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The Broken Memento
Season 1, Episode 7
Ep 7
Air Date May 21, 2005
Location Koryo Country
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Ep 6: Unshed Tears
Ep 8: God's Beloved Daughter

The Broken Memento is the 7th episode of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.



Arriving in the next world, Syaoran and the gang get harassed by the son of the lord there and his thugs, when they drop into the market. Shortly after, they meet a young girl by the
name of Chu'nyan who chases the thugs away. When the son runs home to his father, we realize that his source of power is one of Sakura's feathers enclosed in a ball. Due to the weird clothing that Syaoran and his friends are wearing, Chu'nyan mistakes them for Mitteishu, secret investigators from the government sent to the many kingdoms to right wrongs, and takes them to her house. After a long talk with them, she realizes that they couldn't possibly be Mitteishu and she tells them about the evil lord of the area and how he murdered her mother. Later on, the young lord and his thugs burn down a townspersons house because they didn't pay their taxes. After a fight between them and Syaoran, Chu'nyan's only keepsake from her mother, her magical fan, ends up getting destroyed by the wind created by the lord.


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