The Second Trial
Season 2, Episode 45
Air Date September 16, 2006
Location Koryo Country
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Ep 44: Kero and Mokona
Ep 46: The Secret Art of Hijutsu

The Second Trial is the 45th episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



Syaoran and company arrive in a forest, but they soon come across a familiar town with a familiar castle in the middle. The gang realizes that they have returned to Chu'nyan’s world.

Sorata is leading an angry mob because a certain group of monsters have been appearing. Chu'nyan interrupts them, saying that that group isn’t their enemy. With her interfering, Sorata feels that he has no choice but to direct four masked girls with mirrors – practitioners of the hijutsu power – to blow up the wall Chu'nyan is standing on. Fortunately, Syaoran catches her.

Chu'nyan explains to Syaoran’s group that Kiishimu’s (the sorceress they met the first time they came to this world) people are attacking this town and taking people’s souls.

Mokona senses a feather at the same moment that some of Kiishimu’s people appear out of a portal. Kiishimu herself tries to stop them, but they defeat her. By the time Syaoran and company arrive, they find a hurt Kiishimu. She turns herself into a talisman so that she can recover.

Chu'nyan finds herself ostracized from the rest of the villagers because she believes in Kiishimu and doesn’t consider the Kiishimu’s people as their enemy. Arashi is the one who helps her buy the vegetables that she was trying to get.

Sorata and the angry mob figure out that Chu'nyan is harboring Kiishimu. They go up against Kurogane and Fai with the help of those masked hijutsu users. Chu'nyan and Syaoran make it back in time for Chu'nyan to admonish the young girls for using hijutsu to hurt people. Before the girls can attack Chu'nyan again, Kiishimu returns to her normal form and creates a vortex. Mokona senses the feather on the other side of the vortex, so Syaoran lets himself be sucked in. Arashi holds Sakura and Mokona back, but several others get pulled through. Syaoran, Chu'nyan, Kurogane, and Sorata find themselves with Kiishimu in her home country.



  • This is a filler episode and has no equivalence in the manga.

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