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Lecourt as seen in the anime

Previous World: Shara
Next World: Tokyo

Lecourt Country (レコルト国 Rekoruto-koku) is one of the many worlds visited by the group in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Lecourt Country boasts a wide acceptance of what some may find eerie, strange, or mystical. This is a country of magic that thoroughly encourages its youth to study and delve into the area, just as they would with any other subject - such as math or science. One of the country's main feature is its immense libraries, which contains all their knowledge and research on magic. This country resembles Victorian London in architecture and fashion. After Piffle, the group arrives to Lecourt (Fan translations include: "Recourt", "Lecolt" or "Rekord").

Its story will be cut mostly because of Syaoran's vision of Kurogane's past in the copy of the Book of Memories.


After buying new clothes for this world, the group starts searching the country, a place full of magical beings, flying trains, and others; in search for Sakura's feather. They end up in an enormous library filled with thousands of books related to magic. Kurogane is curious about one and decides to grab it to take a closer look (there is nothing written in its pages, the cover is one of Sakura's feathers). Syaoran takes a look, just one touch, and his conscience is transported to another place inside the book. This place is Japan/Nihon Country, where he sees Kurogane's past.

  • Note: For more information on Nihon and Kurogane's past see Nihon Country.

After the outcome of the events inside the book, Syaoran regains consciousness, crying, he can do nothing but apologize to Kurogane before fainting. In the emergency room, they both are left alone. Syaoran tells him everything he's seen and Kurogane affirms him that it was his past. Kurogane then tells him it's not his fault he had seen this, and that he shouldn't torment himself with the burden of his past. Nevertheless, they end up finding out that the emblem in the sword that killed Kurogane's mother is the same that the people who attacked Clow. Kurogane guesses he will find the murderer soon and avenge her death.

Once everyone is back, they tell Kurogane and Syaoran that the book he touched was a replica of the Book of Memories, which is found in the Central Library (the biggest in the country). The book has one of Sakura's feathers in its cover. They decide to find that book at any cost.

Upon arriving, they find the library's guardians, ready to kill anyone who tries stealing the books in the library. They try asking Sai and Kaede, the attendants in the library. They warn them the Book of Memories is a national treasure, due to past incidents, it's absolutely forbidden to consult it, even worse to take it out.

Thus Syaoran takes drastic measures and decides to steal the book. They enter during the visiting hour to make sure that there is less vigilance. In the anime they will have to cross the Door of Judgement too, which will detect their intentions if somebody tries to steal the book, afterwards, they reach a magical wall. But of course, the security in the Central Library has been activated and the group is its target.

They are soon attacked by stone snakes, rather than fighting they run and they end up arriving at a representation of Clow's Ruins (caused by the feather's power). In the anime, they visit Syaoran's house as well (though Sakura doesn't remember this and Fujitaka is the only one shown in the picture), and Clow's Castle. They end up reaching the seal (in Clow's Ruins) and everything happens as it did in the beginning when Sakura lost her memories.

After the ground breaks, Kurogane and Syaoran venture into the hole's darkness, where the only thing they find is the library's guardians, alerted by their intrusion. Syaoran is knocked by one of them when he loses consciousness momentarily but stands up again... But his expression changes totally. He kicks him brutally until he finally defeats him, grabs the Book of Memories, breaks the cover and retrieves the feather, and then the spell fades away. With Sakura, Fai and Mokona's return, Syaoran goes back to his old self. Kurogane suspects what it was that murderous personality that possessed him. Once he gives Sakura back her feather, she falls asleep, and they leave the Library before the Library's security reaches them since Mokona can't use his magic to draw them out the world (another measure taken against future thieves).

Now they've got another guardian waiting for them, they can't use Mokona even to draw out their swords, the only thing they can do is to keep running until they find a safe place where Mokona can take them out. Nevertheless, they are surrounded (the water in the lake surrounding the Central Library has become corrosive and closed the only way out). Fai uses his magic to shield them, which also allows Mokona to draw them out at last. Syaoran and Kurogane are surprised for what he had just done, but there is no time for explanations now, that will come in Tokyo (which is where they're heading at).

Alternate Version in the Anime

In the anime, the outcome is very different; they will never visit Tokyo and in fact, they won't leave Lecourt- Mokona feels ill and they are just transported somewhere else in the country.

Fai has the idea of snooping into Syaoran's past using the copy of the Book of Memories, to find out what happened when Syaoran lost consciousness and kicked the guardian. Kurogane even follows his example and what is worse- Syaoran opens the book before- so he ends up seeing Kurogane's past again.

Now he sees how obsessed Kurogane was with being strong, being hard on the ninjas in the castle. Tomoyo, after several years, has a replica of the Ginryu for Kurogane- but says she'll only give it to him if he swears to be her subordinate forever (this was a mock for Kurogane). But she will indeed make him swear five oaths:

1. Don't use violence against your comrades.
2. No fighting in our (Nihon's) lands.
3. Have mercy upon your enemies.
4. Never forget the importance of a life, no matter whose it is.
5. Use your own strength to protect your loved ones.

The spirits of Kurogane's parents appear, who help him believe in those words he promised his father and strengthen them with the last fifth oath. They have been discovered in the Library (they had placed a magical wall to remain hidden) and one of the guardian beasts appear. Turns out Sai and Kaede weren't coming to arrest them but, they instead come with orders of the king to decorate them for having removed the feather as it caused a lot of trouble.

Syaoran prefers not to receive any special gratification since that wasn't his intention, they now part for the next world. The world they land in is called Kero World (灯油の世界) as it is inhabited by Kero (from CCS).


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