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"All is not as it seems."

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The Country of Idols (also the Country of Totems) is one of the countries visited in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. It is a tropical jungle. Green, verdant vegetation covers the forest floor, and it's inhabitants are small, bunny-like animals.

Idol Country shown in the manga


Sakura awakens from the trance she was in, after leaving Outo. She then thinks that she's still in Outo and that she must hurry to help. This is when she sees that they're in a new world and screams. Syaoran comes by her side to tell her they're not in Outo anymore. She blames herself for leaving her friends when they need her the most, to which Syaoran replies that it's because they haven't retrieved all the feathers yet. He tells her about what happened in Outo and about Seishiro leaving with her feather but she seems more worried about Syaoran, asking if he's really ok. Suddenly something comes from the sky, Syaoran kicks it to find it's a nut, in fact, lots of them. He keeps kicking them and doesn't realize that Sakura had fallen into a trap. Syaoran hurries to her side, trying to help but is knocked out by one of the falling nuts. Meanwhile, Mokona and Fai are singing, but Kurogane isn't happy because Yuuko interfered when he was fighting Seishiro. Mokona was able to get them out just in time when the reality and the game were back to normal, and plus both Kurogane and Syaoran have new swords. Yuko had also sent them a note saying "White Day is giving back. If you're late, punishment is threefold."

But the problem is that none of them can read it. They come across Sakura, release her and see that Syaoran was kidnapped. Next, we see that he is tied to a wooden pole. The creatures surrounding him appear to be dancing to the drumbeats and look like bunnies. They plan to perform some sort of ceremony with him though Syaoran is able to understand them and supposes that Mokona and the others are close by. They set up a fire and attempt to cook him while Fai and the others, guided by Sakura, go after him. Kurogane seems worried about the training that he gave Syaoran saying that he still can't handle a sword. But, Mokona sees some smoke and eventually find Syaoran who is having dinner with the villagers.

Sakura rushes to him to see if he's ok, and notices that he's got a big bruise. But he says he's ok and that they've got a situation to handle. Syaoran tells them about the demons that plague the place, which destroyed their homes. They tried fighting back but it was no use and they would only stop if they were given sacrifices. And that's why they intended to cook Syaoran, and this situation seems similar when finding more of Sakura’s feathers. Now that they’re comrades (Syaoran and the people) they can eat together, they say. Mokona senses a feather nearby and they’re ready to fight, Sakura wants to go along too. She says she doesn’t want to be a burden and she wants to help. When the bunnies say someone must stay behind, Fai stays so that Sakura can go. Sakura, Syaoran, Kurogane, and Mokona search the forest for the demon. Suddenly something comes out to attack them; Syaoran grabs Sakura and Kurogane blasts at it, but couldn’t see what it was. They keep coming closer, as Fai talks to the bunnies.

Scene of Syaoran being captured by the bunnies

The closer they come the more danger they face. A strong blow of wind tries to take them away but they hold on. They come to notice a place where the wind isn’t blowing and Sakura comments that the wind isn’t the same all the time, so Syaoran takes a rope and ties it to his sword and it grabs onto a tree. Once they arrive they see that there’s nothing there and Syaoran says it could be a tornado. But if that were true then where is the feather? Even worse, what about asking for sacrifices and such? Just then Sakura says she hears it- she walks like in a state of trance. Syaoran remembers what the Priest told him- "she used to hear voices of those that don’t have one". Sakura talks [to the tornado] asking it what’s wrong. The tornado wants to move but can’t due to some great power. She asks it to slow down and it does, so Syaoran remembers that “lonely voices speak to the Princess, and that this power came from her heart”. Sakura tells them that the demon was the tornado though it did not mean to trouble them and that it needs help. They decide to go back after seeing the smoke and think that they had cooked Fai.

But they find him in the midst of a ceremony and shows them the feather. It was there all along but they hid it, at the same time that the demon appeared. So they realize the demon was a tornado, and the people thought that sacrifices would appease it. Syaoran gives the feather back to Sakura, she falls asleep again and the tornado goes away, leaving a trail of cherry blossoms behind.


  • In CLAMP's xxxHolic movie: A Midsummer Night's Dream, bunnies similar to the inhabitants of Idol Country appeared when the antagonist attack Domeki and Watanuki, bringing them to a strange world where inanimate objects come alive to attack them.


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