A Frozen Spirit
Season 2, Episode 51
Ep 51
Air Date October 28, 2006
Location Tao Country
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Ep 50:The Group's Determination
Ep 52: The Wings of Tomorrow

A Frozen Spirit is the 51st episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



Syaoran and Fai learn that the country they are in was created by a bird with a mysterious power, a power which Chaos inherited. Kurogane comes back with news that he’s found a swordsmith to repair Syaoran’s Hien. For now, he gives Syaoran some training with his own Souhi.

To do their part, Fai and Mokona go to scout out the castle. They find the front gate heavily guarded, but then something happens that makes the guards all leave.

With Sakura silent and not eating dinner, Chaos returns another feather to her. After Sakura faints from taking it in, Chaos is alerted about some intruders: Fei Wong Reed and Xing Huo’s forces. Chaos is able to single-handedly defeat them all with his power, so Xing Huo withdraws.

Sakura remembers Chaos was leaving when she was young. She had said that she would wait to travel with him, and that even if she were separated from her father and brother, she wouldn’t be lonely if she were with him. However, Sakura realizes that she wouldn’t think like this because she loves her father and brother. As she questions if this really her memory, the world shatters.

With no guards, Fai and Mokona sneak into the castle and find Sakura’s room. They discover her body expelling the feathers that Chaos gave her, except that they are now dark-colored. Once Sakura wakes up, Mokona explains that the feathers are fakes, which means that those memories were fake too.

When Chaos comes to Sakura’s room, she tells him that manipulating her with false memories is cowardly. Having a hard time looking at Sakura, Chaos tells Fai and Mokona to pass along a message to Syaoran. He wants to challenge Syaoran in a fighting match. If Syaoran wins, he will return Sakura. Sakura also passes along a message telling Syaoran not to worry and not to do anything unreasonable.

The next day, the group arrives at Chaos’ castle for the match. Syaoran and Chaos draw their swords and start fighting, with Chaos on the offensive first. Syaoran blocks those attacks and goes on the counteroffensive, pulling off an acrobatic move that allows him to land several kicks. The two then take to the air where Chaos notices that Syaoran isn’t looking at him and is instead maintaining eye contact with Sakura. Chaos proceeds to use his special lightning attack, but this time Syaoran is ready for it. With a fiery blade, he breaks through the blast and reflects the attack back at Chaos. However, despite the large explosion, Chaos remains relatively unhurt. Sakura cheers on Syaoran and refuses Chaos’ order to keep silent. Chaos decides to act on Sakura while his two guards keep Syaoran occupied. Since he can’t erase the feelings she has for Syaoran and friends, he freezes her body in a block of ice. Mokona realizes that this affects not just her body, but her soul too.

Chaos is ending the match because he’s now ready to take Sakura and travel. However, he says that he’s jealous of Syaoran, and so he transforms into the giant bird. The bird dives at Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane, but they manage to get out of the way. Facing up against this new challenge, Syaoran vows to save Sakura.



  • This is a filler episode and has no equivalence in the manga.

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