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One of the Feathers

At the beginning of the series, Sakura grows wings from her back, which dissolve into magical feathers that are in fact pieces of her soul. These contain her memories since she was born, and if not retrieved, she will die without them. Fei Wang causes her feathers to scatter across dimensions, sending Syaoran in a quest to retrieve them.

Since these feathers represent her soul, these hold an enourmous amount of magical power. Each of them affect their surroundings differently, and Fei Wang says that these feathers will help him to achieve his wish. In the last arc we learn that the true power is "to cross dimensions and time", which he tried to use to revive Yuko Ichihara. Whenever Mokona senses a feather, it goes "Meyko!" to alert the group.


Each Feather has great magical power, however it would seem that each has a unique effect on the surrounding area. For example, one feather has the power to grant a great increase in size and power to Kudans, while another can bring a virtual world into reality, while yet turns drawings into an alternate "world" (different from regular worlds because they don't exist in another dimension).

Feathers List (Manga)

Here is a list of every feather found in the series.

Feather 1

One feather, as seen in the epilogue

Location: Hanshin Republic

Achieved: This Feather was given to Fai by Fei Wong before the start of the story. Fai made it seem as though it was stuck to Syaoran's clothes. It was revealed that Fai had it the whole time. That it had fallen into Celes.

First appeared on: Chapitre 003

Feather 2

Location: Hanshin Republic

Achieved: It's inside Masayoshi's kudan. Syaoran eventually defeats it and grabs it.

First appeared on: Chapitre 012

Special power: It transformed Makayoshi's kudan into a very powerful kudan.

Feather 3

Location: Koryo Country

Achieved: The Ryanban has the feather stuck into a crystal ball.

First appeared on: Chapitre 015

Special power: The Ryanban acquired magical power from it, it also protected the castle from intruders.

Feather 4

Location: Jade Country

Achieved: It's in the castle, protected by a crystal shell. Kyle Rondart tried to steal this feather, but thanks to Emeraude, Sakura retrieves it.

First appeared on: Chapitre 030

Special power: Protects children from suffering diseases.

Feather 5

Location: Outo/Edonis Country

Achieved: This feather was initially possesed by Seishirou. He doesn't let go of this feather in this arc.

First appeared on: Chapitre 48

Special power: It turns the ficticious world of Outo into reality.

Spoiler! This feather was retrieved in the Nihon Arc (Shunraiki OVA)

Feather 6

Location: Idol Country

Achieved: The village bunnies possesed it. They hand over the feather easily.

First appeared on: Chapitre 52

Special power: Held the tornado and didn't let it go.

Feather 7

Location: Shura Country

Achieved: King Yasha's spirit possesed this feather so as to keep figthing Ashura. Once he's defeated, Syaoran retrieves this feather.

Special power: Creates illusions from someone who died.

First appeared on: Chapitre 66

Feather 8

Location: Piffle Country

Achieved: It was found by Piffle Princess Co. Tomoyo-hime instructed her other self in Piffle to hand over the feather to the travelers in her world. After Sakura won the race, she obtains it.

First appeared on: Chapitre 87

Special power: An infinite source of energy for machinery.

Feather 9

Location: Lecourt Country

Achieved: A national treasure of the country sealed in the Library. The group had to steal it.

First appeared on: Chapitre 100

Special power: Allows a person to see someone else's past if they've touched the book with this feather or a copy of the book.

Feather 10

Location: Tokyo Country

Achieved: This feather is located under the water reservoir in the Government Building. Sakura falls into a deep sleep, until Subaru urges her to wake up, and she's led eventually to the feather.

Special power: Protects buildings from the acid rain.

Feather 11

Location: Tokyo Country

Achieved: Once Clone Syaoran has "lost" his heart, he attacks Kamui, Fai and Syaoran Li, destroys the larva where Subaru had slept. The feather is released and Sakura retrieves it.

Special power: Protected the buildings from the acid rain.

Feather 12

Location: Tokyo Country

Achieved: Fuma had the feather in his possesion. But Sakura decides to leave her feather behind, which brings great consecuences in the future.

Spoiler! This is the feather located later on, in Clow Country (Timeline A). Fei Wong uses this feather and puts it into Clone Sakura's body, the last of the feathers retrieved.

Feather 13

Location: Unknown world

Achieved: Clone Syaoran attacks a new world when the group leaves. He takes the feather.

Feathers 14 & 15

Location: Infinity

Achieved: From Elda and Freya. After winning the Infinity tournament, Sakura travells to the next world alone, acquiring these both feathers, she's made stronger than Fai and activates his curse.

Feather 16

Location: Celes

Achieved: From Fai's dead body. After killing Ashura, Fai removes the feather from his dead brother and gives it back to Sakura.

Special power: prevents organic objects to be decomposed though time

Other Feathers

Location: Modern Tokyo (Yuuko's shop)

Achieved: In xxxHOLiC, Kohane has a feather in her that enchances her power to see spirits, granting her the ability to exorcise them - her ability to see spirits is neutral, while her ability to exorcise them comes from the feather. It is currently in Mokona-Larg-Modoki's earring. This feather has Sakura's memories of Syaoran and Watanuki's memories he paid to find the Sakuras later on.

Feathers (Anime Additions)

Feather A (Somewhere between Feathers 5, 6, 7 and 8)

One feather, as seen in the anime

Location: Tsarastora Country

Achieved: The god of the land handed the feather over when Sakura wished for everyone in the country to be happy (which led to Sakura getting a feather, and villagers being revived).

Feather B (Somewhere between Feathers 5, 6, 7 and 8)

Location: Birdcage Country

Achieved: The group got it from Princess Tomoyo of Birdcage Country.

Feather C (Somewhere between Feathers 6, 7, 8 and 9)

Location: Tsarastora Country

Achieved: The same god that revived people must make them die again because nobody can revive the dead. The group gets another feather from killing a dragon in the country.

Feather D (After Feathers 7 or 8)

Location: Cartoon World (created from the feather)

Achieved: 'When they get the feather, Mokona holds on to it until the next world. When they reach the new world (Principality of Darōga), Sakura is about to receive the feather, but a gust of wind blew it onto a truck. They go through a long chase to get it back.

Feather E (After Feather D)

Location: Kero World

Achieved: Mokona gets the feather because every human in that world is shrunk by a butterfly which is trying to protect itself.

Feather F (After Feather E)

Location: Kishim Country (reverse world of Koryo Country)

Achieved: In Koryo people are turning into stone because of Kishim's people. It is later revealed that the Ryanban has taken over Kishim country using the power of the feather. The group defeats the Ryanban again and retrieves the feather.

Feather G (After Feather F)

Location: Ragtime World

Achieved: The group sees Sakura's feather being sold on a brooch. They try to find jobs to buy the brooch but it is hard because of the Country's recent recession. Eventually they get employed and buy the feather.

Feather H-Z+ and more (After Feather G and before Feather 10)

Location: Tao Country

Achieved: King Chaos of Tao Country had a whole fan made from Sakura's feathers and gladly gave them the feathers in exchange for their stories about all worlds they travelled to. He told them that there was a bird in the country that is made from the feathers. He tried to manipulate Sakura by giving her fake feathers believing that he alone could beat the whole group in retrieving the feathers. It is revealed later that he is the bird and the bird was a bunch of Sakura's feathers that formed a conscience and gave life to the country. The group defeats the bird and retrieves many feathers, but Mokona says "there is still more out there."


  • It would seem that when an artificial human (or at least those created as "clones") dies, their soul turns into a Feather that is able to merge into the souls of the "Originals". Or at least, this is the case with Syaoran and Sakura.