Innocent Wandering
Season 1, Episode 4
Air Date April 30, 2005
Location Hanshin Republic
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Ep 3: Sword of Demon Destruction
Ep 5: The Battle of the Mage

Innocent Wandering is the 4th episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.


  • Sakura wakes up and befriends the Mohawk gang.
  • The gang leader, Ichido turns over his territory.
  • Sakura floats with Shougo, sensing her feather.


It's morning. Sakura is sleeping, and Asagi has changed her clothes, as Syaoran and the others head out into town to look for her feathers. It seems that two people are watching Sakura, and note that a human heart, even more so a pure one, holds great powers.

Once everyone leaves, Sakura wakes up, seeing that she is now wearing oversized pajamas. She stands on the balcony and looks at the city. Then she walks to the dresser, trying on every
Dress up sakura edited-1
outfit she finds in there. Putting on a plain dress, she goes outside. Arashi enters the room to find her gone.

After Fai talks to Syaoran about how personalities won't be affected as they see different incarnations of people, Arashi runs into the party to inform them that Sakura is missing, Syaoran runs all over town looking for her while Arashi returns to the boarding house.

Sakura is approached by the leader of the punk gang (or mohawk gang), called Ichido, and his sidekick; hoping to use her to get to Syaoran and Kurogane but somehow end up eating in the okonomiyaki diner where Touya and Yukito work. When Touya asks Sakura her name, she responds after a brief delay. The gang members now know she can speak their language, and her strange behavior puzzles them. Yukito asks them if they're planning to do something bad to her.

Fai, Kurogane, and Syaoran meet up again, but none of them has found Sakura. However, Masayoshi runs up to tell them he saw her with the punk gang members. Mokona goes "meyko!" for a brief second, falling back asleep.

Meanwhile, the punks have taken Sakura back to their hideout, but when they open the door, it is empty. There is a note, though, telling the boss that they quit because they're sick of seeing him lose. The boss cries, inmediately Sakura comforts him with her warm smile and they begin to realize how wrong they were. Masayoshi uses his Kudan to locate Sakura.

At the same time, Shougo arrives and the punk gang leader wants to turn over his gang's territory explaining how wrong he had been. Afterwards, they look up to see Sakura on top of a crane -- so Shogo flies up on his Kudan to get her. He takes her for a ride and they talk in the moonlight. Then Sakura, sensing one of her feathers, takes a trip of her own using her own powers. And just in the nick of time, seeing Sakura falling from the sky, Syaoran almost easily jumps up to catch her.

Shogo comes down and tells Syaoran she mentioned something about a feather, and that their rematch can wait until next time. At Sorata and Arashi's inn, Sakura is sleeping once again. Fai tells Syaoran that Sakura, even subconsciously, wants to find her own feathers, and that her true nature shows. Syaoran then promises Sakura that he'll definitely find her feathers.



CLAMP Crossovers

  • X: Sakura pulls out traditional priestess garb from the dresser; this probably belongs to Arashi from when she was a priestess.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura finds a frilly white dress in the dresser, similiar to the outfits Tomoyo would make on Cardcaptor Sakura. She also finds the same school uniform Cardcaptor Sakura wears when she reunites with Syaoran.