Omake (御負け) is a Japanese word refering to extras in DVDs or toys included when buying a product.

When it comes to manga, it refers to the 4-Koma, character profiles, author comments, or special chapters at the end of a Tankōbon or some inserted among chapters when these are published. The omakes are small stories, 5 or 6 pages, that might be included in Character Guides, Artbooks, etc.

  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle currently has 8 omakes called "The Untold Worlds". Here's a list of them:

Katarare nakatta Sekai 1

TRC omake01-001
~Omake 1, The Untold Worlds~

Published in: Volume 08

Mokona takes the group to a new world. They are all hungry, and there's a sushi shop next to them. Mokona says she's eaten sushi before with Yuko, and that she will invite them to dinner. They order tokujou sushi but Fai and Syaoran refuse to eat. Sakura and Kurogane try it out. After having tasted the dish, they all ask for more. The bill comes, but they don't have any money from the new country. Right then Mokona hurries to get them out, and they all escape.

Katarare nakatta Sekai 2

TRC omake02-001
~Omake 2, The Untold Worlds~

Published in: Caractere Guide 1

Sakura wonders what the group should do if they are ever separated from Mokona since they won't be able to communicate with each other. Fai suggests that they should use a wink, though Syaoran and Sakura don't know what it is. Suddenly they are attacked and held hostage. Syaoran winks at Sakura, not knowing what to do, he's just squinting and scrunching his eyes, confusing Sakura as she thinks he's in pain.

The others, having escaped, watch the scene from afar. Kurogane asks what Syaoran doing is while Mokona says they want to rescue them. Fai says he'll leave it for later because he's having such a good time watching.

Katarare nakatta Sekai 3

TRC omake03-001
~Omake 3, The Untold Worlds~

Published in: Volume 10

The groups goes back to their room, but only to find it in a mess. Mokona is willing to find the culprit for Yuko's sake.

So, she describes how the culprit went into the frigde, grabbed some marmalade and sat on the couch to watch TV, probably Kurogane's "Yuri DVDs". (The DVD cover shows Miyuki-chan in Wonderland). Later on, he must have fallen asleep and unknown to him, the marmalade fell to his feet, next climbed to the wall and escaped into the airduct. It was indeed Mokona.

It shows what the attitude of each person is when it comes to mysteries.

Katarare nakatta Sekai 4

TRC omake04-001
~Omake 4, The Untold Worlds~

Published in: Volume 12

Kurogane is reading one of his magazines, the "maganyan". Fai teases him saying that he's got a crush on those ninjas ever since they left Hanshin. Sakura wonders how he's still reading it no matter where they go. In Jade, there was one copy in the doctor's waiting room. Syaoran read it for him because he couldn't understand the language.

Kurogane reproaches Syaoran for not putting emotion as he read it, while Mokona says he should have asked her instead, because she has the power of "extreme performance".

The Piffle magazine has voices incorporated into it. The Jade one had horizontal writing, in Outo it was smaller, in Yama it was a parchment, and in Shara it was like an old book. Fai wonders if there was one in the jungle country, or the Lake country, though Kurogane says that's impossible, or so he thought.

The people of the Lake country run to get their maganyan issues.

Katarare nakatta Sekai 5

TRC omake05-001
~Omake 5, The Untold Worlds~

Published in: Volume 13

While in Lecourt, Fai and Sakura go separate ways from Kurogane and Syaoran. Mokona stays behind, informing Yuko of their situation. Yuko tells her she should find a place to sleep, and ask about their sleeping habits.

Sakura has trouble sleeping, rolling all over and constantly moving. Fai always sleep facedown, Kurogane in turn, doesn't move at all, to which Yuko replies that it would be weird for him to have trouble sleeping being a ninja.

Syaoran seems to sleep soundly... but... Mokona says he is in pain, so she decides to sleep between Kurogane and Syaoran so they will both feel better. They will all share a room today.

Katarare nakatta Sekai 6

TRC omake06-001
~Omake 6, The Untold Worlds~

Published in: Volume 15

The heroes rest at the top of the mountain in a little house. It's raining outside, and Mokona suggests they should tell some ghost stories. Everyone goes quiet when Mokona starts, saying she's afraid of bread rolls.

Syaoran tells his story. "Once he was at some ruins with his father, there were statues all over the place and he touched one of them... And it broke into pieces! The thought of a piece of art being broken, scared him to death."

It's Kurogane's turn and he remembers how Tomoyo and Amaterasu used to play in the ghost telling stories too. He asks Fai about his story, he says "do you really want to hear it?" To which he replies "I'll pass".

Sakura says she doesn't have one since everytime she got lost, someone would come to her.

Katarare nakatta Sekai 7

TRC omake07-001
~Omake 7, The Untold Worlds~

Published in: Caractere Guide 2

The group arrive to a new place. They are in the midst of a prairie, running around. Mokona says it somehow resembles Hokkaidou, Furano perhaps. In here, there's a milk stall.

Much to their surprise, Kurogane doesn't know what milk is. They all try some, Fai suggesting that they should mix it with sake.

Kurogane in turn, can't tolerate milk and throws up. Mokona notices, and he runs to shut her, because if Fai finds out about it, no one would know what would happen. But unfortunately, Fai overhears this, asking for 20 more bottles of milk.

Katarare nakatta Sekai 8

TRC omake08-001
~Omake 8, The Untold Worlds~

Published in: Album de Reproductions

Mokona reminds the guys that they have to return Yuko's White Day gift. (Only Sakura has returned it).

Being fearful of Yuko's rage, they run out to find a gift to pay her back. It's late night, and they return.

Syaoran comes back with a butterfly fossil, encased in amber. It looks like he went through a lot to get it, and Mokona approves.

Kurogane comes back with a spirit. No, not a good choice for the witch. Mokona disaproves!

Fai comes back with glasses, for all of them! At first, Mokona approved of it... but he mentions the "old lady" part.

He just signed his death sentence.

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