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Kamui by CLAMP
Series: X, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Gender: Male

Background/Alliance Information
Relatives: Subaru (older twin brother)
Residence: Tokyo (former)
Current Status: Living
Powers: Travel Dimensions, Elongated lifespan, Regeneration, Inhuman strength
First Appearance(Manga): Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Ch.108 - The Country on Shifting Sands
First Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations - Episode 1 - The Magician's Message
Last Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa Shunraiki - Episode 2 - The Latter Part
Voice Actors
Japanese: Mamoru Miyano
English: Micah Solusod

Veja também: Tóquio

Kamui is a supporting character in Tsubasa ~RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE~ and a crossover character from CLAMP's X; he is the second of the vampire twins whom Seishirō is hunting, the other being Subaru.

In X, Kamui is the 'chosen one', and he had to decide the destiny of the Earth. By deciding he would protect the people he cared about, Fuuma and Kotori, he joined the Dragons of Heaven. This choice caused Fuuma to become a Dragon of Earth, eventually killing Kotori. Followed by a series of deaths, Tokyo is eventually destroyed but reborn.

It should be noted that while Subaru really had a twin in the original Tokyo Babylon and X stories, it was not Kamui; in fact Subaru and Kamui were not even of the same age. Instead, Subaru had a twin sister named Hokuto, who, even though she was a major character in Tokyo Babylon and also appeared in X, never made an appearance in Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE.


Subaru and Kamui, the twin vampires.

In the Tokyo arc, Kamui is the leader of the City Hall Faction along with the former Dragons of Earth (except for Seishirō, whose place is filled in by Kazuki, the girl who became Nataku), they protect one of the only two places left with drinkable water. However, Kamui's personality is pretty different from the character in X. He shows a selfish side, since the only thing he cared about was Subaru, and being totally indifferent towards Syaoran and the others.

A fight for survival and the territories is being held, against the Tower Faction, who are led by Fuma and the former Dragons of Heaven (except for Subaru, whose place is now Saiki's, Seiichirou Aoki's nephew). The development of things reveal that Kamui actually came from another world, along with someone else, and swore to protect the waters underneath the Government Building. This other person is none other than Subaru, the vampire that Seishirō is after, and Kamui is his twin. Due to the feathers inside the City Hall, after their arrival in Tokyo, Subaru was dragged by the waters inside the Building's reservoir, and falls to a comatose state, asking Kamui to wait until he can wake up.

Kamui realizes that Syaoran is not a real person, but a "prey" or "E" ([エ] in Japanese), which is a souless body which is usually created as a food source for vampires. Syaoran is then revealed to be a clone created by Fei Wang Reed, who was created with the purpose of gathering the feathers. Kamui wanted to kill him and make Subaru drink his blood so he can wake up, and run away before Seishirō catches up with them. But the thumping power of the Clone nearly defeats Kamui, and even making cuts in his arm. However, with his vampire abilities he is able to heal the cuts on his arm and with the wounds he inflicted on the Clone, the Clone loses consciousness and the seal on his right eye breaks, thus losing his heart.

When the Clone leaves at last, he gives Sakura the feather, and Subaru is finally able to wake up. Kamui tells him they have to leave before the "hunter" arrives, but Subaru feels guilty for the loss of the water. He offered his blood to Fai while in turn more water would be put in the reservoir, while Kurogane becomes Fai's prey or "E" and so saving his life. Kamui refuses to let Subaru give out his blood again since he gave out his blood to Seishirō. He ends up offering his blood along with Kurogane's so that Fai becomes a half-vampire, and survive until he regains his eye.

It must be noted that he and Subaru gained the power to travel dimensions together from Yūko. Kamui vows that he will never let Seishirō catch up with them, but then Fuma remarks "Don't count on it."

Fuma is Seishirō's brother, and also a hunter who possesses the power of traveling dimensions (which he obtained from Yūko as well, with the price of serving her).

As soon as Sakura's party leaves, Kamui flees from Tokyo along with Subaru, before Seishirō is able to find them.