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Demon Hunters
Season 1, Episode 17
Ep 17
Air Date July 30, 2005
Location Ōto Country
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Ep 16: Strength and Kindness
Ep 18: Cats and Dogs

Demon Hunters is the 17th episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.



In Clow Country, Touya is worried about the sandstorms surrounding the ruins. He thinks about leaving Sakura in Syaoran’s hands as he remembers the first time that he met Syaoran.

Meanwhile, our heroes arrive in Oto country, where they are required to register themselves and allowed to choose professions. They trade in their old clothes and buy a house with the money. That night, as they are resting, a demon attacks, but Syaoran defeats it.

The next day, Fai and Syaoran learn at city hall that they can be bounty hunters to kill demons, so Fai signs up Kurogane and Syaoran. For him and Sakura, he chooses for them to run a cafe. Fai makes the decision to turn the house into a cafe for bounty hunters so that they can gather information easier.

While there in the cafe Yuko sends chocolate to Syaoran and the others while there eating Sakura tells Syaoran that when he smiles it feels she's back in here home town Clow Country and then Syaoran sees a flash back about when they were young and still living in Clow Country it shows when Syaoran burned his hand and his father Fujitaka was worried tells Syaoran that next time he should be careful the next time then someone knocks on the door its Sakura she asks if Syaoran is alright and he says he's alright but Sakura tells him that she's very worried and Syaoran says that he's fine but Sakura is still worried and Syaoran says sorry at first but then Sakura asks why. Syaoran explains it's because he doesn't want everyone to worry about him, because it makes him sad. He goes on to mention that his father stopped working for the day because of his accident, despite Syaoran telling him not to worry. Sakura simply assures him that they worry because they care about him. She then suggests that Syaoran say something else instead of apologizing and whispers what this is in his ear. Fujitaka appears later with tea for the two and advises Syaoran to be careful. Remembering Sakura's advice, Syaoran thanks him and his father gently hugs him, telling him he's welcome.

Back in the cafe Sakura asks if he's alright and says he's fine

That night, Syaoran and Kurogane go out on patrol. In a fight, Kurogane notices that Syaoran is blind in his right eye, making that his weak side. They defeat the demons that ambush them anyway, then encounter another pair of bounty hunters.



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