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Ashura's Castle in Shura Country

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Shura Country (修羅ノ国, Shura no Kuni) is one of the worlds visited in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

Name definition/Etymology: The kanji used for the name of this world means "fighting" or "carnage". The same kanji for the name of this country also appears in Ashura's name. This world is drawn upon the world of RG Veda, (another series of CLAMP)


After the sky of Shara splits, a beam of light stretches from each statue to the sky. Syaoran and Sakura see Mokona flying overhead. Mokona says there is no feather in this world, but there is one there. It transports Syaoran, Sakura, Fai, and Kurogane to Shura, Shara's past. Syaoran and Sakura wake up to see Ashura on a horse, looming above them. They have landed in the middle of a battlefield, where the Ashura Clan fights against the Yasha Clan.

Fai and Kurogane fall in Yasha's kingdom, the country of Yama, half a year before Sakura, Syaoran and Mokona.

Since Mokona wasn't there, they couldn't understand each other. Because Kurogane's language is similar to the one spoken by the Yasha clan, he spoke to them while Fai pretends to be shy. They both end up in Yasha Clan's army, becoming their best generals when Syaoran arrives at the Castle of the Moon, when they are welcomed by the Ashura Clan.

The Castle of Moon.

It was said that anyone who conquered the Moon Castle will be granted any wish. This was the reason why Ashura's and Yasha's clans have been fighting for such a long time each night until the moon reaches its zenith. Ashura's clan comes from Shura Country, while Yasha's Clan comes from another, unknown to Ashura's Clan. Sakura's feather seems to be in the Moon Castle, which is why Syaoran decides to go along with King Ashura to chase his wish. There he'll have to fight against Kurogane and Fai who don't seem to be the ones he knows.

At last, King Ashura defeated King Yasha, his mortal enemy as well as his loved one, who was actually already dead because of an illness. The one before Ashura was nothing else than his spirit who, thanks to Sakura's feather, was still fighting. Once the Moon Castle is conquered, Ashura makes his wish: to resurrect Yasha, but this is an impossible wish for the castle. Thus, thanks to Syaoran and Sakura's words about Shara's deities, he makes a last wish to Yuko: to turn him and Yasha into gods for the generations to come, and thus being able to remember that there are unreachable things even for the gods. This wish will be paid when everyone goes back to Shara with both kings' swords. Afterward, he dies in the Moon Castle and everyone goes back to what is actually Shura's future, Shara Country, even though some last words of Syaoran will mark a change in history, to bury both bodies of the dead kings together. Kurogane and Fai reveal that they were pretending to be ones from another world so Syaoran would fight Kurogane without any hesitation just to improve his sword skills.

The group then parts to their next destination which is Piffle World.


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