Hazardous Road
Season 2, Episode 38
Ep 38
Air Date July 15, 2006
Location Principality of Darōga
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Ep 37: Scribbling Mokona
Ep 39: The Beginning of Separation

Hazardous Road is the 38th episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



Syaoran and company arrive in the new world and Mokona spits out the feather from the previous world so that it can be returned to Sakura. Unfortunately, they’re sitting in the middle of the road, with a truck bearing down right at them. All of them manage to get out of the way, but the feather becomes attached to the truck as it drives away. With no way to give immediate chase, the group starts walking.

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the old man.

A bus pulls up alongside of them, but they’ll need to pay fare to ride it. Fortunately, a girl who they recognize as Nekoi Yuzurhira from Outo Country offers to pay for them, but she also wants their help. On the bus, they are met with suspicious looks from Chitose, Primera & Shougo, and the same old man who owned the weapon shop in Outo Country. Yuzuriha had agreed to be a companion to talk with the old man, but she’s had trouble striking up conversation. That’s what she wants their help with. So while Kurogane is talking with the old man about what life is, Sakura and Yuzuhira quickly become friends.

Later, while Fai and Syaoran are discussing the rest stop they’re coming up to, Kurogane notices that they are being eavesdropped on by Shougo. Shougo just wants to make sure that Syaoran and company aren’t chasing after him and Primera and concludes that they have nothing to do with him. Mokona suddenly becomes aware of the fact that the feather has stopped moving. They come up to the rest stop just as the truck with the feather is pulling out. Syaoran gives chase on foot and tries to use a rope to swing onto the truck, but unfortunately, he smacks into a signpost and lets go of the rope. Afterwards, Yuzuhira helps bandage up his injured hand, and Syaoran explains to her about how they are searching for feathers. Seeing how Syaoran will brave dangers for Sakura’s sake, Yuzuhira thinks that the two must be in love, so she decides to help them. She tries to stir up support in the other passengers to help search for the feather, but they decline. The old man does say that their meeting here is not coincidence, it’s hitsuzen. Syaoran realizes that this is the same thing Yuuko said when they were briefly in her world.

The rest of the ride into that evening is uneventful. As night falls, the bus stops. Yuzuhira explains that this country has a law that cars are not allowed to run at night. Fortunately, Mokona reports that the feather isn’t moving either. Fai thinks that this is their chance to go get the feather, but Mokona thinks that it’s not a walkable distance away. This conversation is interrupted by the fact that the bus detects a motorcycle gang approaching. This gang is able to nullify the bus’ self-defenses, leaving it open. Syaoran decides to go out to protect everyone, and he is backed up by Kurogane. The two draw their swords and make a charge for the gang.



  • This is a filler episode and has no equivalence in the manga.

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