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Nihon Country

Nihon Country, or Japan (日本国) in Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, is the home country of Kurogane, Princess Tomoyo, and Empress Amaterasu (アマテラス). It resembles feudal-era Japan, both in architecture and in class structure.

Amaterasu rules over the court/land and is protected by ninja guards, which includes Sōma and Kurogane.

"Japan" is filled with samurais, ninjas, and many warriors. It is a nation torn by nothing but wars.

The Beginning

Shirasaki Castle (白崎城) was under attack by ninjas and Kurogane had defeated them. Kurogane, who is Princess Tomoyo's personal guard, defeated all her enemies, in his wish to become the strongest in the world. Princess Tomoyo becomes very unhappy by all this, so she sent him to Yūko for a journey to understand the true meaning of strength. She casted a curse on him so that he would become weaker each time he kills without reason. It's later revealed that this "curse" seal also had a protective feature.

Events shown in the Book of Memories: Suwa Province and Kurogane's Past

Kurogane's home in Suwa Province

In the Book of Memories, Kurogane is seen with his parents happily playing around. His mother was a Shinto priestess in charge of protecting Suwa, casting a barrier for its protection. His father was the lord of the province and a ninja warrior, whose job was to protect Suwa and its people from demons.

As years passed by, Kurogane became a teenager and his mother's health becomes fragile. His mother had tuberculosis and would often cough up blood. His father was also always away most of the time to fight against the demons. One day, Kurogane came home to find his father seriously injured and his katana is broken. Seeing that he needed more power, Kurogane's father decided to take the katana Ginryu from the family heirloom, to fight the demons. With the blessing of Kurogane's mother, his father left to fight, leaving Kurogane to protect his mother at home and told him that he should always use his strength to protect the ones he loves.

Later, Kurogane entered the Inoriba (Place of Prayer) after hearing his mother screaming, only to find that she had been stabbed with a large katana shaped like a bat (later revealed to be Fei Wong Reed's) and died. Afterward the barrier of his mother faded, with all the demons coming Kurogane found one that carried the remains of his father, and his sword Ginryu fell off its mouth and the arm broke into pieces as it was made of stone. Kurogane broke in madness, taking his father's sword and defeated the demons.

Amaterasu and her sister, Tomoyo under the title "Tsukuyomi" arrive later. Amaterasu's soldiers attempted to calm the frightened Kurogane but he defeated them all. Amaterasu decided to personally fight the young boy, but Tomoyo intervened, stopping him with her magic. She asked him to "let his mother rest," and after he fell to the ground crying, had him taken to the Shirasagi Castle. When Kurogane woke up, he found Tomoyo by his bedside and then, asked her to bury Ginryu with his mother. She tells him she'll forge another katana with the same name so he can fulfill his father's wishes to protect his loved ones.

Nihon (Revisited)

Previous World: Celes Revisited
Next World: Dream World/ Clow's halted time

Nihon revisited after the escape from Celes

The group returns to Nihon after their escape from Celes. Kurogane wakes up, wondering where he is. Princess Tomoyo then appears and tells him where he is, also telling him the others are safe.

She also tells him that she was the voice she heard back in Celes, suggesting him he should exchange something with the same value as Fai's magic if he wanted to take Fai with him. She explained that he suffered an injury that led him close to death, so being close to death he dreamt. And that's when she crossed the barrier of dreams and met with him.

She continued to explain to Kurogane that Fai's curse uses the performer as a core, leaving him unable to escape, though to help everyone escape Fai used up his remaining strength. So his arm that was put a spell on, could be exchanged for his body.

Tomoyo asks him if he finally understood the meaning of true strength, to which he answers: "Who knows?", though Kurogane remarks that his strength had decreased since he had killed someone. He wonders if Tomoyo had already known this from a dream, which is why she had said it's a curse.

Regardless, Kurogane says he doesn't regret having to give up his arm for him. He had always wanted strength to protect those he loved, but having strength can bring consequences and also isn't enough sometimes to protect those people. Tomoyo gazes at him, saying he finally understood the meaning of strength.

Fai enters the room, while Tomoyo apologizes for keeping him waiting. Then he beats Kurogane, saying it's payback. It seems he's regained the trust he used to have with him, for now, he calls him "Kuro-sama" again. The scene cuts back to Syaoran and Watanuki meeting inside Dream World.

After leaving the Dream World, Syaoran wakes up and White Mokona tells him she (?) had a dream with Black Mokona as well. Then the scene cuts back to Yuko and Black Mokona in the shop, discussing how it was possible for Nihon to be the next destination, four prices from four different people were paid. One of them was Fai's ability to use magic, another was Tomoyo's dreamsight. She remarks on how "they can't wait for the nightmare to become real without doing anything". The "dream" is reaching its end and now Fei Wang only needs one companion for the princess, it didn't matter who, that's why he had let two people escape. Yuko had tried using Mokona's tool to help their escape but didn't work. Mokona asks her if Tomoyo knew that would happen from her dream, but she says no. Then she continues to explain that the future Fei Wang saw is not proceeding accordingly. She doesn't yet know if he can win.

With Tomoyo leading the way, the group walks out to meet Sakura's body lying on a cherry tree. Tomoyo explains that it's a sacred tree, and it will pour some vitality into her soulless body. Empress Amaterasu and Souma enter the room, with Amaterasu saying that she welcomes Kurogane and the guests he brought as well. As she tells them another guest has come, Fuuma appears to them saying he delivered something. It's a mechanical arm for Kurogane, made in Piffle. Kurogane glances at Tomoyo.

He continues to explain that in order to travel worlds, his price to Yuko was to be her mailman, delivering things wherever she wanted. Kurogane protests saying he will not pay the witch for it. Fai replies that it was his price to pay, and it's the blue of his eyes, the source of his magic. He remarks that he won't die without it since the vampire blood will keep him alive. He also tells them he wouldn't handle over his life for something, not anymore. Kurogane wears the arm, while Seishirou pops up.


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