The Beginning of Separation
Season 2, Episode 39
The Beginning of Separation8765
Air Date July 22, 2006
Location Principality of Darōga
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Ep 38: Hazardous Road
Ep 40: Black Steel

The Beginning of Separation is the 39th episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



Facing off against the bike gang, the plan is for Syaoran to try to get a hold of one of the bikes while Kurogane handles the others. With a bike, Syaoran would be able to go after the feather. However, their plan doesn’t quite work because the leader of the gang fires a pair of missiles at the bike Syaoran tries to commandeer, blowing it up. The gang then rides away, which means that at least Syaoran and Kurogane were successful in repelling the attack.

Later that night, Syaoran finds Chitose modifying the bus’ weapon system to make it portable. It turns out that she is to be part of technical staff of the company who makes these “Road Trains.” But she had realized how absorbed in her work she had become and how she had lost the things important to her, so she decided to take some time off for a trip to look for answers to her own future. Syaoran decides to help her with her modifications.

The next morning the bus starts moving again. On the TV, there is a news report about the idol Primera having a hospital emergency. Everyone recognizes that the Primera shown on TV is the same Primera sitting on the bus. Although she’s defensive at first, Primera reveals that she got tired of her work, including having to sign autographs until her hand got swollen. She didn’t want to live that life anymore, so she ran away with her manager Shougo, who’s also her lover.

Mokona suddenly senses that the feather has stopped. It seems that the truck carrying it got a flat tire. However, it’s parked on the other side of some train tracks and there’s a train coming. Chitose decides to override the automatic pilot of the bus and turn on the manual. That allows her to gun the engine and race the bus towards the train tracks, but they aren’t able to beat the train before it gets in the way. Instead, Kurogane vaults Syaoran over the train, and Syaoran is able to grab onto the back of the truck just as it starts moving again.

While Syaoran struggles to get to the feather, the bus is able to catch up to the truck after the train passes. Suddenly, Syaoran comes under attack by the bike gang again. Thanks to Chitose’s modifications though, the bus passengers are able to use their laser pistols and pick off the bike riders. After Syaoran grabs the feather, the bike gang fires two missiles at him, and Sakura is only able to shoot one of them down. The other missile causes an explosion that sends Syaoran flying, though fortunately he gets caught by Fai and Kurogane on the top of the bus. With the bike gang defeated, the battle is over and Syaoran is able to give the feather back to Sakura.

The memories she regains this time involve her looking at the ruins back in Clow Country. Yukito had seen her worried face and had told her not to give up on anything. If her unhappiness is caused by someone, she should try to explore that person’s feelings.

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The bus eventually reaches the city and everyone gets off. While Sakura and Yuzuriha say their goodbyes to each other, Chitose thanks Syaoran; because she met them them, she feels she can now move forward. Primera and Shougo meanwhile have decided to go public with their relationship. Fai has one more question for the old man: from whom did he hear the phrase about how there is no coincidence, only hitsuzen? The old man reveals that he didn’t hear it from anyone; this is the one thing he’s believed in his entire life. As the old man walks away, Sakura tells Syaoran that she remembers some very important words. Before she can say what they are, the old man stops and says that with life you cannot give up.



  • This is a filler episode and has no equivalence in the manga.

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