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King Chaos
King Chaos
Chaos as he appears in the anime
Gender: Male

Background/Alliance Information
Residence: Tao Country
Current Status: Deceased
Powers: Magic, Master Swordsman, Dimension Travel
Physical Traits: Dark green hair and golden eyes. The clothes he wears are similar to Chinese clothing.
First Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Episode 48 - "Feather-King Chaos"
Last Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa: Reservoir CHRoNiCLE - Episode 52 - "Wings Toward Tomorrow"
Voice Actors
Japanese: Kenshō Ono
English: Josh Grelle

King Chaos is a minor character in Tsubasa Chronicle. He does not appear in the manga. He is the King of Tao Country who foresaw Syaoran and the others coming to his country. He wants to join Sakura on her journey by replacing the rest of her traveling companions.

His true form was many of Sakura's feathers that took the form of a giant bird. He later on became the King of Tao.


King Chaos has the appearance of a young man with dark green shaggy hair that reaches up to his shoulders. His eyes are gold and he is shown to be very pale. The clothes he wears are similar to Chinese clothing.

Powers and Abilities:

  • God-like Powers: Because he is made of Sakura's feathers, he has extremely powerful abilities.
  • Master Swordsmanship Expert: He has been shown to be a very skilled fighter. He was shown to even take down Kurogane easily.
  • Magic: He has high magical powers, shown when he used magic against Fai.
  • Dimension Travel: He is shown to be capable of traveling Dimensions. Interestingly they have used the same magic circle Yuuko to move between dimensions.