The Power to Fight
Season 1, Episode 2
Flame kudan
Air Date April 16, 2005
Location Hanshin Republic
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Ep 1: Destinies Converge
Ep 3: Sword of Demon Destruction

The Power to Fight is the 2nd episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.


  • Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai D. Flourite ask Yuko Ichihara to grant their wishes;
  • Since they all have similar wishes, Yuko gives them Mokona to travel between worlds;
  • The group arrives in Hanshin Republic, where there's a gang war going on at the time.


Yūko realizes that Sakura has lost her memories, and she'll eventually die without them. Kurogane and Fai introduce themselves. Since this is a shop that grants wishes, it means they all came for a wish.

Syaoran wants to retrieve the feathers to save Sakura's life; Kurogane wants to go back home; and Fai wants to go anywhere, as long as he doesn't return to his own home. In essence, they all have the same wish all have the same wish: travel to different worlds.

To acquire their wish, they have to pay a price: Kurogane must give up his sword, Fai must give up the tattoo on his back, and Syaoran must give up his relationship with Sakura. No matter how many memories they recover, Sakura will never remember her previous relationship with Syaoran. They all agree to pay their prices.

Watanuki brings out the two Mokona. The white one (Soel) will go with them while the black (Larg) stays with Yuko.

White Mokona opens the gate for them to travel between worlds. As the group arrives in a new world, Syaoran sees a strange flame wolf coming at him.


Syaoran and his Kudon

Syaoran wakes up in a strange land, holding Sakura. Fai, Kurogane, and white Mokona are also there. A boy named Masayoshi Saito appears and warns them to run away, but it is too late. Two gangs appear and start to battle. They have no weapons, but they summon energy balls from their arms and fire at each other. Masayoshi explains that these are creatures called "Kudan". Syaoran makes a connection between them and the wolf he saw earlier. Fai reaches over and pulls one of Sakura's feathers out of Syaoran's clothing. A ball of fire hits the ground near them, and the feather blows out of Syaoran's hand. He chases after it. One of the gang leaders spots him and orders his men to continue shooting. One of these blasts almost hits Syaoran, but a fire shield protects him - created by the same flame wolf he saw before. One of the gangs attacks him, thinking that Syaoran is backup for their rival, but they are easily defeated by the flame wolf - Syaoran's Kudan. One gang runs off, while the leader of the other, Shogo Asagi, confronts Syaoran with his Kudan, a water-Kudan resembling a stingray.



CLAMP Crossovers

  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Both Mokona Modokis (White and Black) and, the Rune-God/Mashin, Rayearth
  • ×××HOLiC: Yūko Ichihara and Watanuki
  • CLAMP School Detectives: Masayoshi Saito
  • X/1999: Shogo Asagi is pretty much the same character, with the same cocky personality and ability to control water. It should be noted that he only appears in the X/1999 movie, and not in the manga or television series.