The Indelible Memories
Season 1, Episode 22
Ep 22
Air Date September 17, 2005
Location Ōto Country
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Ep 21: The Demon's True Face
Ep 23: The Fading Life

The Indelible Memories is the 22nd episode of the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



It seems the new breed of demons is the man that taught Syaoran to fight goes by the name of Seishirō. The appearance of someone from Syaoran's past troubles him through the night.

The other slayers bring an unconscious Sakura back to the cafe. Worried about the situations that have been taking place the other slayers have agreed to take out the L1 demon who is the leader of all the rest to try and end these strange events. Fai assures them that while they look for the Level 1 demon, Kurogane and Syaoran will find out information about the new breed demons and whether or not the new demons and the Level 1 demons are one and the same.

Kurogane and Syaoran go to city hall to find out information on the new demon but the desk consultant assures them that there is no new demon. They proceed to ask her about the Level 1 demon but she refuses to give them any information, instead she gives them directions to a building where they can find information on the L1 demon.

Inside the building they come across many treacherous demons in which Kurogane takes the lead in defeating considering Syaoran's sword skills have yet to be polished. In the top chamber of the building they meet two women by the names of Sumomo and Kotoko. Kotoko informs that the new breed of demons takes the form of a man but he is not the same man they saw the other night. It seems Seishirō is interfering with the plans of the Level 1 demons. Sumomo and Kotoko sense that he has appeared.

Back at the cafe, none other than Seishiro shows up, looking for Syaoran and Kurogane.



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