Primera in Tsubasa Chronicles.

Primera (プリメーラ) ° (Purimera) is a crossover character from CLAMP's Magic Knight Rayearth II. In Magic Knight Rayearth II, Primera is a fairy who has acted as Lantis's guardian ever since he saved her from a monster attack. She is very jealous and possessive of Lantis and thus harbors a deep dislike for Hikaru. From the start, Mokona likes to tease Primera, causing her to greatly dislike Mokona. When Hikaru and Lantis start to become friendly with each other, she pops up to stop them out of jealousy, but Mokona either chases her away or eats her and later spits her out. She can use low-level healing magic when necessary.


Primera makes an appearance in Tsubasa in the Hanshin Republic and is later mentioned in the country of Piffle, by Asagi Shougo. Rather than being tiny, she is the size of a normal human. In the Hanshin Republic, she is in love with Shougo, but he does not (openly) return her love. She is, like Shougo, idolized by many, and on holding Masayoshi hostage, she practically had her own fanclub with all of the males there, fawning over her. She acts typically like a child, being stubborn and crying when scolded by Shougo. Her kudan is sort of like a microphone, and transforms her words into physical blocks of text that fly at the opponent. It transforms from a floating microphone to a microphone stand model. Other than speaking normally to shoot words at people, she uses tongue twisters to launch long strings of words at them.

Primera appearing in the manga (sitting on a railing).

Primera wanted to spend time with Shougo, so she kidnaps the person who he said he liked (Syaoran), but mistakenly kidnaps Masayoshi. When the travelers encounter her to get Masayoshi back, Fai ends up fighting her. Fai dodges all of Primera's attacks, and manages to get in close to ask her to stop. The fighting stops when Shougo comes. He gets annoyed by her antics, and says that she tried to kidnap Syaoran to get him to spend more time with her. He says that it was stupid, and that he is busy with chores and schoolwork. After Syaoran and Shougo battle, and Masayoshi's kudan utilises the feather, the place is trashed and everything crumbles down. She is saved by Shougo's kudan.

She later appears again in the Principality of Darōga as an idol who got tired of her work including having to sign autographs until her hand got swollen. She did not want to live that life anymore, so she ran away with her manager Shougo, who is also her lover.

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