Resolution of a Boy
Season 2, Episode 31
Air Date May 27, 2006
Location Portoria Country
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Ep 30: Sad Miracle
Ep 32: A Date with the Magician

Resolution of a Boy is the 31st episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



Arriving in the latest world, Mokona drops the group off in the middle of an ocean. Everyone is fine and fortunately they’re soon rescued by a boat.

The captain of the ship, who looks just their foe from Koryo Country, introduces himself as Tanbaru. Kurogane isn’t sure if they can trust the same person who was evil in the previous world, but Fye says that souls aren’t divided by good or evil. Tanbaru puts Sakura and Fai to work in the kitchen and Kurogane to work as a deckhand. He has Syaoran help the engine room’s chief, a young boy named Fujitaka which is also the name of Syaoran’s father, and Syaoran immediately starts to see parallels with the way this boy talks and acts.

While enjoying Sakura’s handmade sushi, Syaoran and Fujitaka start talking about Syaoran’s father. When Fujitaka asks what kind of person Syaoran’s father is, Syaoran admits that his father passed away already.

Fai later surmises that this person has the same soul as Syaoran’s father. As for the feather in this world, Mokona doesn’t feel anything, and Fai wonders if they again came to the wrong place. However, Mokona says that Mokona is going to stay in this world because Syaoran wants to stay with Fujitaka a little longer.

That night, Syaoran tells Fujitaka about how he helped his dad, who was an archeologist, when he was Fujitaka’s age. He admits that although he has an interest for archeology, that’s not the reason he’s traveling – he’s traveling because there’s something he needs to find. Fujitaka admires people who have goals and says that he hasn’t found the thing he wants to live for yet. Syaoran says that his father also had a period like that. The two are then called up to the deck because Tanbaru had detected a storm coming. Indeed, one soon arrives and throws Syaoran and Fujitaka overboard. Their friends call out to them, but hear only a laughing sound in return.

By the next morning, the two boys have washed up on the beach of a nearby island. They need to find a way to contact the boat, but first they hear the weird laughter. Fujitaka realizes that this is the island of the dead. They go through the middle of the jungle island and find a totem statue. Syaoran identifies it as a ruin from when people used to live here. Recognizing the writing on it, he reads a message that says not to be afraid of the god’s breath and that listening to the god’s singing voice will open a path.

The two make their way to a cave passageway and Syaoran figures out that the god’s singing voice must have been referring to the noise from the wind blowing through the tunnel. Suddenly, the wind out gets significantly stronger, but only for a short period of time. Syaoran says that this is the god’s breath. The two figure out that it’s safe for them to pass during the singing voice period, so the two do just that and barely make it through before the breath period hits again. The ship is within sight, and Kurogane and the others are already rowing out to the island. By chance, a sea monster leaps out at the rowboat, but Kurogane has no trouble dealing with it.

Back on the boat, the captain apologizes to Fujitaka for the delay in the rescue. Fujitaka says it’s ok because he found the thing he was looking for. As Syaoran and company prepare to leave through Mokona, Fujitaka tells Syaoran that when he grows up, he’s going to be an archeologist. Syaoran thinks that he’ll definitely become one. His last words before he disappears are “Goodbye, father”.



  • This is a filler episode and has no equivalence in the manga.

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