The Wings of Tomorrow
Season 2, Episode 52
Sakura syaoran
Air Date November 4, 2006
Location Tao Country
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Ep 51: A Frozen Spirit

The Wings of Tomorrow is the 52nd and final episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



As Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane get slammed into some rocks by the force of the bird’s wings, and Sakura finds herself in an alternate space. Not caring about collateral damage to the town or the castle, the bird starts firing balls of energy at Syaoran. Mokona thinks that Chaos is willing to do anything to defeat Syaoran, but also notices that he has very lonely feelings.

Syaoran wants Fai and Kurogane to save the frozen Sakura while he acts as a decoy. That doesn’t quite work out because Fei Wong Reed’s troops block off Sakura’s frozen body. In addition, Fei Wong Reed has the other Syaoran open its eye, causing the real Syaoran to freeze and start glowing.

In the alternate space, Sakura’s shadow turns into Chaos, and he asks her to help him. He knows that with the way things are going, he’ll hurt a lot of people, including those precious to her. He shows her his true form, and she is then been able to break free of the ice. Doing this gets rid of the black troops and releases Syaoran because the clone closes his eye again. Sakura reveals that she got out because Chaos lent her his strength. Because of this, she asks Syaoran to help Chaos.


Fai and Kurogane retrieving Syaoran's sword

Watching the battle from a distance, Kurogane suddenly notices that the Touya and Yukito of this world are running towards them. Those two are the swordsmiths that Kurogane asked to repair Syaoran’s sword, and they’ve done just that. Kurogane brings it to Syaoran, allowing him to dual-wield Souhi and Hien. Syaoran powers up the two swords and forms them into one larger sword, capable of batting back the bird’s powerful energy blasts. He swings the sword at the bird, but stops just short of cutting its neck. It cries a tear and then changes back into a winged Chaos, who concedes defeat.

After the battle, Sakura hugs Chaos and tells the others that Chaos is herself. The true form he had shown her earlier had been a sphere of her feathers. Kurogane and Fai hypothesize that Chaos wanted Sakura because of the feathers’ memories. Chaos makes sure Syaoran is going to return all of Sakura’s feathers, and then thanks Sakura before he disappears into a cloud of sparkles and feathers.

Kurogane had thought that their journey would end, but Mokona knows that there are still many more feathers. Fai and Mokona both want to continue the journey. Syaoran vows to Sakura that someday all the feathers will be recovered.

Tsubasa Chronicle - 52 - Large 30

Sakura regains a memory of her brother and Yukito not letting her go alone on a journey when she was younger. She wasn’t alone though, and had looked behind her to someone, but no one is standing there in the memory.

Syaoran and company arrive at the next world, continuing their journey.

Anime Ending

At last, Fei Wong and Yuko keep on watching their journey. Fei Wong is still trying to manipulate them and the other Syaoran is still sealed. The gang arrives to a new world, and they say farewell thanking the viewers while running on a green hill.

● Like stated before, the actual story ends in episode 42. After this episode, it's advisable that you continue with the cannonical story either reading or watching the OVAS. Episodes after that, are nothing but fillers.

● To find out how the story continues after Lecourt you must read the manga. You can pick up the following storyline in Chapter 100. ● Also you can watch the Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS OVAS and the OVAs called Tsubasa Shunraiki, that features the events in the Japan/Nihon Arc.


  • "We are going to travel together, right?" - Sakura


  • This is a filler episode and has no equivalence in the manga.

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