). He removes Fai's eye, asks "Syaoran" to return Sakura's feathers to her, as well as apologizes to everyone (including an absent Sakura) before his body shatters and disappears in Syaoran's arms - effectively dying the same person that he started out as, and not as a soulless copy.


See also: Time Loop

Syaoran Li after his rebirth

In chapter 219, it's revealed that Syaoran hadn't died, but instead his body was taken by Yūko Ichihara into the Dream World. He's a creation, and he can only disappear.

Yuko tells him that she also took Sakura's soul (and the original's body) there. She asks Syaoran to make a choice on whether they must be revived. When Syaoran asks the price, Yuko replies that a price for Syaoran is not necessary, since this was a price paid by Clow Reed's remaining magic. Yuko remarks that the rebirth will not be the same as a simple reincarnation, and that he and Sakura will retain their memories. Syaoran and Sakura confess their love as they are reborn. Syaoran is reincarnated into the Li line in another world (not the CCS pair, they are different selves), and meets up with Sakura in Hong Kong after waiting 14 years. As time goes by, they would marry and in a bizzare twist (temporal paradox), would become parents to Tsubasa Li.

After another 7 years, Syaoran is ready to send his son to Clow Country once he had heard from his wife that she'd seen the future that's awaiting him. Sakura comments on how Tsubasa being his son should not be possible, and even if he grows up and meets Princess Tsubasa so they will be created again, the world wil be repeating itself again in an endless loop. She remembers a moment that could allow them to change the future, and with the help of Sakura Kinomoto's Star Staff, they are ready to move on.

Syaoran now grants his son the Li sword and his own name, "Syaoran", and send him off to Clow Country. Syaoran and Sakura seal themselves in the "tube" that was left to him, which originally belonged to Clow Reed, and by Toya and Yukito's help, they are sent to Yuko Ichihara so they will be froze in time until they can meet their other selves again, and avoid them to be erased.

Kimihiro Watanuki was created by Tsubasa's choice to reverse time to save Princess Tsubasa. Fei Wong Reed remarks that Watanuki's creation will bring suffering to his parents. This revelation was thought to mean both Sakura and Syaoran are dead, but this was corrected later on after Yuko implied they were both still alive. This was confirmed by the fortune teller in xxxHolic ch. 170, when she said that she had made a mistake and that Sakura and Syaoran had merely 'gone to another world' rather than 'passed into the afterlife' like she said. She was about to tell Watanuki this but Yuko answered her call instead.

The Last Showdown: Clow Country's Future

Yuko is drawn back to death (which was triggered by Syaoran's taking Sakura's hand) and releases Syaoran and Sakura Li from the "tube" they were earlier on, and meet Watanuki here as well. Note that the tube is a whole world on itself, which is why they could not be recognized all this time.

The pair uses their powers to "cleanse" the memories out of the world, and Fei Wong strikes back. Once it's known that Yuko's dead and the truth about the clones, Fei Wong continues to pursue his last wish in order to exceed Clow Reed's reputation. So he uses the clones again and traps them into the "tube" until he finds a way to revive Yuko, but both Tsubasas get a hold of them and are trapped too.

While Kurogane and Fai attempt to break the tube, Fei Wong remarks that this is not possible without their consent. Both Sakuras choose to use their power to break free from the tube. Fei Wong tries telling them that doing so would only cause the time-space to collapse once and for all. Nevertheless, the Sakuras continue and finally they all break out of the tube.

This came as a surprise to Fei Wong, which was something that Kurogane took advantage of, and gave him the last blow.

Before dying, Fei Wong reveals that he's the same as Syaoran and that they all must pay for their sins. Thus, both Syaorans are dragged into a void, along with Watanuki, since he's too a "Syaoran".

Syaoran Li desintegrates (his creator is dead, and so must his creations) and by doing so, he creates a fissure in the tube, allowing "Syaoran" and Watanuki to escape. Sakura Li desintegrates too, but they both leave a feather behind- which is later absorbed by their originals.

The feather is absorbed by Tsubasa, who vows to find a way to bring his father's soul back into a living body.


The clones' feather is later revealed to be the clone's memories- or souls. "Syaoran" is not happy about this, so he intends to keep traveling until he finds a way to bring them back (give them a new body).

Nirai Kanai

Syaoran is summoned by "Syaoran" inside the utaki, as he is the one "Syaoran" desires to meet most of all. The utaki states that "Syaoran" must defeat Syaoran - in other words, he must be destroyed in order to use his seji as yuta. Syaoran is fatally wounded by "Syaoran" after "Syaoran" realises that Syaoran is from the time they were trapped in Fei Wang Reed's curse.

After "Sakura" and Himegami summon water into the utaki in order to rescue "Syaoran", Syaoran disappears. "Syaoran" later vows to continue searching for Syaoran.

Parallelism with Tsubasa Li

Syaoran and "Syaoran" Li only share a body but because "Syaoran" Li rewound time Syaoran and his original have a parallel (almost identical) childhood with small nuances:

  • Syaoran traveled with his father to Clow Country and met 6 year old Sakura, while "Syaoran" Li traveled to Clow Country and met 6 year old Sakura because his father told him that his mother had a dream about him.
  • Sakura gives Syaoran April 1st as a birthday so they can share it together, while "Syaoran" Li's birthday naturally is April 1st.
  • Syaoran travels to many countries to discover new things as a hobby, while "Syaoran" Li traveled to many countries in order to find a way to cure Sakura's curse.
  • Syaoran has a picture of him and his adoptive father on his desk, while "Syaoran" Li has a picture of him with his mother and father on his desk.

Along with certain aspects of their life, their interaction with Sakura is paralleled. Syaoran and "Syaoran" Li also live in the same house in their respective Clow Country time-lines, and wear identical outfits.