The Ultimate Game
Season 1, Episode 25
Air Date October 8, 2005
Location Ōto/Edonis Country
Episode Guide
Ep 24:The Blade of a Desperate Fight
Ep 26: The Last Wish

The Ultimate Game is the 25th episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



Oruha, the singing woman from the bar, is officially confirmed as the strongest oni/demon in all of the virtual realm of Outo. Oruha tells Seishirō that if he wanted to meet her so badly, he should have entered the game and become a player like anybody else, but he replies he had no time for this. Seishirō asks her if that is her real self, she replies "no". Seishirō knows that the I-1 demon can grant eternal life, so he asks her if her real name is "Subaru". Once again she replies "no", and denies to know anything regarding the "twin vampires".

Oruha had spreaded false rumors about Seishirō, making them believe that he was another demon, altered the NPCs behavior so they wouldn't give out any information regarding this. Oruha used her position as a singer in CLOVER to gain information from hunters and get close to the I-1, guessing that she defeated it to become the new I-1. Syaoran understands why he couldn't perceive the demons' aura: they were nothing but data and they weren't living beings.

Chitose tells the others that Oruha is one of the founders of the Fairy Park, same as Chitose. The "eternal life" is nothing more than just defeating the most powerful demon, being invincible and inmortal in Outo, which means to have "unlimited life". Seishirō then realizes that he was after a wrong clue, and decides to leave as soon as possible. Syaoran won't let him leave with Sakura's feather, because even if it's not his, it's something very important to Sakura.

The demon carrying Oruha starts to become haywire and the group decides to kill it, but Syaoran decides to climb up the rollercoaster to have a battle with Seishirō instead. He decides to use his sword even though he knows he is not quite ready to and tells Seishirō that in his case he is not able to beat in that condition.

He strikes at him, but Seishirō is already leaving with the power of his eye. He then proceeds to his new destination, telling Syaoran to become stronger, because they will eventually meet again.

After finishing of the demon and after Seishirō leaves, there is no reason for the group to stay. Mokona reacts to the power of the item Seishirō and the group says goodbye to their former party members in the game. After saying their goodbyes to the others, Syaoran tells Ryu-o that he will become stronger and says they will meet again someday and the group leaves for the next world.



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