The Five Eyes of Tchicai
Season 2, Episode 43
Air Date September 2, 2006
Location Clow Country/Lecourt Country
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Ep 42: The Other Side of Nostalgia
Ep 44: Kero and Mokona

The Five Eyes of Tchicai is the 43rd episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



Having arrived back in Lecourt, Syaoran and company need to find a place to hide from the authorities until Mokona feels better. After taking refuge in a library, Sakura falls asleep with Mokona in her arms while Syaoran starts reading one of the books.

Fai mentions how Syaoran is like a different person when he’s reading. This statement causes Kurogane to remember the fight with the fiery beast back inside Sakura’s memory of Clow Country and how Syaoran had acted like a different person during that fight. Syaoran himself can’t remember what happened back then.

Fai finds another reproduction of the Book of Memories. Fai thinks they can use it to peer into Syaoran’s past and get a hint into solving the mystery of Syaoran. Kurogane comments on how Fai won’t talk about his own past but instead wants to enter someone else’s. Unfortunately, Kurogane screws up and opens the book accidentally when Sakura catches him with it. Doing that records his memories inside. Syaoran comes over, picks up the book, and opens it. Being the second person, Syaoran is able to see the memories of the first person. In other words, he enters Kurogane’s memories again. Kurogane realizes what happened too late.

While Syaoran is lost in the memory, the Lecourt forces arrive at the library. Fai has Kurogane move a bookshelf into place, using the same magic that hid the tunnel in the central library to create a magic wall here in order to buy them some time.

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Syaoran sees Souma fighting against Kurogane and Princess Tomoyo stopping them. Tomoyo has something she wants to show Kurogane back at the castle: the Ginryuu sword. Tomoyo had promised that she’d have one made since the original was buried with Kurogane’s mother. In order to have the Ginryuu, Tomoyo makes Kurogane agree to five oaths:

1. He needs to act peacefully towards his comrades.

2. He doesn’t commit an act of violence inside the castle.

3. He can’t forget mercy, even towards an enemy.

4. He can’t handle someone’s life roughly.

Tomoyo then summons images of Kurogane’s parents. The fifth and final oath is that he must protect the people that he loves with his strength.

Kurogane has no problem agreeing to this, so Tomoyo gives him the sword and Kurogane is able to see his parents one last time.

Back in the real world, the Lecourt forces have broken through the magic wall, so Kurogane goes out to fight them. Mokona tells Fai and Sakura that he can sense the sparkling feelings inside of Kurogane, as if he made a promise with someone.Finished with Kurogane’s memories, Syaoran joins the fight.

However, there’s not actually a fight to be had. The women from the central library explain that the feather was causing insecurity in the nation, so Syaoran’s group was actually doing a good thing by getting rid of it. Syaoran turns down their offer for medals and apologizes for the disturbance they caused. Mokona is feeling better now, so she can take everyone to the next world.



  • All the episodes following starting with this are filler episodes and do not have an equivalence in the manga.

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