Horitsuba Private school ~ special: Get ready to meet the exchange students!


Release date: September 24th, 2011
Special: Given to the attendants to the Clamp Festival 2011

This omake introduces us to the exchange student, Anzu Nekota, who wants to "start over" in Horitsuba. A soccer ball comes in her way and she gives a fierce kick to it, the ball landing in Syaoran's feet. The ball is ripped off from the kick and Syaoran picks it up. He comments to his brother that it's too bad that the female soccer team doesn't have enough members. Then Syaoron tells him she's an exchange student. Anzu seems surprised by this, since Syaoron knows everyone in the school. Syaoran tells her she could join a sport, but she replies it was just coincidence, and storms off. Yuko comes in and comments to the brothers that someone interesting just came. Fai joins them. Anzu keeps telling herself she "just wants to become a cute girl", while she meets Sakura and her little cousin, who ask her if she needs help. Then they offer to take her to the staff room, but before they do Tomoyo comes in, recording Sakura-chan with her camera. Sakura tells her cousin she'll just go, while Chise and Chiho come greet Sakura-chan and Tomoyo.

Sakura asks Anzu about her and she learns that they will be in the same year. As they are walking Chii trips in front of them but a guy catches her before she falls. While introducing herself to Sakura, Anzu recognizes the guy who saved Chii and he recognizes her. Then Watanuki introduces himself to her, with the two Mokonas on his shoulders. She seems more surprised than before, not knowing "what" the Mokonas are and why they can talk. Sakura interrupts, asking how they knew each other. Turns out that they were classmates since kindergarten, Anzu and Goushi, now trying to evade each other since he wants to become popular and she wants to be a cute girl. They glance at each other and decide to go with it, Goushi asking to show her around. They run off, while Kurogane appears holding Anzu's bag. Goushi and Anzu continue running each wondering what's so good about the other; both thinking "nothing!" Yuko and Fai stare from a tree, with their students looking up to them. Among them are: Kobato, Doumeki, Kamui, Kazahaya and Rikuo.