Sword of Demon Destruction
Season 1, Episode 3
Ep 3
Air Date April 23, 2005
Location Hanshin Republic
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Ep 2: The Power to Fight
Ep 4: Innocent Wandering

Sword of Demon Destruction, also known as The Sword which Dispels Evil, is the 3rd episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.


  • Kurogane sees the alternate Tomoyo, and starts chasing after her;
  • Kurogane gets in a battle with the "mohican gang" and receives his kudan which is in the shape of the dragon;
  • Sakura wakes up for the first time since the beginning of the journey while Syaoran and the others were asleep and wonders who he is.


Masayoshi tells them that Shogo and his gang aren't bad guys and protect the city from other gangs. Shogo attacks Syaoran and tells him he likes him, then leaves. Syaoran runs to Sakura and restores the feather to her. Masayoshi's Kudan is there, retreating back into Masayoshi. Sorata Arisugawa and Arashi Kishu appear and take the group to their boarding house.

Arashi was able to sense their arrival since she used to be a priestess, and they tell the group that they will look after them to pay back their debt to Yūko. Mokona informs the group that she can sense Sakura's feathers and that she sensed another feather while Shogo was fighting with Syaoran. Kurogane tells Syaoran that he's not interested in helping them at all. Fai and Mokona say otherwise.

That night, Kurogane remembers Tomoyo sending him on the journey. She also put a curse on him that will weaken him whenever he kills someone. He also recalls meeting a Kudan while traveling through worlds.
Tsubasa03 09

Kurogane finds his Kudan.

The next morning, Sorata gives them new clothes and money to go to town and search for Sakura's feathers. While they are out, Kurogane sees Tomoyo (from this world) and chases after her. Mokona flies away too because she's hungry! They entered a restaurant, and they're attended by Touya and Yukito (from this world). Syaoran calls Touya "king" by mistake.

Kurogane loses sight of Tomoyo, instead is confronted by the "mohawk gang" from the day before. The leader says he wants Kurogane and will use him as bait to draw out Syaoran. He then brings out his Kudan, which resembles a horseshoe crab. It attacks Kurogane, who dodges its attacks.

Kurogane fights the gang.

When he stands up, a Kudan emerges from him - a giant blue dragon, which turns into a sword. Kurogane takes the sword and slices the leader's Kudan. The leader then asks Kurogane to join his gang, and Kurogane rejects, proudly declaring his allegiance to Tomoyo.

Back at the boarding house, Kurogane, when asked what he did today, replies with, "Not much." Later, he tells Syaoran to go to sleep after seeing his intent to stay up all night to watch over Sakura.

Sakura wakes up in the middle of the night, while the others are sleeping.



CLAMP Crossovers

  • X: Sorata and Arashi.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Touya and Yukito are working in an okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) joint. This is similar to one of the recurring jokes on Cardcaptor Sakura, where Sakura would often encounter her brother and his best friend working a different part-time job wherever she went.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Kurogane's Kudan, the Rune-God/Mashin, Celes


  • Syaoran remembers Sakura leaving the hill back in Episode 1.
  • Kurogane remembers the confrontation with Tomoyo back in Episode 1. This time we hear more of the conversation, it is revealed Kurogane wished to become stronger and didn't care how much damage he did along the way. This is the real reason she sent him to Yūko. She places a curse on him just seconds before he is sucked away to another dimension.
  • At the time, he meets the alternate Touya and Yukito, Syaoran remembers his last conversation with King Touya.