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One of the countries visited in Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Koryo Country (高麗国, Koryo-koku) is a country separated into various regions, each controlled by a Ryanban. The town is a medieval feud much like ancient Korea, in which the governor or Ryanban rules over the place, even though there is a control over the governors from the central capital. Such is done by the so-called Amen-osa (Miteshu in the anime), who are warriors in disguise who ensure that these Ryanban do not abuse their power, and if that is the case, they have the power to put him out of the position. The castle is surrounded by a magical barrier created by the Hijutsu (magic) of the Ryanban, this is why no one can rebel against him.

In the town of Ryonfi (リョンヒ), a wandering shinban (magician) and his son came to town and took power, driving the old ryanban away and killing a local female shinban who fought back.

This is the original world of Shin Shunkaden (The Legend of Chun Hyang). In the anime though, the country is called Nayutaya (as Ryanban are called Ryoshi, and the Amen-osa are called Miteshu instead). This is because it's based on Korean legends.

The Koryo Arc includes chapters 14-22 (Volume 3), and episodes 7-11 of the anime.

Kanji definition: The kanji used for the name of this world is the same as the kanji for "Kourai," which is an ancient Korean kingdom.


As the gang arrives in Koryo, they all fall over the shop of the governor's son (or Ryanban) while some soldiers were taking care of collecting taxes and scaring the town. After the bewilderment of the fall by these strangers, the idiotic son of the Ryanban grabs Sakura brusquely and for this, he received a kick of Syaoran. Then, Chu'nyan shows up, a young girl who hates with all her strength the Ryanban and his son. Then the soldiers leave, threatening Chunyan that if she continues to oppose the Ryanban she'll suffer for it.

Chu'nyan takes in the gang in her home expecting them to be the Amen-osa, some kind of "inspector" of political control sent by the central government, which observes the governors will not exceed their powers and to rule correctly, even having authority to destroy them if they must. She and all her town yearn for the coming of the real Amen-osa for them to free them of the present Ryanban, Tanbaru, a tyrant who got his position by killing his latter occupant. He and his son were Shinban, experts in the art of Hijutsu, (a kind of magic) just like Chunyan's mother- Myonfa- and mysteriously one day they managed to increase their power greatly, defeated the Ryanban and killed Myonfa (also in the anime they took her fan).

The group is attacked by the Tanbaru's magic, so the gang decides to attack him in his castle. But there is a protective barrier (kekkai) around it and they will ask Yuuko for help. She will give them a black ball in exchange for Fai's wand.

The time to attack the castle comes and the guys- Kurogane, Fai and Syaoran find their first obstacle: Kiishimu, a Shinban rival of Chunyan's mother. She attacks them with acid balls, Syaoran can't stay and fight her, so Kurogane sends him away with Mokona to meet his next enemy: the Ryanban's son -Burugaru. Syaoran was injured from the fight before, and Burugaru has a spell upon him to multiply his strength. After a long fight, the guys win. Kurogane will then freed Kiishimu.

Meanwhile, Syaoran arrives at the Tanbaru's room where he finds him with one of Sakura's feathers and he also finds Sakura and Chunyan are here, they have been captured. The citizens too, have been controlled by Tanbaru and attack Syaoran. He knows that if he strikes back the girls will suffer for it so he doesn't. Syaoran is then attacked ruthlessly until he realizes the Sakura inside the sphere is not real- she calls him "Syaoran" and not "Syaoran-kun" (In the English dub, she calls him Syao) as the Princess calls him since she lost her memory- and decides to attack Tanbaru.

Then the real Sakura and Chu'nyan appear, with help of a magical mirror they turn the citizens back to normal. The Ryanban then pleads to Chu'nyan, telling her the feather's power will bring her mother back to life. But she knows this is impossible as her mother once told her.

Syaoran gives her the chance to decide if she wants to avenge her mother, though she refuses because it's not worth it. Kiishimu appears to take Tanbaru and his son to the world she belongs and leaves hoping Chu'nyan will become a powerful shinban like her mother, so someday they can duel.

At last, Sakura gets her feather, after saying goodbye to Chu'nyan and the other villagers, the gang leaves Koryo. Once they have left, the real Amen-osa arrive: Nokoru, Akira and Suoh - who couldn't get to the city because Tanbaru had put a magical barrier, and now gone the barrier faded. They explained all that happened and decide to keep working together without a Ryanban governing them.


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