Dangerous Race
Season 2, Episode 27
Ep 27
Air Date April 29, 2006
Location Piffle World
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Ep 26: The Last Wish
Ep 28: Three Badges

Dangerous Race is the 27th episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



Syaoran is having a dream where he sees a dark figure that looks like him. He wakes up to Mokona calling his name. The group recently arrived in Piffle World, which is a futuristic place with flying vehicles everywhere.

He gets dressed and goes outside, where Sakura, Fai, and Kurogane are working on their set of dragonflies. Yuko contacts them through Mokona and checks to see how they’re doing. She called to remind them of White Day. As it turns out, the feather in this world is being offered as a prize in the Dragonfly Race. Syaoran allows Sakura to take the controls of a dragonfly, but she accidentally crashes it into Fai and Kurogane’s vehicles.

Fai tries to convince her to sit the race out and let them handle it, but Sakura really wants to try her hardest and participate. Kurogane almost crashes their car into a limousine that appears out of nowhere. He swerves out of the way and starts to yell at the other driver, but then notices that the passenger looks like Princess Tomoyo. The girl steps out of her car, surrounded by guards, and makes a beeline for Sakura. She proclaims that Sakura will be her heroine.This girl is none other than Tomoyo Daidouji, president of the Piffle Princess Company, the company that’s putting on the Dragonfly Race. This Tomoyo wants to record the entire race on video, and wishes Sakura to be the heroine. However, Sakura’s piloting skills are still lack a bit.

That night, Syaoran gives Sakura some pointers on flying. In trying to tell her to go slower, he accidentally puts his hand on hers. The two get embarrassed and Mokona senses love in the air. Watching from nearby, Fai raises the subject of Tomoyo and how she’s similar to the Princess Tomoyo from Kurogane’s world. Kurogane mentions that Fai still hasn’t met the one he’s running away from. With a serious expression on his face, Fai says that he’d know if it’s the same face or the same person.

The day of the qualifying race arrives. All of the racers are competing for 12 spots, and there are a lot of familiar faces around, including Ryuuoh and Chu'nyan. Of course, these are different versions of those people since this is a different world. The race starts, and Syaoran sticks close to Sakura in the rear. He only goes ahead after she urges him to do so. Kurogane and Fai are with the front group of racers, piloting the “Kuro-tan” and the “Tsubame,” respectively. Kurogane zooms ahead of everyone else and places first in the qualifier. Fai is a close second, and eight more familiar faces finish soon after.

However, all the ships start to experience problems, including Syaoran’s. The diagnostic tells him that there’s a foreign substance inside the engine. This time, it’s Syaoran who urges Sakura ahead. Before she goes, she makes him promise that he’ll qualify too. Sakura finishes eleventh and Syaoran ends up making a fiery crash into the final slot. He emerges unhurt, but both he and Tomoyo suspect that the person responsible for sabotaging the engines is inside the group of qualifiers.



CLAMP Crossovers

  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Tomoyo Daidouji on Piffle World resembles the character with the same name from Cardcaptor Sakura. She has a similar vivid personality, likes Sakura a lot, has a large set of female black suit bodyguards, is the owner of a big enterprise (Tomoyo from CCS is the daughter of a toy firm president) and also has a interest for filming.
  • Legend of Chu'nyan: Chu'nyan, Ryanban of Ronfi
  • RG Veda: Soma