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Jade Country (ジェイド国) is a country of four seasons with a cold northern region, where the town of Spirit is located. The town of Spirit had an old castle to the north, the setting of an old legend that frightens potential visitors. The legend became particularly relevant when similar circumstances made themselves known in the present day. The castle itself was in ruins, separated from the town by a fast-flowing river that cannot be crossed via conventional means. A device in the castle was capable of stopping the flow of water, and a series of stones beneath the water's surface allowed travelers to cross.


The travelers arrive in their new destination, which appears to be snowing at the time. Once they get to the inn, they hear a story. In the village, there was a castle in which a beautiful princess lived with her family. One day a bird flew to her room and left her a feather that, according to him, would grant her mysterious powers. The princess accepted, afterward the queen and the king died, leaving her as the only ruler. As if the feather would exert some kind of attraction towards them, the children in the village left for the castle... and never again were they seen. But the frightening thing is, the children in the village are disappearing once again...


The group in Jade Country

After hearing this, Syaoran decides to go look for this castle in the village north (called Spirit). With the disappearances of the children, the people are not welcoming at all with strangers. They get into a fight with the guardians of the city. But Syaoran manages to fight back. Just in time, they meet Kyle Rondart, a kind and generous young man who even shelters them in his house. This enraged Glosum, a big-time landowner with a threatening appearance and the same bad opinion about the travelers. Kyle defends them saying that precisely because they are foreigners they might know something that could help them.

During the night, Sakura sees the golden-haired princess of the story. The next day, another girl goes missing. Sakura tells the villagers what happened last night hoping to help but she gets the contrary effect, making them more suspicious about them. Back in Kyle's house, he explains to the gang why the villagers believe so much in the story of the princess as true. The reason is, the legend is based on the real story of a princess called Emeraude who lived in Spirit 300 years ago. The book that contains the chronicle of Spirit's story doesn't say much more, so the villagers strongly believe the story is repeating. Syaoran finds his passion for history and archeology may turn out useful in this situation, and thanks to the kind mayor he gains access to the book with the princess's story, looking for clues.

Back in the village, Sakura decides to stay awake all time for it's necessary, and her efforts are rewarded: the golden-haired princess appears again. Immediately the kids of the town follow her. This time Sakura won't stand by idly and leaves her room by climbing off a tree. Surprised, she finds out the kids walk above the water that separates them from the castle, and they get inside. Just in her worst moment, the weariness beats her again and she faints in the cold snow...


Princess Emeraude of Spirit

Syaoran and the others discover fearfully Sakura's disappearance, and the villagers use this to accuse her of the kids' disappearance. Meanwhile, Sakura wakes up in a humid cell, where she manages to see the missing kids. With all her strength she rips off the chains and opens the door to find out she's inside the castle. After following the kids, they walk towards a hole in the wall, big enough only for the kids. Sakura calls for the kids' attention and they start walking now towards her.

Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai, and Mokona still haven't been able to find any clues, but coming back to the village they find Glosum soaking wet, they guess he's been trying to cross the river surrounding the castle unsuccessfully. As the suspicions about him grow, Syaoran has an idea and decides to ask for the registration of the missing children.

While investigating the reports, Kyle is seen attending the few children left in the village. One kid peeps out the window, points the sky murmuring having seen a "blackbird".
Tsubasa Chronicle - 13 - 02

That night, the truth is finally revealed. The reports of the disappearances show that Kyle attended the children just before their disappearance, and the clue of the blackbird was the hint that made Syaoran realize that Kyle actually hypnotized the kids so they would follow the bird at night and go to the castle. Thanks to the other copy of Jade's Chronicles that Glosum possessed, Syaoran could see the mayor's copy missed some pages. The secret passages of the castle and how to stop the river in order to cross it.

Next, to this proofs, the kind doctor reveals himself as an evil guy who has been using the children to obtain an object of great power inside the castle. Kyle crosses the river apparently walking above the water, and Mokona quickly throws him shiny dust (from the fish in the Fog World) and this reveals under the river's surface there are rocks that can be used to get to the castle.

Back to Sakura; Princess Emeraude stands between her and the children, while they use all their efforts to destroy an ice pillar in which Sakura's feather is in. Princess Emeraude is no more than a ghost and begs Sakura to help the kids go back home safely.

Now begins a chase to stop Kyle's plans of taking the feather and so save the children and the princess. Kyle gets to the princess and talks her into giving him her feather. Sakura realizes Kyle's deceit, while Syaoran and the others find them. Kyle threatens her with a dagger. The real story is revealed at last thanks to Emeraude's presence (only Sakura is able to hear and see her.) The princess parents died in an accident (in the anime it was because of the greed of men to take over the feather), the children were not kidnapped, they were sheltered by the princess to flee of a contagious disease that spread in town, and their only way to keep alive was to be close to the feather.

Kyle now turns to stab Sakura, but Syaoran stands between them and gets wounded. The river floods the castle and this begins to crash. Kurogane, Fai, Glosum and the guard evacuate the children from the castle. Sakura and Syaoran try to escape by other way chased closely by Kyle. Princess Emeraude shows them a secret passageway, as Kyle is buried by the crashing. Once out of the castle Emeraude thanks Sakura and gives her the feather, also warning them that "somebody has been watching them from the beginning."

The children are given back to their parents, while Syoaran tells the group that Sakura got to see Emeraude because she could see spirits since she was a child. Glosum is freed from his accusations, he denied to charge taxes to the villagers and tried to find the children without anybody noticing.

Before leaving, the group leaves a letter which asks the Spirit villagers to reveal the princess's true story.


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