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Infinity (Mugen) / (Infiishi) is one of the worlds visited in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. It is only seen in detail in the manga.

After the transcendental events of Tokyo, the group (now Sakura, "Syaoran", Kurogane, Fai, as a vampire, and Mokona) arrive in Infinity.

The futuristic and decadent world is dominated by the mafia to the deepest levels, who organize illegal fighting tournaments for their personal enjoyment and give out great prizes, through a very dirty game style. The Infinity story is narrated from chapters 136-153 (Volumes 18-20), but the story begins 3 months after the arrival to the country (What happened to that point is later shown in flashbacks), but this wasn't the original destination after leaving Tokyo.


Infinity's scenery, as shown in the manga

The story in Infinity begins when Sakura is seen sitting on a throne, while "Syaoran", Fai, and Kurogane, are fighting on her orders on a chess table. This is the "chess tournament" that the House Vision organizes, a multimillionaire company whose head is actually the head of the mafia, Eagle. In this tournament there is a "Master" who uses mind control to give orders to the 3 pawns or fighters to confront the enemy team; also, the strength of the "Masters" is key to achieve victory. Their only rule is to defeat the enemy team using all necessary methods.

Eagle's most important subordinates are Lantis and Geo, who would sometimes question their cruel methods in the tournament, and with whom he watches the combats in a monitor. He is surprised that the 4 mysterious fighters who appeared 3 months ago would still be undefeated. Eagle knows nothing about them but thinks that they're after the money they're offering as the prize.

During the first combat of Sakura's team, she remembers in her flashbacks of their arrival to the country Clone Syaoran visited before and destroyed everything. She couldn't help her pain when she heard a woman blaming the feather which brought them so much misfortune.

After the battle, the group returns while Mokona greets them. Sakura goes for rest, exhausted. The other part of the flashback is shown, where "Syaoran" is being blamed by the village children, who throw rocks at him. Sakura gets into the middle, trying to protect him.

Kurogane tries to help "Syaoran" so that he wouldn't blame himself for those events, and also to keep regarding the Princess just as the Princess and to not get close to her. Kurogane then feeds Fai with his blood, while they notice they are being watched again.

Once again, we see another flashback of Sakura in her dreams. Clow talks to his daughter, saying that it's natural to feel lonely if you can't be with the ones you love. He says he feels the same way (probably for Yuuko). Clone Syaoran comes to meet her, but Clow tells Sakura no matter what, they won't be able to touch each other. But still, he decided to fight for her, which might be because of his lineage- the blood running in his veins- and he won't give up.

Sakura wakes up, confused about the dream; but the scene changes to "Syaoran" who remembers Clow's words, and is determined to fight for Sakura even if he doesn't recuperate "that heart". For what it seemed, Clow was talking to him and not to the Clone. This flashback has not been yet explained.

The "Human Chess" Arena

Another combat closes for Sakura's team. This team(opponent) is breaking the rules by using shocking weapons and such. Although Eagle allows this to happen, Geo is not very happy about it. Sakura's hesitation along with the bugs got the team paralyzed.

Now Sakura remembers in a flashback the time they arrived in Infinity. Her goal was to win the prize of the human chess tournament and restore the country Clone Syaoran went to.

Syaoran stands up, trying to cheer up Sakura and telling her they'll win. Although blood is pouring down from his eye, Syaoran is still fighting by closing his eyes and sensing his enemies, striking them with all his might. They finally win, much to Kurogane's amusement because he realized that is what he taught the Clone in Outo, but still, he learned it through the eye. Eagle realizes that they'll make it to the end, so he wants to "wake her up".

Back in the apartment, Sakura goes to bed, exhausted. Meanwhile, Syaoran, Kurogane, and Mokona hang out to drink. In her room, Sakura tells Fai that even knowing that "Syaoran" is the original, he's not the same. His resemblance with the Clone... his gaze, his voice... and everything upsets her because he's still not Syaoran-kun. But just then, Chii interrupts Fai (telepathically) by telling him that Ashura has finally awakened.

Sakura realizes that something happened because of Fai's expression, and pleads to him not to smile if he doesn't feel like doing so. Fye tells her to do the same, because despite her pain, since Toyko she has never shown it to anyone. Then when they got to Infinity she locked herself, to avoid everyone but especially Syaoran, and in this fight. Fai noticed that she's changed, and knows there's another reason why she wants to stay in Infinity. But the others can't know about it; so Fai won't tell them even if he doesn't have much more time left.

Syaoran falls asleep quickly, while Kurogane and Mokona talk about Sakura and Fa. Kurogane comments that they are hiding something and especially Sakura. Mokona doesn't know about it if she slept during their talk- Sakura and Yuko.

The combats proceed and thus they reach the finals. Eagle asks Lantis to tell Geo and invite Sakura to dinner with him, but alone. Sakura goes but Syaoran tries to stop her, saying nothing at all. Kurogane tells him to just say something if he doesn't want her to go because no one will understand him otherwise.

Eagle comments on her good manners while asking what she's really after. Her response was "to get the other prize". This prize is, to cross the worlds alone.

Therefore a flashback begins, of Sakura and Yuuko talking (while Mokona was sleeping), which looks like Infinity after their arrival.

Yuko warns her, if she wants to go on by herself, the others will oppose and will chase her anywhere she goes. Sakura says she wants to avoid the future she saw back in Tokyo, where she had a vision. Sakura is also a dreamseer, not like Yukito though, since she can only see little fragments of the future, whereas Yukito can foresee events of great importance, and who was Sakura's mentor to interpret these dreams.

She wants to avoid at any cost this future, which is why she wants to leave by herself, so before they can meet again she had already met Clone Syaoran and choose a different future to the one she saw. Yuko, in turn, tells her that when she arrives in a world with the method of crossing worlds alone, she should inform her while Mokona sleeps, whether what she wants happens or not her choice will be irreversible.

Sakura still didn't answer to Eagle's question of who told her about the prize. Eagle tries warning her that with the prize she'll only be able to cross worlds once, and she won´t be able to choose where to go. This is a wish that "she" will grant her next day like Eagle says. Sakura gets back tired, while "Syaoran" accompanies her to her room, but she shut him the door, telling him "from now on he should decide for himself."

The final fight comes, but before Sakura talks with Fai, where she tells him to value his life the most from now on. The Master of the final combat is no other than Eagle himself who tells them he'd prefer the fight to be one on one. The first to fight will be "Syaoran", to whom Kurogane tells to be careful, even after the fight is done.

Sakura tries to apologize to "Syaoran", she tells him she's sorry for having hurt him. After calling him "Syaoran-kun", Syaoran tries to tell her that's not really his name but realizes it doesn't matter.

Eagle warns Syaoran to change his fighting method, even if it is to use magic, though it will depend on the Master. Syaoran then drops his weapons and takes out his sword. An "automata" appears, who will be his opponent. (This is Hikaru, from Angelic Layer, in human size).

Geo complains because this is a war machine and Syaoran will be no match for it, though Lantis tells him it was his own choice to fight it.

Hikaru attacks Syaoran and knocks him to the ground with the "Rolling Thunder" kick (the same one of Suzuka's and herself in Angelic Layer). Kurogane, on the other hand, realizes that these fast attacks are due to the fact that the automata don't feel any pain.

Another flashback of Sakura is shown.

Yuko alerts Sakura that Infinity is the place she's looking for, where she'll find the method of crossing worlds alone. To achieve this, she has to enter the other travelers too. But she has another wish, and she can't wait for Mokona to take her there. Yuko warns her that the price for choosing where she wants to go would be too high, and even worse if it's somewhere she's already been; to which she replies that she doesn't want to go where she's already been.

Yuko tells her the price to pay will be her "good fortune", as the "favored daughter of the gods." That, according to Yuko is the only thing that's helped her go so far, and by getting rid of it there won't be anything left to protect her. Yuko still warns her that it doesn't mean she has to be "alone" to achieve her wish. Even so, there would only be a 50% of chance to get where she desires.

She decides to hand over her luck, which she will maintain until they leave Infinity.

The battle continues, as Sakura hesitates because of "that future" she saw. Syaoran is hurt and asks Sakura to stop looking at him and focus on winning. Hikaru launches her most powerful attacks, even using Athena's final attack in Angelic Layer, the "Astral Emission". Fai hears Chii's voice again, telling him that if he stays too long in the same place, Ashura will eventually find him.

Syaoran is determined to put an end to this combat and uses his "Raitei Shourai".

After the impact of these attacks, the ring is nearly destroyed, while Hikaru falls defeated to the ground. Eagle decides to end this combat, and Sakura thanks the exhausted Syaoran for this victory. At this moment the prize appears, this is the method to cross dimensions alone: Freya (the one in Celes is Elda).

Syaoran grabs Princess Sakura, while Kurogane yells at her to not do something stupid. Nevertheless, something unexpected happens as well: Freya opens an interdimensional gate which makes Chii (Elda) in Celes react, connecting the three worlds (Celes, Infinity and the world which Sakura wants to go to). As Syaoran keeps holding her, Fai has a flashback of his past.

In his flashback, we get a glance of a decrepit boy under a tower, where it's snowing. A voice asks the boy if he wants to leave that place, but also implies that only one of them can get out, "either him or the other". The voice says he's chosen, and another boy falls from the top of the tower and dies. The voice, in turn, tells him that his choice saved one life but ended another, and therefore having to bear eternally with that sin would be his curse.

He is told that soon someone will come to pick him up and get him out, but if someday he'd find someone who exceeds the great magic power for the which they both were locked there, he would have to-

Here ends the flashback, with king Ashura appearing at the end, who gets the boy out and tells him that the world is not limited only to what he's lived up to that moment.

Back to Infinity, the Chiis appear and each one holds one of Sakura's feathers which return to the owner. Fai attacks Kurogane in a trance state grabs Syaoran's sword and impales Sakura. Fai remembers the last words of the voice, telling him if someone like that should appear (meaning someone who has greater magic than Fai) he would kill him.

After having attacked Sakura, while not being conscious of it, Fai realizes what he had done, as everyone watches and yell at him not to remove the sword. Fai explodes in anger and the scene now switches to Yuko's shop (glancing at a little tube which looks exactly like the one from Chapter 01), while Yuko explains that the feathers in both artificial beings had come into resonance and with Sakura obtaining those two feathers, she had exceeded Fai's current magic (diminished by the lack of one of his eyes). The three worlds became connected, but the Princess has only a 50% chance to reach the one she wishes for.

Fai is still in shock, screaming nonstop. Sakura, still alive, divided her soul and body- and it is her soul which gives him comfort, telling him she's sorry, and that the future can still be changed. She asks Syaoran and Kurogane to take care of Fai, until the day they meet again. Once said this, her body leaves with Elda to Celes and her soul leaves with Freya to another world.

Sakura's soul disappears and reaches the world she longed for: the Dream World. Kurogane stops Fai, and he crumbles as the combat stage does. Lantis mentions that the future has changed and that neither has died, something they'll explain with "her" to all of them once they are safe.

The three arrive at the apartment, and Yuko contacts them to explain. Princess Sakura is inside a tube (much like the one in Chapter 01), which is, in fact, the Dream World. Yuko replies that the world she wanted to go to was that one, and that right now she's inside a dream. Eagle mentions that Sakura was a dreamseer (yumemi) as Lantis, and she predicted the combat's finale in her dreams. What he saw was, Fai killing the princess and afterward killing the rest of his companions- Mokona stops his narration because he doesn't want to hear the rest.

Yuko tells them that she changed the future by avoiding what Lantis predicted in his dream. She didn't mean to be impaled by Fai either, because she knew what would happen later, but the curse was too powerful. Since she couldn't break it, she wished that her companions wouldn't suffer the same destiny as hers. Thus, Sakura paid with her fortune the place she'd go to, and an additional price to save the lives of her companions. That additional price was her right leg (since she was hurt in Tokyo, she never recovered- which it would have if she hadn't sacrificed for their lives).

Sakura knew that her feathers were in Celes since the feather in Tokyo brought back her yumemi power. Fai reveals that he created Chii by using a feather and that when he came to Yuko's shop he pretended not to know anything about the feathers. Plus, he knows that "Syaoran" realized something else. Which is, that he saw how Yukito said, "in this world there are no more fragments of her soul", which didn't fit when Fai said to have found a feather in Syaoran's clothes back in Hanshin. As a matter of fact, Mokona always felt the power of the feather since she woke in Yuko's shop, but didn't know who it was. Who also knew the truth was Yuko, she also knew about the curse and she protected herself from it.

Since Yuko possessed a greater magical power that Fai even with his two eyes, in order to avoid the curse when everyone met at the store, Yuko kept herself in a different dimensional state, which is why she wouldn't get wet with the rain. questions her why she'd let him go along, but she could no more stop him than allow him because it was his wish.

Yuko warns them that Sakura's feather is inside a dream, since dreams form a world of their own too, called the Dream World. Princess Sakura left there because she knows that Clone Syaoran will go there looking for it.

The party must choose which of both -soul or body- should be saved first, though Mokona can't choose the next destination. Fai then asks Yuuko to return to Celes, where Sakura's body lies.

Fai offers to pay with his right eye, which would mean him losing his sight. Kurogane argues with Fai, telling him that so far he and the princess have done what they have always wanted. Yuko also warns them that they can't go to the Dream World yet since only the souls can get there. But she tells them as well not to worry because there's still a long time before the clone arrives, and also that the princess is being accompanied by someone else (referring to Watanuki).

The four of them decide to leave to Celes, before that "Syaoran" confesses that he wouldn't say anything about Fai because the princess had trusted him, in each one of his lies.

Meanwhile, Fei Wang is angered by the fact that Fai didn't kill "Syaoran". Sakura had seen something in the future, something that would make "Syaoran" reveal all of his magical power, and become more powerful than Fai. Sakura, in turn, changed this future with her fortune and right leg, which was contrary to Fei Wang's plan. Nevertheless, this wouldn't worry him because the next curse will be executed when they reach Celes.

Eagle apologizes for having known this situation and not having said anything about it, at least he offers them clothes for their new destiny. Kurogane replies that he must apologize for having spied them too, though he wasn't the only one (meaning Fei Wong). The payment will be done with the money of the tournament, which is something Sakura didn't achieve by herself and it was everyone's effort.

Yuko asks one last condition, which is for Fai to use his magic to travel between dimensions at the same time that Mokona transports them - he was lying when he said in Hanshin that he could only do it once. Fai asks Mokona to retrieve Souhi, and he uses his magic to seal the sword into Kurogane's left arm.

Thus, the party goes to Celes, combining Fai's magic with Mokona's power to cross dimensions. At Infinity, Eagle, Lantis, and Geo are left, the last one wondering if it's right what they've done. Eagle replies it is, since he's not a real dreamseer, they only said it so they would believe them. The reason for this lie was something that Yuko and Sakura asked them for, which was for them never to know the truth about the future Sakura wanted to avoid: the only one who would have died would have been "Syaoran". Geo complains that he should've told him before, but obviously, he would have stopped him from doing so. Thus Eagle paid a debt to Yuko.

There is nothing more painful than knowing what is about to happen and being unable to do so, Eagle wishes that they might find happiness at the end of their paths, those who are important to the Witch, but to whom he's unable to help anymore to not interfere.


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