The Fading Life
Season 1, Episode 23
Tsubasa anime epsisode 23 screenshot
Air Date September 24, 2005
Location Ōto Country
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Ep 22: The Indelible Memories
Ep 24: The Blade of a Desperate Fight

The Fading Life is the 23rd episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



Sumomo and Kotoko inform Syaoran and Kurogane that Seishirō is at the cafe. Syaoran and Kurogane hurry back to help out Fai and Sakura.

Having finally met, Fai quickly deduces that Seishirou also uses magic, but has a limited number of times he can jump worlds. Seishirō uses his feather to summon two demons and has them attack Fai. Their strength is too much for Fai, and he’s swallowed up in their darkness.

The feather then resonates a light that makes almost everyone in town disappear. Syaoran and Kurogane rush back to find only Mokona who tells them that Fai is dead and Sakura is gone.

Syaoran opts to go after Seishirō himself and Kurogane and Mokona stay behind. Syaoran meets up with Seishirō who asks him if he rememers the first time they met. Seishirō beat up some thugs after a book Syaoran had. Syaoran decided to trust Seishirō and let him read the book about vampires. But Seishirou couldn’t read the script, so Syaoran offered to do so in exchange for learning how to fight.

Seishirō says his objective is to find the L1 demon who he thinks is a vampire and obtain its special power of immortality. In order to make sure he is the only one who gets this power he's trying to eliminate everyone who has the capability to defeat the L1 demon, Syaoran included. At that moment Seishirō stabs Syaoran with a weapon made up of the oni. Sakura sees this and runs to Syaoran's side as he begins to disappear. She decides to go with him. The two disappear together.



CLAMP Crossovers


Three thugs try to steal a valuable book from Syaoran. Seshiro steps in and in gratitude Syaoran gives him the book. Syaoran then agrees to translate the book for him in exchange for fighting lessons.