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Fei Wang Reed
Fei Wong Reed from Tsubasa Chronicle
Series: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Relatives: Clow Reed (distant relative);
"Syaoran" Li (distant relative);
Sakura Li (creation);
Syaoran Li (creation);
Xing Huo (creation);
Kyle Rondart (creation);
Residence: Clow Country, cut-off time
Current Status: Deceased
Powers: Extraordinary magical power
Create life (clones)
Travel dimensions
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 001
First Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Episode 1 - Destinies Converge
Last Appearance(Manga): Chapter 230
Last Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa Shunraiki - Episode 2 - The Latter Part
Voice Actors
Japanese: Kazuhiro Nakata
English: Randy Tallman (1st Season)
R Bruce Elliott (2nd Season)

Quote1.png Is she dead - in - every... world? I won't accept it. I won't accept that! I have to resurrect the witch!! Quote2.png
--Clow's Future Arc

Fei Wang Reed (飛王 romanized as Fei Wong Reed) is the primary antagonist in the manga series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. He is also mentioned in its sister publication, xxxHolic.


Fei Wang is a mysterious man that watches and directs every movement of the party, his true origins are unknown.

He's the one who's after Sakura's feathers, with these, he will aqcuire at any cost the power hiding beneath Clow's ruins, a power to surpass time and space.

Xing Huo doubts the confidence he has about the things going the way he wants. It is him who prepares the way that Mokona traces through different worlds so that Syaoran and the others will do the "dirty work" for him... until someone interfers in his plans. Yûko once changed the predestined route sending the party to Shura Country. Something that Wang didn't like at all. Because of this, he sees Yûko and Clow Reed as meddlers in his affairs.

His true objective is not to obtain the feathers; rather, scattering Sakura's feathers was to force her to travel between dimensions so her body would contain a map of the dimensions. This is necessary, in combination with the feather that Clone Sakura left behind in Tokyo/Clow Country (Original timeline), and real Sakura (the true being), to grant Fei Wang's wish: that is, to bring the dead back to life.

In xxxHOLiC (Ch 122), Yûko reveals in a monologue that he is responsible for the soul stealing entities (xxxHolic, Volume 5). She also reveals that Fei Wang needs the souls for the sake of his dream. Following the souls led Yûko to discover where Fei Wang had been hiding all along: in Clow Country. (Ch. 181)

He is a direct descendant of Clow Reed and well aware of the powers of the Dimension Witch. He was the one who imprisoned the real "Syaoran" and created Clone Syaoran. In addition to this, he also created Clone Sakura (Ch. 178, Ch. 001) and has been hiding in a cut-off time (original timeline) in Clow, with real Sakura. He also indirectly created Kimihiro Watanuki by granting the real "Syaoran's" wish of wanting to go back in time.


Original Timeline

Fei Wong Reed's emblem.

Fei Wang appeared at Clow, during the real Princess Sakura's purification ceremony (Ch. 196). Syaoran wanted to take her hand and save her, but she replied he couldn't touch her because of the purification. Syaoran attacked Fei Wang, and his attacks bounced back, almost killing him. Fei Wang places a "seal of death" upon Sakura, claiming that it will help grant his wish. Things went exactly as he planned, because with Sakura's death, Syaoran would wish to go back in time.

Once the seal has begun to consume Sakura, aged 14, Nadeshiko stops time. (Ch. 200) Syaoran then makes the most important decision in his life, to have his time reversed by Yûko, allowing Fei Wang to abduct him and create the clone. This decision, also affected the fate of many others. Fei Wang remarks that Watanuki is an 'unnatural being'' created for the sake of filling the void Syaoran left to his family. Fei Wang states that if he can't use Syaoran or Watanuki, he will simply create another Syaoran. He also says that, because Syaoran broke the taboo of turning back time, his wish of restoring life to someone who has died can be granted, despite what Clow had said.

Tokyo Arc

It's revealed at the Lecourt Arc that he killed Kurogane's mother. He also kills his partner, Xing Huo with the very same sword. Since she helped real Syaoran escape, Fei thinks she deserved it.

At the end of the Tokyo arc, it was revealed that Fei Wang created a clone from Clow Reed's original descendent that he kidnapped. (Ch. 119) But things didn't go as planned and Syaoran let a piece of his heart inside the clone, hoping he'd grow one of his own. Anyway, he sent the Clone to Clow (altered timeline) and meet Princess Sakura, and chase after the feathers, so he'd achieve the power beneath the Clow Ruins. Until then, he confined real Syaoran until he awoke and he chased after his right eye (heart). After he's killed Xing Huo, he can't trust anything else than the Clone, hoping he will (now that he's lost his heart) do his duty and kill anyone who interferes in his way.

After Sakura retrieves the egg as a payment to save Fai, Yûko tells them the truth about the journey: the reason why Fei Wang Reed stole the princess' memories was just to scatter them through different worlds, as it did happen. Fei Wang's true goal will be fulfilled when the princess of Clow had traveled through different worlds, crossing time and space, and most important, creating new "body memories" (the same concept that Mokona introduced in Shura).

This is exactly what Fei Wang needs, with the power in Clow, to achieve his wish... and Yûko won't say anymore to not interfere (she has a limit of interference).

In order to achieve it, he alrered the past of the members of the party (Syaoran, Kurogane and Fai) and guided them until the fated meeting of them in Yuko's house. For him they are merely puppets whose destinies are intertwined cruelly to ensure his wish, "a dream that can be seen, but never come true," Yuuko's words.

The only exception was Mokona, created by Clow Reed and Yuuko, to try and nullify the plans of Fei Wang and "for the sake of two futures" (Watanuki and Syaoran).

Despite all this, the party decide to continue the journey out of their free will, still knowing that they're carrying out Fei's plans.

Celes Arc

Nihon Arc

Clow's Future Arc

He appears to the Tsubasa group directly in chapter 205, apparently still in control of the Clone. He unleashes his 'failed creations' to battle Fay and Kurogane whilst the Clone battles Syaoran. When the Clone seemingly kills Syaoran, and drags his body to Fei Wang, Fei Wang remarks that he can use Syaoran's body to host the Clone's soul, but his speech is cut short when Syaoran, who had faked his death, stabs Fei Wang with the Clone's Hien. Fei Wang attempts to retaliate, but the Clone blocks Fei Wang with his own body, then Fei Wang stabs the Clone. The Clone then casts magic to dismantle the cave, much to everyone's shock (including Fei Wang's). After the Clone drags Fei Wang's viewing portal out, Fei Wang removes his blade in a fit of rage and attempts to strike both Syaorans down with magic, but the original Syaoran blocks the magic.

Kurogane, Fai and Syaoran strike at Fei Wang, but we find out that it wasn't actually Fei Wang and it was Kyle Rondart, the one behind the portal. Kyle dies at Kurogane's hands, and the real Fei Wang is safe inside his portal holding the clone Sakura.

The real Sakura is being consumed by the death seal, as time begins to move again. With the time-space collapsing, it's revealed that Tokyo is actually Clow Country's past and the power beneath the Ruins is actually the feather Clone Sakura left willingly in Tokyo. Fei Wang proceeds to break the feather from the ground and gives it to Clone Sakura, activating a power Fei Wang claims will make the most basic law of the dimensions collapse - the law that the dead cannot live again.

By possessing the unparalleled power of the feather and clone Sakura's body engraved with the memories of the dimensions, Fei Wang's wish to bring dead back to life is about to be fulfilled.

Fei Wang is attacked by Kurogane and Fye. Meanwhile Syaoran finally grabs real Sakura's hand and his choice to take her hand also causes someone who had suffered her same fate to be called back to death: this person is Yuko. Then she is brought to Clow Country.

As Yuko's time continues to move forward to death, she states that she created the shop in order to protect "that world" (the tube) where Syaoran's parents were all along, and releases the pair from the tube. They attempt to cleanse the feathers from the memories of the worlds visited, as Fei Wang attacks them furiously. Meanwhile, Yuko meets once more with the clones, giving them a choice of being reborn, and once she's done this, she eventually dies. She also explained that she was already dying, and she was froze in time due to Clow's unintentional wish for her to stay alive.

Fei Wang, in turn, wanted to fullfil this wish, to prove that he had exceeded Clow.

This was the beginning of the twisted world, which is why Yuko and Clow offered to pay the prices of them both being reborn.

The clones later are revealed to be the same ones that were in the tube, something that shocked everyone, especially Fei Wang and "Syaoran" himself. This meant that the clones had became "Syaoran's" parents, causing a "temporal paradox".

Once he realizes that Yuko's actually dead, Fei Wang is enraged and plans to use the clones until he finds a way to revive Yuko, and tries to imprision them in the tube (the same that he had used to imprison Sakura, which Clow possesed). But both the originals Syaoran and Sakura get pulled into the tube too. The four of them keep arguing to find a way out, until both Sakuras decide to use their "power" - to trascend dimension and time- in order to escape. Fei Wang intends to reason with them, saying that doing so would only break time-space for once and all. Nevertheless, they continue, and finally escape. This shocked Fei Wang, which was something that Kurogane took advantage of and gave him the final blow.

Before dying, Fei Wang confesses that he was the same as Syaoran (hinting that he might be a creation too, a clone perhaps), and that reviving Yuko was the reason for his existence, also telling them that them all must pay for their sins. At last he desintegrates, as the two Syaorans and Watanuki are sent to a void.

A voice keeps telling them to "pay the price" - this might be Fei Wang's. It is perhaps the last we see of him in the series.


In Chapter 233, Kurogane has a conversation with Fai revealing that Fei Wang was "The afterimage of a wish made by someone with a great magical power." This probably means that Clow's wish created him, unintentionally.