Queen Nadeshiko of Clow
Series: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Cardcaptor Sakura
Gender: Female

Background/Alliance Information
Relatives: Fujitaka (husband)

Tôya (son) Princess Tsubasa (daughter)

Residence: Clow Country
Current Status: Living
Powers: Priestess

First Appearance(Anime): None
Last Appearance(Manga): Ch. 233, "Epilogue: A World to Return to"
Last Appearance(Anime): None
Voice Actors
Japanese: N/A
English: N/A

Queen Nadeshiko of Clow is a crossover version of Nadeshiko Kinomoto from CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura.

In Cardcaptor Sakura, Nadeshiko is Sakura and Touya's mother, and is married to Fujitaka Kinomoto. She died before the main plot, though the reason of her death remains a mystery (her death is just explained as an "illness", never stating one). She still appears in these series though, in the form of a ghost- only visible to Toya and not Sakura because she's unable to see ghosts. However, Sakura continues to feel her presence protecting her.

In Tsubasa ~RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Nadeshiko is the Queen of Clow Country in the original timeline. "Syaoran" explains in a flashback how he met Sakura's parents.

Original Timeline

Nadeshiko is, as she was in Cardcaptor Sakura, Fujitaka's wife and mother to Sakura and Toya. Being a dreamseer, she had predicted "Syaoran"'s coming to Clow and prepared for his arrival. She seems to be aware of the future awaiting them both, stating that "they will change each other's destiny". She, besides "Syaoran" is the only one who can see Sakura's death seal, not even Sakura herself can. She is also the High Priest of Clow, and posseses great magic and knowledge. Sakura says herself that her mother had told her "the world to those who know its existence isn't only one."

Volume 26 tsubasa chronicle cover

Nadeshiko shown in the "Deluxe Edition" cover of Volume 26

Additionally, "Syaoran" is puzzled about the similarities between Sakura, who looks like his mother, and Nadeshiko, who looks like his grandmother. This would be a hint that Nadeshiko and Fujitaka are the same with the ones in Japan, with the same soul, only on different dimensions, like Yuko said.

It should be noted that Sakura was undergoing a cleanse purification ritual at Clow's Ruins so that she would be eligible to become a priest and succeed her mother in her position.

Before Sakura's seventh birthday, Nadeshiko reveals to "Syaoran" that she's afraid of what's to come. She keeps to wish for a happy future, though, as it seems she has a glance of the events that are to happen, however she wasn't aware that Sakura would be engraved with the "death seal". Being both dreamseers, "Syaoran"'s mother appears to have foreseen this as well. Nadeshiko replies that she would want to meet his mother.

On Sakura's fourteenth birthday, everyone gathers in the ruins for Sakura's "coming-of-age" ceremony. "Syaoran" wishes her a happy birthday. However, at that point, the black wings rip out of her body (revealing her to be in the same dress the clone was wearing in the dream world). Nadeshiko stops time, and dies doing so. Her last words are that "Syaoran" must protect Sakura.

Alternate Timeline

As Yuko explained, those who knew about the death seal were affected in the process. Thus, Nadeshiko died, and didn't appear in the post-rewind Clow Country.


Once the world was turned back to normal, Nadeshiko reappeared on Clow Country. She's last seen saying goodbye to Syaoran's group, along with Fujitaka.


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