Horitsuba Private High School 2: Excited for the Horitsuba festival!

Horitsuba cd2

Release date: 20/09/2006
In the magazines: Weekly Shounen Magazine #41, Weekly Young Magazine #42
Price: 900yen
The drama features a unique track called like itself: 01 - Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen 2 ~Horitsuba Sai Junbichuu ni Doki Doki!~ (Horitsuba Private High School 2: Excited for the Horitsuba festival!)

After a brief presentation by the Mokonas about the Horitsuba Gakuen, we hear Syaoran, Sakura, Watanuki and Doumeki talking about the hot and humid summer in Japan, and about the activities the institute will hold for the summer festival: Sakura and Watanuki will bring a formalized proposal to professor Kurogane with the activity held on their two classes :B and C, during the festival.

This activity turns out to be a maid cafe, although Yuko, the director (entering through the window) proposing to "innovate the concept", like for example, making the boys to go as maids too, which traumatizes Watanuki (who imagined Doumeki dressed as a maid) and Kurogane who also has to deal with professor Fye who wants to get dressed too.

Coming back from the meeting about the activity's proposal, Sakura and Watanuki believe they saw Syaoran down the hallway, so Watanuki tells her to run and catch up with him and that he'll go to class to get both their backpacts and then will give them back in the exit. Sakura follows Syaoran, but when she turns the last corner, he has disapeared. At last Sakura reaches the door and finds him there with Watanuki, and they all go home.

Next day everyone is working with the preparations of the Cafe. Watanuki argues with Doumeki about his boring black sign, and sends him with Sakura to get brighter colors. Syaoran wants to join them, but has to stay while Himawari is fitting him. Nevertheless, while they get the paint cans, they think they saw Syaoran again in the hallway, but coming back to class, he hasn't moved from there at all.

Before Sakura and Syaoran get to talk about it, Fye calls him to the teacher room. Sakura gets upset about what's happening and when everyone asks what might happen, Yuko the director appears and tells them it might be a doppelgänger, a person's double, identical to him, saying that if this one and its original meet each other, that person dies. This alarms everybody, and in a state of panic Watanuki, Doumeki, Sakura, Soel and Larg run towards the teachers' room.

They reach him, tell Syaoran to run, he's about to die, but they both meet and nothing happens. They are all paralized, when Syaoran tells them it's only his twin brother who's moving in the Institute too.

Thus the misunderstanding resolves and they all decide to make a welcome party to Syaoran's brother.