Destinies Converge
Season 1, Episode 1
Ep 1
Air Date April 9, 2005
Location Clow Country
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Ep 2: The Power to Fight

Destinies Converge is the 1st episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.



The story begins in Clow Country when Syaoran returns to his home after a long period away excavating the ruins. Princess Sakura comes by to greet, and they go shopping in town together.While Sakura and Syaoran are walking it is obvious that Sakura is trying not to be noticed. When talking to a fruit vendor, she is given an apple as a gift because she's the princess and then the people recognize her. This also causes the guards to notice them. Syaoran and Sakura then run away to the cliffs overlooking the ruins. Sakura asks Syaoran to come and live with her in the palace, but he declines. She tries to confess her feelings to him, but is interrupted by a tolling bell. The tolling bell is a sign for her to come back home, so she leaves after promising to tell him what she wanted to say next time.

Syaoran thinks about his feelings for the princess, and how he should not be having feelings for her because of the difference in their social status. Sakura tries to slip past her brother, but King Toya spots her and teases her about Syaoran. Priest Yukito interrupts them, showing them a report about the hidden passages that were found inside the ruins. Tôya again teases Sakura about how these will keep Syaoran busy, so she gets upset runs to her room. Yukito scolds Toya for the way he behaves with his sister and Toya eventually admits that Syaoran is the one for Sakura. Yukito mentions that there will be hardships for them both and also mentions a "mysterious power" that Sakura has.

In Japan, Kurogane proclaims that there's no one stronger than him. Princess Tomoyo watches him from a distance and makes a decision.

In Celes, Fai climbs out of a pool, after sealing King Ashura. Chi dries Fai off, and he tells her he can't stay that world because Ashura would find him if he just ran away in the country.

Sakura gazes at the ruins as she holds the apple she got with Syaoran. She hears a noise coming from the ruins that seems to be calling her. She then goes into a trance and begins to glow and float as she reaches for the ruins. Syaoran is investigating the ruins and finds a strange mark on the floor. He looks up and finds Sakura there. She approaches and touches the mark. The ground opens up and releases a bright light and she descends into the opening.

Syaoran runs after her and finds her floating in the air in front of another mark on the wall. Wings grow out of her back and she starts to sink into the wall. Syaoran jumps grabs her before she disappears, but these wings break apart and the feathers fly up and away in different directions. Syaoran gets Sakura out of the ruins and finds Tôya and Yukito fighting the strange black soldiers. Yukito checks on Sakura and realizes that her soul and memories (feathers) are gone. Touya places Sakura's well-being in Syaoran's hands.

Yukito tells Syaoran that without these feathers, she'll die. So he sends him to someplace where he can get help: the Dimensional Witch's shop.

Fai transports himself out of Celes. Kurogane is transported unwillingly by Princess Tomoyo, says that she is sending him away so he understands the true meaning of strength.

Fated wish
Syaoran arrives at the Dimensional Witch's doorstep and is soon followed by Fai and Kurogane. Syaoran begs The Dimensional Witch to help Sakura.



CLAMP Crossovers

  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura, Syaoran, Touya, Yukito, and Tomoyo. Their personalities and how they interact is nearly identical. Touya and Yukito are best friends; Touya teases Sakura; Touya can't stand Syaoran, mostly because of his relationship with Sakura. Syaoran's father is Fujitaka (Sakura Kinomoto's father), and like him, he is also an archaeologist. The Kingdom of Clow is a reference to Clow Reed. The magic circle Yukito uses to send Syaoran and Sakura away is the same circle used by Yue.
  • Chobits: Chi is a creation of Fai who acts as a barrier to seal Ashura.
  • RG Veda: King Ashura is the person Fai has trapped under the water; Soma is working for Princess Tomoyo; Yasha Clan and Ashura Clan.
  • ×××HOLiC: Yūko, Watanuki, and the twins are waiting at the shop; along with the other Makona Madoki. This story is told from the view of Watanuki who cooks, cleans, and shops for Yuko. He gets to see Syaoran whenever he calls and Watanuki is nearby. Watanuki also was the one who made the chocolate for valentines day which you see in Tsubasa during their visit to Edonis/Oto.