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Shara Country (紗羅ノ国, Shara no Kuni) is a country visited in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle that worships the gods: Yasha and Ashura. The statue for Yasha is enshrined at the Jinja, a temple within the main city that protects the people of Shara from calamity. The statue of Ashura is kept by the Suzuran Troupe, a group of women who travel throughout the country performing acrobatics and magical tricks; a circus of some sort.

Name definition/Etymology: The kanji used for the name of this world means "silk" and "clothing".


Suzuran troupe

Yuuka district where the Suzuran Troupe arrive in Shara

The group is divided when they arrive at this world. Syaoran, Sakura, and Mokona arrive in the Yuuka district while Kurogane and Fai arrive near the Souseki temple. Syaoran, Sakura, and Mokona are welcomed by the Suzuran troupe, a women-only troupe. They put on circus performances and since they do not admit men, Syaoran must dress up as a girl. The troupe worships the god Ashura. Fai and Kurogane stay in the Souseki temple, an all-men temple, who worship the god Yasha.

Once every year, when the Suzuran troupe comes back to the Yuuka district, both statues react by opening the wound in Yasha's statue, tearing blood, which also causes natural disasters. This is why both groups are in a constant conflict but their two leaders, Souseki and Suzuran, keep a secret love, awaiting the day that peace will come between those who adore both deities.
Souseki temple

Souseki temple in Shara

Nevertheless, the travelers' arrival in Shura (Shara's past) and the changes originated that modified history, cause this to change in Shara. Syaoran's words to Kumara to keep Ashura and Yasha together at their burial has the effect that, when the group goes back to Shara, both statues have been together since their creation, so the people in the temple and the Suzuran troupe live now in harmony. Now Souseki and Suzuran get married.

  • Note: In the manga, when the group first arrives in Shara, Sakura and Syaoran are welcomed by the Suzuran troupe. As a welcome, they celebrate by drinking wine. Sakura doesn't seem to remember this next day. Also, Kurogane and Fai get the same welcoming, there are bottles scattered all over the place. Kurogane reminds Fai of his hangover in Outo.

They all comment about the good wine there is in Shara.


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