The Endless War
Season 2, Episode 34
Ep 34
Air Date June 17, 2006
Location Shara/Shura Country
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Ep 33: Ashura's Reasons
Ep 35: Two Memories

The Endless War is the 34th episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



The sky opens up and the two god statues are glowing. Suzuran refuses to believe that this is Ashura’s fault because otherwise she'll never be able to meet Souseki. Her tears trigger a reaction in the Ashura statue, causing it to transform the rift in the sky into a passageway into another world.

Tsubasa Chronicle - 34 - Large 04
Mokona detects that there is no feather in this world but there is one beyond the rift, so Mokona transports Syaoran, Sakura, Fai, and Kurogane there. Along the way, Sakura has a vision of two people fighting each other against a red moon backdrop.
Sakura and Syaoran being discovered by Ashura

Syaoran and Sakura being discovered by Ashura

Syaoran and Sakura arrive in this new world in the middle of a battle. They are taken in by a woman named Ashura who bears a resemblance to the Ashura statue. She is fighting against the Yasha tribe, led by Yasha who is accompanied by Kurogane and Fai. However, the battle soon ends because the moon has risen. The two tribes are magically transported back to their own kingdoms. Ashura explains that they go up to battle in the castle in the sky before the moon reaches the center of the sky.

Ashura takes Syaoran and Sakura in and entertains her guests. Sakura notices a familiar instrument and plays a song.

Mokona senses the strongest power coming from the castle in the sky.
Tsubasa Chronicle - 34 - Large 16

The Castle of Moon.

The next day, Sakura continues to sleep, so Syaoran chats with Ashura. Mokona swallows up and sends Yuuko a special jar. Ashura explains that they’ve always been fighting the Yasha even though they don’t know where the Yasha come from. The war is over control of the castle in the sky, and whoever gains it will get their wish granted. Syaoran wants to know what Ashura’s wish is, but she doesn’t answer. Instead, she asks him if he’s a traveler and why he’s traveling. Syaoran then wants her to take him to the castle on the moon. When night comes, Syaoran gets some new armor and gets transported with the Ashura forces.

He recognizes Fai and Kurogane and charges for them. Kurogane attacks Syaoran with some of his signature moves, making Syaoran suspect that they might be different people with the same souls. However, he also notices that this Kurogane also has the Souhi sword from Outo Country.Syaoran is able to hold his own for a while until Kurogane uses his Tenma Kuuryuusen move. Kurogane has Syaoran cornered, but Syaoran gets saved by Ashura.

King Yasha

King Yasha in the anime

Yasha uses a technique called Yama Tengouken that rips up the ground and destroys tons of enemy troops. Syaoran is amazed by how strong both Ashura and Yasha are.



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