Feather King Chaos
Season 2, Episode 48
Ep 48
Air Date October 7, 2006
Location Tao Country
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Ep 47: Working Sakura
Ep 49:The Distorted Wish

Feather King Chaos is the 48th episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



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There is a large bird flying between dimensions that Fei Wang Reed identifies as an extraordinary power that’s beginning to move. Dropping from this giant bird are Sakura’s feathers.

Syaoran and company arrive above the clouds of a new world, and immediately start falling down. The situation seems bad, but just as they are nearing the ground, they become covered in a blue energy that lands them safely. Fye claims that it wasn’t his magic, and the group doesn’t figure it out until after they’ve been picked up by a couple in an ox-pulled wagon. The two explain that this is Tao Country and the power they see is called senriki. This senriki encompasses all of Tao, so anyone can use it, including Syaoran and company. Upon arriving in town, the group is approached by a pair of flying guards who know Sakura’s name because the Feather King Chaos can foresee the future.

They go to Chaos’ castle, and find that the king possesses a fan made up of numerous feathers. In exchange for the feathers, Chaos wants them to tell him all about their travels.

Mokona and then Fai play story-teller over dinner. Kurogane has his doubts about this, so to prove his intentions, Chaos returns five feathers. While Sakura is sleeping, Yuuko contacts the group. After they tell her about Chaos and the multiple feathers, the topic switches to White Day and how the guys started it by eating what Yuuko sent over on Valentine’s Day. Yuuko says that all things of this world have a start and an end – good deeds have good results and bad deeds have bad results. This is what people would call cause and effect or karma. She tells them to remember this for the day when they will face unbearable suffering.
While Sakura sleeps, Chaos enters her room and touches her hair, saying that at last they finally meet and calling her his princess.
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The next day, Syaoran and company are told that there are more feathers belonging to a bird out at a sacred mountain. The reason Chaos hasn’t gone after this bird himself is because he claims to not use his powers for fighting. Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane set out and find this bird with many of Sakura’s feathers on its wings. It knocks all three of them down onto the ground where the three are then surrounded by alien-looking creatures.

Sakura continues to regain her memories, but this time it’s of when she was chased by a giant worm in the desert. The person who comes to save her turns out to be none other than Chaos.



  • This is a filler episode and has no equivalence in the manga.

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